Coins Certified as of 1/22

First Spouse $10 Gold with First Strikes, Proof (2007-2016): Sam's First Spouse with First Strikes

Sam's First Spouse with First Strikes - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 71.000
Complete 57.32%
Set Rating 40.695

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Sam's First Spouse with First Strikes
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1508912007-W Martha Washington First Strike$10PR70DC43304330
1508902007-W Martha Washington$10PR70DC22902290
1508932007-W Abigail Adams First Strike$10PR70DC22802280
1508922007-W Abigail Adams$10PR70DC29402940
1521242007-W Jefferson's Liberty First Strike$10PR70DC62206220
1521232007-W Jefferson's Liberty$10 
1521262007-W Dolley Madison First Strike$10PR70DC13101310
1521252007-W Dolley Madison$10PR70DC19201920
3957052008-W Elizabeth Monroe First Strike$10PR70DC11001100
3957042008-W Elizabeth Monroe$10 
3957072008-W Louisa Adams First Strike$10PR70DC720720
3957062008-W Louisa Adams$10 
3957092008-W Jackson's Liberty First Strike$10PR70DC11001100
3957082008-W Jackson's Liberty$10 
3957112008-W Van Buren's Liberty First Strike$10PR70DC12801280
3957102008-W Van Buren's Liberty$10 
4045752009-W Anna Harrison First Strike$10PR70DC850850
4045742009-W Anna Harrison$10PR70DC960960
4045782009-W Letitia Tyler First Strike$10PR70DC10501050
4045772009-W Letitia Tyler$10 
4045802009-W Julia Tyler First Strike$10PR70DC780780
4045792009-W Julia Tyler$10 
4045822009-W Sarah Polk First Strike$10PR70DC11501150
4045812009-W Sarah Polk$10 
4045842009-W Margaret Taylor First Strike$10PR70DC730730
4045832009-W Margaret Taylor$10PR70DC770770
4183872010-W Abigail Filmore First Strike$10PR70DC19901990
4183902010-W Abigail Filmore$10PR70DC13201320
4183932010-W Jane Pierce First Strike$10PR70DC11901190
4183912010-W Jane Pierce$10 
4183952010-W Buchanan's Liberty First Strike$10PR70DC48004800
4183942010-W Buchanan's Liberty$10 
4183982010-W Mary Lincoln First Strike$10PR70DC19401940
4183962010-W Mary Lincoln$10PR70DC10101010
5069802011-W Eliza Johnson First Strike$10PR70DC10601060
5069762011-W Eliza Johnson$10PR70DC680680
5069812011-W Julia Grant First Strike$10PR70DC15601560
5069772011-W Julia Grant$10 
5069822011-W Lucy Hayes First Strike$10PR70DC12101210
5069782011-W Lucy Hayes$10 
5069832011-W Lucretia Garfield First Strike$10PR70DC990990
5069792011-W Lucretia Garfield$10PR70DC530530
5129312012-W Alice Paul First Strike$10PR70DC18001800First Strike
5129302012-W Alice Paul$10 
5129332012-W Frances Cleveland 1st First Strike$10PR70DC24802480First Strike
5129322012-W Frances Cleveland 1st$10 
5129352012-W Caroline Harrison First Strike$10PR70DC21902190First Strike
5129342012-W Caroline Harrison$10 
5129372012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd First Strike$10PR70DC27002700First Strike
5129362012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd$10 
5181232013-W Ida McKinley First Strike$10PR70DC15201710First Strike
5181222013-W Ida McKinley$10 
5187832013-W Edith Roosevelt First Strike$10PR70DC12901420First Strike
5187822013-W Edith Roosevelt$10 
5181282013-W Helen Taft First Strike$10PR70DC14901570First Strike
5181272013-W Helen Taft$10 
5181312013-W Ellen Wilson First Strike$10PR70DC17201800First Strike
5181302013-W Ellen Wilson$10 
5181332013-W Edith Wilson First Strike$10PR70DC17301730First Strike
5181322013-W Edith Wilson$10 
5308162014-W Florence Harding First Strike$10PR70DC16702190First Strike
5308152014-W Florence Harding $10 
5310002014-W Grace Coolidge First Strike$10PR70DC12901470First Strike
5309992014-W Grace Coolidge$10 
5315942014-W Lou Hoover First Strike$10PR70DC14701720First Strike
5315932014-W Lou Hoover$10 
5315962014-W Eleanor Roosevelt First Strike$10PR70DC18401930First Strike
5315952014-W Eleanor Roosevelt $10 
5427082015-W Bess Truman First Strike$10PR70DC18202000First Strike
5427072015-W Bess Truman$10 
5427102015-W Mamie Eisenhower First Strike$10PR70DC17801920First Strike
5427092015-W Mamie Eisenhower$10 
5453662015-W Jacqueline Kennedy First Strike$10PR70DC440015750First Strike
5427112015-W Jacqueline Kennedy$10 
5427152015-W Lady Bird Johnson First Strike$10PR70DC13801380First Strike
  2015-W Lady Bird Johnson$10 
5960822016-W Patricia Nixon First Strike$10 
5960812016-W Patricia Nixon$10 
5985392016-W Betty Ford First Strike$10 
5985382016-W Betty Ford$10 
  2016-W Nancy Reagan First Strike$10 
  2016-W Nancy Reagan$10