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Spain 80 Reales, Circulation Strikes (1809-1850): Spencer Collection Spain 80 Reales 1809-1850

Spencer Collection Spain 80 Reales 1809-1850 - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 57.000
Complete 1.45%
Set Rating 0.410
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Spencer Collection Spain 80 Reales 1809-1850
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1809-AI80 R 
8428881810-AI80 R 
  1811-AI80 R 
  1812/1-M AI80 R 
  1812-AI80 R 
  1813-RN80 R 
  1822-SP80 R 
  1822-SR80 R 
8428971823-RD80 R 
8428941823-SP80 R 
8428961823-SR80 R 
8428991834-CR KM-577.280 R 
7727231834-CR KM-578.280 R 
8429001835-CR KM-577.280 R 
7727241835-CR KM-578.280 R 
8429031835-DR KM-577.380 R 
7727401835-DR KM-578.380 R 
8429041835-RD KM-577.380 R 
7727411835-RD KM-578.380 R 
8429011836-CL KM-577.280 R 
7727251836-CL KM-578.280 R 
8429021836-CR KM-577.280 R 
7727261836-CR KM-578.280 R 
8429051836-DR KM-577.380 R 
7727421836-DR KM-578.380 R 
8428981836-PS KM-577.180 R 
8429081836-PS KM-578.180 R 
7727271837-CR80 R 
8429061837-DR KM-577.380 R 
7727431837-DR KM-578.380 R 
7727561837-PS80 R 
7727281838-CL80 R 
7727441838-S DR80 R 
8429091838-PS KM-578.180 R 
  1838-PS KM-58080 R 
7727451838-RD80 R 
7727291839-CL80 R 
  1839-PS80 R 
7727461839-RD80 R 
7727301840-CL80 R 
5673561840-PS80 RAU551010Spain, 80 Reales Gold, KM-578.1, Head of Isabel II Rt. & Legend, Rv. Crowne...
7727471840-RD80 R 
7727311841-CL80 R 
8429121841-PS80 R 
7727481841-RD80 R 
8429131842-CC80 R 
7727321842-CL80 R 
7727151842-PS80 R 
7727491842-RD80 R 
7727161843-CC80 R 
  1843-CL80 R 
7727171843-PS80 R 
7727501843-RD80 R 
7727341844-CL80 R 
  1844-PS80 R 
7727511844-RD80 R 
  1845-CL80 R 
  1845-PS80 R 
7727521845-RD80 R 
7727361846-CL80 R 
7727201846-PS80 R 
7727531846-RD80 R 
7727371847-CL80 R 
7727211847-PS80 R 
7727541847-RD80 R 
  1848-CL80 R 
7727221848-PS80 R 
7727551848-RD80 R 
7727391849-CL80 R