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First Spouse $10 Gold with First Strikes, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016): Sam's First Spouse with First Strikes

Sam's First Spouse with First Strikes - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 70.965
Complete 75.00%
Set Rating 53.224

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Sam's First Spouse with First Strikes
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1508872007-W Martha Washington First Strike$10MS7033603360
1508862007-W Martha Washington$10MS7048604860
1508892007-W Abigail Adams First Strike$10MS7043104310
1508882007-W Abigail Adams$10MS7040304030
1521202007-W Jefferson's Liberty First Strike$10MS7077907790
1521192007-W Jefferson's Liberty$10MS7033203320
1521222007-W Dolley Madison First Strike$10MS7040404040
1521212007-W Dolley Madison$10MS7022602260
3956972008-W Elizabeth Monroe First Strike$10MS7016001600
3956962008-W Elizabeth Monroe$10MS7013101310
3956992008-W Louisa Adams First Strike$10MS70980980
3956982008-W Louisa Adams$10MS7013401340
3957012008-W Jackson's Liberty First Strike$10MS7010801080
3957002008-W Jackson's Liberty$10MS7014601460
3957032008-W Van Buren's Liberty First Strike$10MS7014101410
3957022008-W Van Buren's Liberty$10MS7021302130
4045652009-W Anna Harrison First Strike$10MS70970970
4045642009-W Anna Harrison$10MS7024102410
4045672009-W Letitia Tyler First Strike$10MS70940940
4045662009-W Letitia Tyler$10MS7013401340
4045692009-W Julia Tyler First Strike$10MS7012301230
4045682009-W Julia Tyler$10MS7020802080
4045712009-W Sarah Polk First Strike$10MS7010501050
4045702009-W Sarah Polk$10 
4045732009-W Margaret Taylor First Strike$10MS7011201120
4045722009-W Margaret Taylor$10MS7022302230
4183782010-W Abigail Filmore First Strike$10MS7024802480
4183772010-W Abigail Filmore$10MS7022602260
4183802010-W Jane Pierce First Strike$10MS7018801880
4183792010-W Jane Pierce$10MS7014901490
4183822010-W Buchanan's Liberty First Strike$10MS7059005900
4183812010-W Buchanan's Liberty$10MS7020102010
4183842010-W Mary Lincoln First Strike$10MS7018801880
4183832010-W Mary Lincoln$10 
5069712011-W Eliza Johnson First Strike$10MS7012901290
5069662011-W Eliza Johnson$10MS7014801480
5069722011-W Julia Grant First Strike$10MS7025402540
5069672011-W Julia Grant$10MS69220120220120
5069732011-W Lucy Hayes First Strike$10MS7016501650
5069682011-W Lucy Hayes$10MS70540540
5069742011-W Lucretia Garfield First Strike$10MS7018701870
5069692011-W Lucretia Garfield$10MS70670670
5129202012-W Alice Paul First Strike$10MS7036603660
5129192012-W Alice Paul$10MS7010201020
5129252012-W Frances Cleveland 1st First Strike$10MS7045404540
5129212012-W Frances Cleveland 1st$10 
5129272012-W Caroline Harrison First Strike$10MS7034503450
5129262012-W Caroline Harrison$10 
5129292012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd First Strike$10MS7042104220
5129282012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd$10 
5181122013-W Ida McKinley First Strike$10MS7031103580
5181112013-W Ida McKinley$10 
5181142013-W Edith Roosevelt First Strike$10MS7031203480
5181132013-W Edith Roosevelt$10 
5181162013-W Helen Taft First Strike$10MS7036503780
5181152013-W Helen Taft$10 
5181182013-W Ellen Wilson First Strike$10MS7024802490
5181172013-W Ellen Wilson$10 
5181212013-W Edith Wilson First Strike$10MS7028302910
5181192013-W Edith Wilson $10 
5308142014-W Florence Harding First Strike$10MS7020903270First Strike
5308132014-W Florence Harding$10 
5312922014-W Grace Coolidge First Strike$10MS703803360First Strike
5309972014-W Grace Coolidge$10 
5319162014-W Lou Hoover First Strike$10MS702002600First Strike
5315882014-W Lou Hoover$10 
5315912014-W Eleanor Roosevelt First Strike$10MS7026502740First Strike
5315902014-W Eleanor Roosevelt$10 
  2015-W Bess Truman First Strike$10 
5426962015-W Bess Truman$10 
5427002015-W Mamie Eisenhower First Strike$10MS7022703160First Strike
5426992015-W Mamie Eisenhower$10 
5445252015-W Jacqueline Kennedy First Strike$10MS70602011380First Strike
5427012015-W Jacqueline Kennedy$10 
5427062015-W Lady Bird Johnson First Strike$10MS7020602060First Strike
5427052015-W Lady Bird Johnson$10