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Morgan Dollars Basic Set, Low Ball (1878-1921): "End of the Trail" VIII

"End of the Trail" VIII - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: BOTBOTW: (1878-1921) The "Ultimate" challenge and goal for this set is to find the best "Low Ball" Morgan dollar from each date and mint. With that thought in mind each and every coin within this set has an interesting & incredible story to tell if we will take the time to listen to them. Like one such Morgan dollar that was in one family for several generations and passed down over seventeen years ago. It now fits nicely in this set as only the second 1879-O PO01 ever seen and PCGS graded on (07/16/2010). Another such coin hidden away since 1948 is the 1878 8TF PO01 which boast some remaining VAM markings on the reverse. Although the graders were unable to confirm which one of the (5) VAMs it was PCGS gave it the 1878 8TF PO01 grade on (12/12/2010) and rightly so. There was an internet posting as late as 01/21/2008 asking for information in locating a 1878 7/8TF PO01. This is one of the crowning pieces and also considered a "Ultra Rare" and extremely scarce 1878 7/8TF "Strong" PO01. VAM experts agreed that it was the elusive 1878 7/8TF Morgan dollar and PCGS graded on (12/13/2011). Another recent discovery was the 1879-S Rev78 PO01. At first it looked like a regular "S" or "O" mint until closer examination of the arrow feathers confirmed it a 1879-S Rev78 VAM. The next addition to this set was the 1890-S PO01. Pulled from another dealer's junk bucket in early January 2012 and PCGS confirmed it to be the very first "S" PO01 from the 1890s. Yet another of the latest major discoveries was a 1884-S PO01 confirmed on (05/01/2012) by PCGS to be the first example graded. There was rumors of a RAW 1884-S PO01 out there for years and maybe this is what all the talk was about. Some of the other biggest surprises discovered in recent past include the very first elusive 1878-S PO01s non VAM Top100s, 1878 8TF PO01s, 1878 7TF Rev 78 PO01s, 1878-CC PO01, 1879-P PO01s, 1879-CC PO01s, 1879-O PO01, 1879-S Rev 78 PO01s, 1880-O PO01s, 1881-P PO01, 1881-O PO01, 1882-P PO01s, 1882-CC PO01, 1882-O PO01s, 1882-O/S VAM-4 PO01s, 1882-S PO01, 1883-P PO01s, 1883-CC PO01s, 1883-O PO01s, 1884-P PO01s, 1884-O PO01s, 1884-S PO01s, 1885-P PO01, 1885-O PO01s, 1886-S VAM-2 PO01, 1887-P PO01s, 1887-S PO01, 1888-O PO01s, 1888-S PO01s, 1889-P PO01, 1889-O PO01s, 1889-S PO01, 1890-O PO01, 1891-P PO01, 1892-P PO01, 1892-O PO01, 1893-P VAM-4 FR02, 1893-O PO01, 1894-P FR02, 1894-O PO01s, 1894-S PO01s, 1895-O PO01, 1896-O PO01s, 1896-S PO01s, 1897-S PO01, 1898-P PO01, 1898-O PO01, 1898-S PO01s, 1899-P PO01, 1899-O PO01s, 1899-O VAM-4 micro o PO01, 1899-S PO01, 1900-S PO01, 1901-P PO01, 1901-O PO01s, 1902-P PO01, 1902-O PO01, 1902-S PO01, 1903-P PO01s, 1903-O PO01, 1903-S PO01s, 1904-O PO01, 1904-S PO01, 1921-P PO01s, 1921-D PO01s and the 1921-S PO01s. Coins overlooked and on their way back to the junk buckets they were pulled back just in time. Another coin worth mentioning is the 1890-O PO01. A coin that looks so mysterious that when you see it your'e not exactly sure what you are looking at. The coin seems to float like something in a cloud and this near "Basal" State 0 grade dollar just seems to draw you in every time you see it. To begin the twentieth century in style this 1900-S PO01 saved for many years was PCGS graded 06/12/2011 making it a remarkable Morgan dollar to be sure. This next Morgan dollar the 1892-P PO01 which is a coin hard to come by was ultimately confirmed and PCGS graded on 10/31/2013. The newly graded 1888-S PO01 (01/10/2014) resting up within this set has definitely seen some serious travel time. The next latest coin to grace this set is the 1902-P PO01 PCGS graded 01/11/2014. This coin ranks #1 among the