Sonoran Monsoon - 5th

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Rank 5
Weighted GPA 69.706
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 69.706
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Sonoran Monsoon
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Owner's Comments
974281971-S SILVER$1PR70DC340340Peg leg variety. Deep Camoe. Formerly a part of Mithch Spivack's Wonderco...
974291972-S SILVER$1PR70DC730730Deep Cameo. Purchased from Mitch Spivack.
974301973-S CLAD$1PR69DC15540181554018Clad. Deep Cameo.
974311973-S SILVER$1PR69DC20107182011618Deep cameo. Silver.
974321974-S CLAD$1PR69DC144789144789Clad. Deep Cameo.
974331974-S SILVER$1PR69DC15941311594131Deep Cameo.
974341976-S CLAD$1PR69DC1377283218426Type 1. Deep Cameo.
974361976-S SILVER$1PR70DC310310Deep cameo. Silver variety. Purchased from Mitch Spivack.
974371977-S$1PR70DC680680Deep Cameo.
974381978-S$1PR70DC560560Extremely deep mirror fields, contrasted with satiny devices. Purchased fr...