Alexander Agrippa Collection - Jefferson Westward Journey Proofs - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: My first coin collection.

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Alexander Agrippa Collection - Jefferson Westward Journey Proofs
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942402004-S Peace Medal5CPR70DC843084302004-S 5C Peace Medal PR70DCAM PCGS # 94240 : 2004-S Peace Medal (Proof) ...
942412004-S Keel Boat5CPR70DC826082602004-S 5C Keel Boat PR70DCAM PCGS # 94241 : 2004-S Keel Boat (Proof) Mi...
942422005-S Bison5CPR70DC10770107702005-S 5C Bison PR70DCAM PCGS # 94242 : 2005-S American Bison (Proof) M...
942432005-S Western Waters5CPR70DC983098302005-S 5C Western Waters PR70DCAM PCGS # 94243 : 2005-S Western Waters (Pr...
942462006-S Return to Monticello5CPR70DC556055602006-S 5C Return to Monticello PR70DCAM PCGS # 94246 : 2006-S Return to M...