Spencer Collection #2 - 2nd

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Spencer Collection #2
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Charles II (1670-1685)     
James II (1685-1688)   1D Mdy 
William and Mary (1688-1694)     
William III (1694-1702)14170816991D Mdy 
Anne (1702-1714)   1D Mdy 
George I (1714-1727)16549217271D Mdy 
George II (1727-1760)     
George III (1760-1820)20223618071DMS64RB337237Great Britain, Penny of George III, Short Haired, Laur. and Dr. Bust Rt, Da...
George IV (1820-1830)      
William IV (1830-1837)      
Victoria (1837-1901) 20247018611DMS65RB20193134Great Britain, Victoria Penny, 1861 - Varieties Exist, MS65RB, Extremely Ra...
Edward VII (1901-1910) 20352719051D MdyPL66763244Great Britain, 1D Silver dated 1905. Edward VII. Part of a Well Matched Lov...
George V (1910-1936) 20354719171D MdyPL65117520Great Britain, 1D Silver Maundy One Pence George V, MS65 GEM
George VI (1936-1952) 14177819381DMS64RB8291178Great Britain, 1D Dated 1938, MS64RB
Elizabeth II (acc. 1952)   1D