most challenging and researched graded PO01 coins in thus far. Well worth all the effort that went into it. Then this 1904-O PO01 PCGS graded on 02/27/2014 was discovered. For close to six years the 1904-O FR02 was the lowest grade anyone had ever seen. A very tough coin and grade for the 1904 "O" mint compared with other mint & date coins. Fewer than (135) examples have been graded in circulated condition(s) by PCGS. The most recent addition is the 1903-O PO01 PCGS graded on 03/24/2014. This coin in low ball grades such as FR02s is extremely difficult to find since the vast majority were never circulated as much as other coins. Just in a freshly PCGS graded on 03/26/2014 is the 1894-P FR02. This coin and the 1893-S FR02 are the two coins destined to remain FR02s as the lowest grade examples. The latest Morgan to be PCGS graded on 05/12/2014 is the 1887-S PO01. This example was discovered hiding in a junk box. A near cull but the "S" mint mark stood out enough to be confirmed. Then this 1898-P PO01 PCGS graded on 08/22/2014 was found.. A Morgan dollar so scarce in this grade that for almost six years the lone 1898-P FR02 stood tall as the best example ever seen and graded that low. This scarce & very elusive 1904-S PO01 PCGS graded on 12/15/2014 was a great discovery coin and completes all the 1904s in PO01 grades and marks the last PO01 graded for the year (2014). The first two discovery coins of 2015 in this set are the 1895-O PO01 & 1899-P PO01 both PCGS graded on 01/13/2015. The 1895-O PO01 has eluded every low ball collection since its inception. The 1899-P PO01 follows close behind the 1898-P PO01 graded 08/22/2014 by PCGS. This particular 1899-P PO01 is said to be a very elusive coin by several experts. Within this set you will see several coins (31) that hold the distinction of being a "One of a Kind" coin graded either a PO01 or FR02. The 1893-O PO01 PCGS graded 01/26/2015 marks a milestone for this set. The (2) 1893-CC PO01s have stood tall as the only PO01s ever graded for this year from any mint prior to this day. Still it's a "Tribute" to collecting some of the finest low ball coins currently graded and assembled into one set. "Its still a work in progress for now" and will change from time to time with any new discoveries. Fun - yes, frustrating & challenging at times - you bet. But often times very rewarding when you discover something new for a low ball coin never before seen or graded this low. There is even a remarkable example of a 1886-P PO01 resting up in one of PCGS's OGH and from all indication was most likely the very first PO01 to be seen and graded. It does rival a "Basal" State 0 grade coin if ever one was to be graded. It is with great respect, appreciation, pains taking time, effort, and extensive research that this set is where it is at - today. The 1889-S PO01 PCGS graded 02/27/2015 marks yet another milestone for this set. Thank you for your interest in this truly unique and most challenging Morgan Dollar Basic Low Ball set. As of this date 08/21/2013 this set was the "First" 100% Perfect PCGS graded low ball Morgan Dollar Basic set ever ~ subject to change of course. It changed again on 02/27/2015 by adding the latest graded PO01 "One of a Kind" Morgan dollar(s). Created: 01/11/2011 - Latest Upgrade/update: 03/09/2015

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"End of the Trail" VIII
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop LowerOwner's Comments
70721878 8TF$1PO130 *3/3 - 12/13/2010 ~ VAM-6, VAM-7, VAM-14.5, VAM-14.8, VAM-14.19 - VAM wanna-be ~ 2nd example graded
70741878 7TF$1PO1303/3 - 01/29/2014 - 7TF Rev78 ~ 2nd example graded - G.D.
70781878 7/8TF$1PO110 *1/1 - 12/14//2011 ~ VAM-37 7/4TF Strong - Solo Lowest
70801878-CC$1PO160 *6/3 - 06/19/2013 ~ 6th example graded
70821878-S$1PO150 5/3 - 10/24/2011 ~ 1st example graded - G.D.
