Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set Victoria 1837-1901 #3 - 6th

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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set Victoria 1837-1901 #3
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Crown   Crown 
Half Crown   1/2 Cr 
Florin   Florin 
Double Florin   Dbl Fl 
Shilling   Shil 
Six Pence20488118806DMS6531211157Great Britain, 6 Pence Victoria Dated 1880, New Portrait, Longer Hair Waves...
Four Pence20424818514D MdyPL6520101119Great Britain, 4D Silver Maundy Victoria, MS65, Dated 1851, Young Head, Pr...
Three Pence20460818933DMS666111563Great Britain, 3D, Rich silvery golden iridescence and bluish hues, A GEM, ...
Two Pence20378719002D MdyPL642849165Great Britain, Victoria Silver Maundy 2D dated 1900, Old or Veiled Head, MS...
Silver Penny20345718671D MdyPL651156118Great Britain, 1D Victoria Silver Maundy Dated 1867, Young Head, Beautiful ...
Copper Penny2024071848/71DMS64RB20376173Great Britain, Victoria Penny, 1848/7 Overdate Variety, MS64RB, KM-739, S.3...
Half Penny   1/2D 
Three Half Pence   1 1/2D 
Farthing20083218951/4DMS64RB7019892Great Britain, Farthing, 1895 Veiled Head, UNC Much Lustre, PCGS MS64RB, Po...
Half Farthing   1/2 Far 
Third Farthing   1/3 Far 
Quarter Farthing   1/4 Far