Spencer Collection Liechtenstein Gold Set Complete - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Weighted GPA 64.750
Complete 33.33%
Set Rating 18.500
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Spencer Collection Liechtenstein Gold Set Complete
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5068001930 10 Franken10 FrMS642525Liectenstein, Gold 10 Franken, K-Y11, Portrait of Prince Franz I, Rv. Arms....
5068051946-B 10 Franken10 FrMS666161Liectenstein, Gold 10 Franken, Franz Joseph II, KM-Y13, MS66; Among the Fin...
5068151930 20 Franken20 Fr 
5068201946-B 20 Franken20 FrMS657171Liectenstein, Gold 20 Franken, Franz Joseph II, KM-Y14, MS65 Tied for Fines...
  1956 25 Franken25 Fr 
  1961 25 Franken25 Fr 
  1956 50 Franken50 Fr 
8691951961 50 Franken50 Fr 
  1952 100 Franken100 Fr