70841879$1PO130 3/3 - 01/17/2012
70861879-CC$1PO140 *4/3 - 03/29/2011 ~ 3rd example graded
70901879-O$1PO120 *2/2 - 07/16/2010 ~ 2nd example graded
70941879-S$1PO120 *2/2 - 05/11/2012 ~ Rev78 VAM-4 Top100 - 1st example graded
70961880$1PO110 1/1 - 09/10/2008 ~ Solo Lowest
71001880-CC$1PO110 1/1 - 11/25/2008 ~ Solo Lowest
71141880-O$1PO140*4/4 - 09/03/2014 ~ 4th example graded (Best PO01 graded example yet)
71181880-S$1PO120 2/2 - 03/12/2008 ~ 2nd example graded
71241881$1PO120 2/2 - 11/25/2008 ~ 1st example graded
71261881-CC$1PO130 3/3 - 09/10/2008
71281881-O$1PO130*3/3 - 03/09/2015 ~ 3rd example graded
71301881-S$1PO120 2/2 - 07/10/2008 ~ 1st example graded
71321882$1PO140*4/4 - 02/27/2015 ~ 4th example graded (Best PO01 graded example yet)
71341882-CC$1PO120 2/2 - 11/25/2008 ~ 1st example graded
71361882-O$1PO120 *2/2 - 12/06/2013 ~ 2nd example graded
71401882-S$1PO110 *1/1 - 05/09/2011 ~ Solo Lowest
71421883$1PO170 *7/7 - 06/20/2013
71441883-CC$1PO150 5/5 - 10/11/2010
71461883-O$1PO150 *5/5 - 02/17/2014 ~ 3rd example graded
71481883-S$1PO110 1/1 - 10/21/2009 ~ Solo Lowest
71501884$1PO130 *3/3 - 04/21/2011 ~ 2nd example graded
71521884-CC$1PO140 4/3 - 09/10/2008
71541884-O$1PO140 4/2 - 07/06/2011 ~ 2nd example graded (Best PO01 graded example yet)
71561884-S$1PO140*4/4 - 03/09/2015 ~ 4th example graded (Best PO01 graded example yet)
71581885$1PO120 2/2 - 10/30/2009 ~ 1st example graded
71601885-CC$1PO110 1/1 - 10/15/2008 ~ Solo Lowest
71621885-O$1PO150 5/4 - 10/11/2011 ~ G.D.
71641885-S$1PO110 1/1 - 10/27/2008 ~ Solo Lowest
71661886$1PO110 1/1 - 06/08/2007 ~ OGH - Solo Lowest
71681886-O$1PO190 9/6 - 02/02/2009
1339061886-S$1PO110 *1/1 - 08/13/2013 ~ VAM-2 S/S Top100 - Solo Lowest
71721887$1PO150 5/4 - 10/28/2009
71761887-O$1PO170 7/6 - 11/14/2008
71801887-S$1PO110 *1/1 - 05/12/2014 ~ Solo Lowest
71821888$1PO110 1/1 - 12/21/2007 ~ Solo Lowest
71841888-O$1PO180 8/8 - 11/29/2007 ~ 3rd example graded
71861888-S$1PO120 *2/2 - 01/10/2014 ~ 1st example graded
71881889$1PO130 3/2 - 04/24/2008 ~ 1st example graded
71901889-CC$1PO110 1/1 - 11/25/2008 ~ Solo Lowest
71921889-O$1PO190 9/8 - 08/11/2010
71941889-S$1PO110*1/1 - 02/27/2015 ~ Solo Lowest
71961890$1PO120 2/2 - 08/11/2010
71981890-CC$1PO110 1/1 - 03/27/2008 ~ Solo Lowest
72001890-O$1PO1120 12/12 - 10/17/2005 ~ "Mysterious Phantom" dollar
72021890-S$1PO120 2/1 - 02/08/2012 ~ 1st example graded - G.D.
72041891$1PO140 *4/3 - 03/05/2014 ~ VAM-10 Die Chips 91 - 4th example graded
72061891-CC$1PO110 1/1 - 02/19/2007 ~ Solo Lowest
72081891-O$1PO150 5/4 - 05/21/2008
72101891-S$1PO120 2/2 - 06/19/2009 ~ 2nd graded example
72121892$1PO110 *1/1 - 10/31/2013 ~ Solo Lowest
72141892-CC$1PO120 2/2 - 02/23/2009 ~ 2nd example graded
72161892-O$1PO120 2/2 - 10/21/2009 ~ 1st example graded
72181892-S$1PO120 2/2 - 02/04/2005 ~ 1st example graded
1339421893$1FR210 *1/1 - 10/03/2013 ~ VAM-4 Doubled Stars Top100 - Solo Lowest
72221893-CC$1PO120 2/2 - 05/07/2009 ~ 2nd example graded
72241893-O$1PO110*1/1 - 01/26/2015 ~ Solo Lowest
72261893-S$1FR2240 24/7 - 10/12/2010 ~ VAM-1
72281894$1FR220 *2/2 - 03/26/2014 ~ 2nd example graded
72301894-O$1PO130 3/3 - 02/16/2009 ~ 1st example graded
72321894-S$1PO120 2/2 - 02/08/2010 ~ 1st example graded
72361895-O$1PO110*1/1 - 01/13/2015 ~ Solo Lowest
72381895-S$1PO120 2/2 - 10/29/2003 ~ 1st example graded
72401896$1PO110 1/1 - 06/15/2010 ~ Solo Lowest
72421896-O$1PO140 4/3 - 02/08/2012 ~ 3rd example graded - G.D.
