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Sacagawea Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes and Proof (2000-present): Sonoran Monsoon

Sonoran Monsoon - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 70.043
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 70.043
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Sonoran Monsoon
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Owner's Comments
995842000-PSAC$1SP69310350Provenance: Brandywine Collection
95852000-DSAC$1MS692031Provenance: Mitch Spivack
150002001-PSAC$1MS69250250Very frosty luster. Strong strike. Mark free.
150012001-DSAC$1MS68970970No visible marks. Strong strike. Frosty luster.
150022002-PSAC$1MS69200200Surfaces completely mark free.
150032002-DSAC$1MS6811001100Practically flawless surfaces. Frosty luster. Strong strike.
150152003-PSAC$1MS69240240Business Strike. Frosty luster. Virtually no marks. Strong strike.
150162003-DSAC$1MS68410410Business strike.
150182004-PSAC$1MS69240240Deep frosty luster. No visible marks. Very deep strike. Provenance: Gabrial...
150192004-DSAC$1MS698080Provenance: Brandywine Collection
9150202005-PSAC$1SP6984548464Satin Finish.
9150212005-DSAC$1SP6914401440Satin Finish.
9150222006-PSAC$1SP6937403740Satin Finish.
9150232006-DSAC$1SP6915601560Satin Finish.
1495632007-PSAC$1SP6932603260Satin Finish.
1495652007-DSAC$1SP6935203520Satin Finish.
3949442008-PSAC$1SP6911801180Satin Finish.
3949462008-DSAC$1SP69840840Satin Finish.
4069402009-P Native American$1SP69360620Provenance: Brandywine Collection
4069422009-D Native American$1SP69210360Provenance: Brandywine Collection
4162412010-P Native American$1SP6970110Satin finish. Position B. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Tazmic Enterpr...
4162422010-D Native American$1SP693040Provenance: Brandywine Collection
5052032011-P Native American$1MS68130280Business strike. Position B. Bunting label.
5052022011-D Native American$1MS68110230Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5124632012-P Native American$1MS684060Position A.
5124642012-D Native American$1MS68320600Position A.
5181062013-P Native American$1MS68210390Position A.
5181072013-D Native American$1MS68210360Position A.
5283682014-P Native American$1MS67301639
5357882014-D Native American$1MS69903319105
*  2015-P Native American$1 
*  2015-D Native American$1 
*  2015-W Native American$1 
995982000-S PRSAC$1PR70DC64706470Deep Cameo.
995992001-S PRSAC$1PR70DC70807080Deep Cameo.
9160002002-S PRSAC$1PR70DC85008500Deep Cameo.
9160012003-S PRSAC$1PR70DC1020010200Deep Cameo.
9160022004-S PRSAC$1PR70DC83108310Deep Cameo.
9160032005-S PRSAC$1PR70DC93009300Deep Cameo.
9160042006-S PRSAC$1PR70DC84408440Deep Cameo.
1495682007-S PRSAC$1PR70DC54505450Deep Cameo.
3949492008-S PRSAC$1PR70DC40504050Deep Cameo.
4069452009-S Native American PR$1PR70DC82108210Deep Cameo.
4162382010-S Native American PR$1PR70DC58105810Deep Cameo.
5052092011-S Native American PR$1PR70DC24505880Deep Cameo. First Strike.
5128452012-S Native American PR$1PR70DC5202540Deep Cameo.
5177582013-S Native American PR$1PR70DC32305130Deep Cameo
5270662014-S Native American PR$1PR70DC12204020Deep Cameo. First Strike.
*  2015-S Native American PR$1 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.