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21st Century Type Set (2000-present): dahm69

dahm69 - 25th

Current Statistics
Rank 25
Weighted GPA 69.036
Complete 80.00%
Set Rating 48.325
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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Lincoln Cent - Memorial Reverse (2000-2008)935392001-S1CPR69DC7294427639723845
Lincoln Cent - Bicentennial (2009)4078992009-S1CPR69DC5938389255471612
Lincoln Cent - Shield (2010-present)4166822010-S1CPR69DC4408337200942710
Jefferson Nickel - Monticello (2000-2003)942382002-S5CPR69DC6944427312492638
Jefferson Nickel - Westward Journey Series (2004-2005)942402004-S5CPR69DC13616941571214161
Jefferson Nickel - Return to Monticello (2006-present)942462006-S5CPR69DC7131637389965096
Roosevelt Dime - Silver (2000-present)5051422011-S10CPR69DC7374454659515648
Roosevelt Dime - Clad (2000-present)953142006-S10CPR69DC22157563406810292
Washington Quarter - States Reverse, Silver (2000-2008)9130222001-S25CPR69DC665646532574929156
Washington Quarter - States Reverse, Clad (2000-2008)9130051999-S25CPR69DC494465221928322857
Washington Quarter - Commemorative Series, Silver (2009-present)4188282010-S25CPR69DC20168058226438830
Washington Quarter - Commemorative Series, Clad (2009-present)4065742009-S25CPR69DC27745305885218003
Kennedy Half Dollar, Silver (2000-present)969212004-S50CPR69DC72234976967738633
Kennedy Half Dollar, Clad (2000-present)4191232010-S50CPR69DC2828283594985017
Kennedy Half Dollar - Gold 50th Anniversary (2014)  2014-W50C 
*Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter, Walking Liberty Half Dollar - Gold 100th Anniversary (2016)5985982016-W10C 
Sacagawea Dollar - Eagle in Flight Reverse (2000-2008)9160012003-SSAC$1PR69DC105071093990137243
Sacagawea Dollar - Native American Reverse (2009-present)4069452009-S$1PR69DC6117880305505303
Presidential Dollar (2007-2016)3948812008-S$1PR69DC355356920916329479
America the Beautiful 5 oz. Silver Quarters (2010-present)507369201125CMS69PL516807318310369
First Spouse $10 Gold (2007-2016)   $10 
American Buffalo Gold, any denomination (2006-present)     
American Eagle Silver Dollars (2000-present)98371990-S$1PR68DC372118052123901981340
American Eagle Gold, any denomination (2000-present)99562001$10MS69289431611820152842
American Eagle Platinum, any denomination (2000-present)     
Ultra High Relief $20 (2009)  2009$20 
High Relief Liberty $100 Gold (2015)  2015-W$100 
Commemorative Half Dollar (2001-present)3944172008-S50CPR69DC2796523246887939
Commemorative Dollar (2000-present)3944162008-P$1MS692329100416688261114
Commemorative Gold $5 (2001-present)3944202008-W$5PR70DC4810128810
Commemorative Gold $10 (2000-present)9210032003-W$10PR69DC158611187741562

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.