The Oreville VI collection - 13th

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Rank 13
Weighted GPA 64.333
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 64.333
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About this set: Starting yet another set!

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The Oreville VI collection
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Owner's Comments
$1/4 Octagonal10611187525CMS65417232511875 25C Indian Octagonal 25 Cents, BG-784, High R.5, MS65 PCGS. Pleasing y...
$1/4 Round10662185925CMS651115201301859 1/4 Liberty Round BG-801 R-3 purchased from Bowers and Merena in June ...
$1/2 Octagonal10771187250CMS65156246661872 50C Liberty Octagonal BG-913 Purchased at Heritage 2005 St. Louis, MO ...
$1/2 Round10464185350CMS651016840Per Heritage: 1853 50C Liberty Round 50 Cents, BG-428, R.3, MS65 PCGS. Smal...
$1 Octagonal109351874$1MS648215537
$1 Round109491871$1MS621045963Tom Kelly collection