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British Victoria Two Pence Silver Date Set, Prooflike (1838-1901): Spencer Collection British Victoria Two Pence Date Set 1838-1901

Spencer Collection British Victoria Two Pence Date Set 1838-1901 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 65.500
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Set Rating 2.047
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Spencer Collection British Victoria Two Pence Date Set 1838-1901
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
20369918382D Mdy 
20370018392D Mdy 
20370118402D Mdy 
20370218412D Mdy 
20370318422D Mdy 
20370418432D Mdy 
20370518442D Mdy 
20370618452D Mdy 
20370718462D Mdy 
20370818472D Mdy 
20370918482D Mdy 
20371018492D Mdy 
20371118502D Mdy 
20371218512D Mdy 
20371318522D Mdy 
20371418532D Mdy 
20371518542D Mdy 
20371618552D Mdy 
20371718562D Mdy 
20371818572D Mdy 
20371918582D Mdy 
20372018592D Mdy 
20372118602D Mdy 
20372218612D Mdy 
20372318622D Mdy 
20372418632D Mdy 
20372518642D Mdy 
20372618652D Mdy 
20372718662D Mdy 
20372818672D Mdy 
20372918682D Mdy 
20373018692D Mdy 
20373118702D Mdy 
20373218712D Mdy 
20373318722D Mdy 
20373418732D Mdy 
20373518742D Mdy 
20373618752D Mdy 
20373718762D Mdy 
20373818772D Mdy 
20373918782D Mdy 
20374018792D Mdy 
20374118802D Mdy 
20374218812D Mdy 
20374318822D Mdy 
20374418832D Mdy 
20374518842D Mdy 
20374618852D Mdy 
20374718862D Mdy 
20374818872D Mdy 
20376918882D Mdy 
20377018892D Mdy 
20377118902D Mdy 
20377218912D Mdy 
20377318922D Mdy 
20378018932D Mdy 
20378118942D Mdy 
20378218952D Mdy 
20378318962D Mdy 
20378418972D MdyPL674040Great Britain, 2D from Victoria Maundy Set 1897, S3943, Old or Veiled Head,...
20378518982D Mdy 
20378618992D Mdy 
20378719002D MdyPL64215215Great Britain, Victoria Silver Maundy 2D dated 1900, Old or Veiled Head, MS...
20378819012D Mdy