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Early American Coins and Tokens Basic Design Set (1616-1820): The Amherst Collection

The Amherst Collection - 13th

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About this set: The Amherst Collection is a comprehensive colonial set built on the premise that quality is more important than completion, and includes the best examples of each colonial issue that I have been able to obtain to date. As opportunities arise I will update this set with coins that are objectively better, more attractive or more original than the pieces I have, even if they are in the same grade or lower grade holders. All coins will be shown with a photograph, as it makes little sense to me to list one's collection here and then keep the coins hidden.

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The Amherst Collection
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Massachusetts Silver Oak Tree 201652ShillingAU581051814Ex Stack's October 2005 sale of the Ford Collection, lot #30, earlier in t...
Massachusetts Silver Pine Tree241652ShillingAU58562937
Maryland Coinage  Maryland  
New Jersey St. Patrick Coinage  St Patrick  
American Plantation Token49Am Plant1/24RLMS632092
Rosa Americana Coinage     
Woods Hibernia Coinage1791723.FarthSP6550365Ex Stack's January 2005 sale of the Ford Collection, lot #68, where it was ...
Virginia Coinage     
Elephant Token Halfpenny 56Elephant1/2 PMS66RB1020
Higley Copper    Higley 
Voce Populi Coinage26217601/2 PMS64BN82112
Pitt Token  1766  
Rhode Island Ship Medal  RI ShipToken 
Chalmers Coinage  1783  
French Colonies Billon Coinage1586711739-ASou MMS6431135
French Colonies Sou 1767  1767-ASou 
Continental Dollar  1776$1 
Nova Constellatio Copper   C Nova 
Immunis Columbia   ImmCol 
Massachusetts Copper30817881/2CMS64BN963927
Connecticut Copper Bust Left   Connct 
New York Excelsior  1787N York 
Machins Mills Copper   1/2 P 
Nova Eborac Copper  1787Copper 
New Jersey Copper Head Right   NJersy 
Vermont Copper Plow   Vermont 
Vermont Copper Bust Right     
North American Token 5891781Token 
Bar Copper 599BarCentAU58BN11161116
Auctori Plebis Token 6011787Token 
Mott Token 6071789TokenMS641060
Kentucky Copper   KentuckyCent 
Franklin Press Token   1794Token 
Myddelton Token   1796Token 
Castorland Medal    Medal 
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent6411795CentMS65RB92407
Washington Triumpho Token6641783CopperAU58BN8181
Washington Military Bust6671783CopperMS63BN1040
Washington Draped Bust6791783CopperAU58BN4130255
Washington 1791-95 'Washington President' Obverse7031791CentMS65RB201610
Washington Liberty & Security767N.D.(1795)PennyMS65BN4191
Washington Success Medal 783Wash-SuccessMedalMS661010
Fugio Cent8891787FugioMS64BN291020479
A lotta red
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Wow! I'm blown away by just the first four coins! The rest are great too!
Posted @ 12/8/2011 9:21 PM By MidLifeCrisis