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British Victoria Silver Penny Date Set, Circulation Strikes (1838-1901): Spencer Collection British Victoria Silver Penny Date Set 1838-1901

Spencer Collection British Victoria Silver Penny Date Set 1838-1901 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 65.667
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Spencer Collection British Victoria Silver Penny Date Set 1838-1901
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
20342818381D Mdy 
20342918391D Mdy 
20343018401D Mdy 
20343118411D Mdy 
20343218421D Mdy 
20343318431D Mdy 
20343418441D Mdy 
20343518451D Mdy 
20343618461D Mdy 
20343718471D Mdy 
20343818481D Mdy 
20343918491D Mdy 
20344018501D Mdy 
20344118511D Mdy 
20344218521D Mdy 
20344318531D Mdy 
20344418541D Mdy 
20344518551D Mdy 
20344618561D Mdy 
20344718571D Mdy 
20344818581D Mdy 
20344918591D Mdy 
20345018601D Mdy 
20345118611D Mdy 
20345218621D Mdy 
20345318631D Mdy 
20345418641D Mdy 
20345518651D Mdy 
20345618661D Mdy 
20345718671D MdyPL652121Great Britain, 1D Victoria Silver Maundy Dated 1867, Young Head, Beautiful ...
20345818681D Mdy 
20345918691D Mdy 
20346018701D Mdy 
20346118711D Mdy 
20346218721D Mdy 
20346318731D Mdy 
20346418741D Mdy 
20346518751D Mdy 
20346618761D Mdy 
20346718771D Mdy 
20346818781D Mdy 
20346918791D Mdy 
20347018801D Mdy 
20347118811D Mdy 
20347218821D Mdy 
20347318831D Mdy 
20347418841D Mdy 
20347518851D Mdy 
20347618861D Mdy 
20347718871D Mdy 
20349718881D Mdy 
20349818891D Mdy 
20349918901D Mdy 
20350018911D Mdy 
20350118921D Mdy 
20350818931D Mdy 
20350918941D Mdy 
20351018951D Mdy 
20351118961D Mdy 
20351218971D MdyPL673131Great Britain, 1D Silver Maundy Victoria Dated 1897, S3943, Old or Veiled H...
20351318981D Mdy 
20351418991D Mdy 
20351519001D MdyPL65312312Great Britain, Victoria Silver Maundy 1D dated 1900, S3943, Old or Veiled H...
20351619011D Mdy