72441896-S$1PO150 *5/2 - 03/13/2015
72461897$1PO110 1/1 - 08/25/2009 ~ Solo Lowest
72481897-O$1PO140 4/3 - 10/17/2007 ~ 1st example graded
72501897-S$1PO120*2/2 - 02/27/2015 ~ 2nd example graded
72521898$1PO1101/1 - 08/22/2014 ~ Solo Lowest
72541898-O$1PO120*2/2 - 03/09/2015 ~ 2nd example graded
72561898-S$1PO130 *3/2 - 05/11/2012 ~ 2nd example graded
72581899$1PO110*1/1 - 01/13/2015 ~ Solo Lowest
1339471899-O$1PO110 *1/1 - 06/19/2013 ~ VAM-4 Micro o Top100 - Solo Lowest
72621899-S$1PO120 *2/2 - 08/21/2013 ~ 2nd example graded - G.D.
72641900$1FR250 5/2 - 05/16/2008
72661900-O$1PO1110 11/8 - 02/08/2012 ~ G.D.
72701900-S$1PO110 1/1 - 06/30/2011 ~ Solo Lowest
72721901$1PO110 *1/1 - 08/09/2011 ~ Solo Lowest
72741901-O$1PO140 4/4 - 01/21/2011 ~ 1st example graded
72761901-S$1PO110 1/1 - 04/30/2010 ~ Solo Lowest
72781902$1PO110 *1/1 - 01/11/2014 ~ Solo Lowest
72801902-O$1PO120 2/2 - 01/09/2009 ~ 1st example graded
72821902-S$1PO120 2/2 - 10/21/2009 ~ 1st example graded
72841903$1PO120 2/2 - 02/21/2006 ~ 1st example graded
72861903-O$1PO110 *1/1 - 03/24/2014 ~ Solo Lowest
72881903-S$1PO120 *2/2 - 07/16/2010 ~ 1st example graded
72901904$1PO120 2/2 - 02/08/2010 ~ 1st example graded
72921904-O$1PO110 *1/1 - 02/27/2014 ~ Solo Lowest
72941904-S$1PO110*1/1 - 12/15/2014 ~ Solo Lowest
72961921$1PO1220 22/13 - 01/03/2013
72981921-D$1PO1110 11/11 - 01/17/2012 ~ 10th example graded
73001921-S$1PO1170 17/14 - 08/30/2007
Tremendous accomplishment Mike! I count only three FR02 in the set now ... this is IMHO as a fellow low-ball collector the most impressive set of coins I've ever had the priveledge to view. Well done ... so far. All PO01?
Posted @ 3/19/2015 4:18 PM By Chesapeake
This just a great looking set. Only 7 FR02's in the whole set and the rest PO01's. It's only a matter of time until they are all PO01. Excellent work on this set.
Posted @ 1/6/2015 9:13 PM By bobvvv1
Great set !!! I can only imagine the stories each of these coins could tell.
Posted @ 7/16/2014 8:30 AM By clcobert
Absolutely a stunning collecting achievement ... congratulations fro a fellow lw-ball collector. Very well done indeed!
Posted @ 5/22/2014 3:04 PM By Chesapeake
A tribute to focus and perseverence! The perfect set is there, keep at it.
Posted @ 1/18/2014 12:23 PM By HawkeEye
Awesome. No doubt, with your perseverance, you will turn all of them into P01's. Lot's of love and TLC was needed for this. Nick
Posted @ 8/28/2013 10:38 AM By Burt7753
This is one of the "Poorest" :) sets that I've seen. I'd like to have a few more PO01's in my circ commem set. Good luck down grading the FR02's
Posted @ 8/21/2013 7:43 AM By bobvvv1
I love this set. I had so much fun reading it!!!!!!
Posted @ 5/5/2013 10:04 AM By jasonodegard
This is a great accomplishment. It is so difficult to find gradable PO1 and FR2 coins. You have done a awesome job here Mike, From Friends in Low Places
Posted @ 1/14/2013 6:05 AM By RT
Enduring perseverance, discriminating excellence in determining what is gradable in the low grades. Everything else has already been said. Wow!!! Great achievement.
Posted @ 12/5/2012 5:03 PM By mhassler
Awesome LowBall Set. People just do not know how hard it is to find gradable coins in this condition because most coins this worn have damage or other issues that keep them from being graded.
Posted @ 11/3/2012 1:15 PM By RT
Fantastic accomplishment Mike!!
Posted @ 10/25/2012 12:33 PM By dbemike
You have put together an "unreal" set of Morgans. How many were "saved" from the melting pot.
Posted @ 10/24/2012 8:20 PM By bobvvv1
You have a magnificent set. I hope you can find the last Coins to complete this set perfectly. Nick
Posted @ 10/24/2012 2:14 AM By Nickcap
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