Sonoran Monsoon - 5th

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Rank 5
Weighted GPA 17.826
Complete 97.37%
Set Rating 16.466
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Sonoran Monsoon
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
68521795 3 Leaves$1XF4588182Common B5, B-27, R1. Die state II. Iridescent rim toning with gray center...
68531795 2 Leaves$1G48579
68581795 Draped Bust$1VG1019476
968581795 Off-Center Dr Bust$1VF3036134
68591796 Small Date, Sm Letters$1GN10334Light silver surfaces enhanced by a hint of gold and iridescent peripheral ...
68601796 Small Date, Lg Letters$1F1210227Bowers -Borkhardt die state II. B-4, BB-61, R.3. Auqua blue, lavender, an...
68611796 Large Date, Sm Letters$1VG84169
68631797 9X7 Stars, Lg Letters$1VG88464
68661797 9X7 Stars, Sm Letters$1N1070Enviromental damage. Coin formally slabbed by NCS with a "good-enviromenta...
68651797 10X6 Stars$1GN1024810x6 Large letters. B-3, BB-71, R.2. Bowers-Borckardt Die State III. (For...
68671798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars$1VF2530118
68681798 Small Eagle, 15 Stars$1F12597Golden-amber patina with a hint of gun metal blue in the fields. Splotchy ...
68731798 Large Eagle$1VF35245590Plenty of luster remaining. Well worn, but within grade parameters.
68741798 5 Stripes$1XF40811
400081798 Knob 9$1XF4510Very tough coin to find. Only a few have made it into a PCGS holder. 5 St...
68761798 10 Arrows$1VF20682
68771798 Wide Date$1VF25576
68781799$1VF2025720527x6 stars. B-16, BB-158, R-2. Die state 3. Stone-gray through Walnut-bro...
68831799/8 15 Reverse Stars$1F1513213
68841799/8 13 Reverse Stars$1XF451629
68791799 Irregular Date-15 St$1F15415
68801799 Irregular Date-13 St$1VG10232This coin has few light rim marks, none major. Wear is consistant with VG-...
400631799 Obverse Stars 8X5$1F12115
68881800 Wide Date, Low 8$1XF4524
68891800 Dotted Date$1VF35935
68901800 12 Arrows$1F12574
68911800 10 Arrows$1VF3018B-15,BB-195,R.4. "10 arrows" reverse with 3 arrowheads not connected to sh...
68921800 AMERICAI$1G61109
400811800 Wide Dt,Low 8,AMERICAI$1VF3527Americai, Wide date, Low 8. B-11, BB-191. You never know where you are go...
400871802 Narrow Date$1XF4068171Narrow Date. Crossed from an ANACS XF-40 holder.
400891802 Wide Date$1N108Although this example is a problem coin, it is a very difficult coin to fin...
68981802/1 Narrow Date$1F15110
68991802/1 Wide Date$1VG8115
69001803 Small 3$1VF3544133Untoned with a hint of luster left. Details consistant with grade.
69011803 Large 3$1F1527241