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About this set: This is the perfect set to display all my unique Lincolns that are designated as top pops. For one of my coins to join this set, it can be brown, red brown, or red, but must have a population of 0 higher. I started this set on 8/13/2011 with 87 top pops. One year later, on 8/13/2012, I have 101 top pops. One year later, on 8/13/2013, I have 98 top pops.
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Pop Higher - 0
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1909 VDB1C 
  1909 VDB DDO FS-1101 (FS-012)1C 
  1909 VDB DDO FS-1102 (FS-012.1)1C 
  1909 Lincoln1C 
  1909-S VDB1C 
  1909-S Lincoln1C 
  1909-S/S RPM FS-15011C 
  1909-S/S S/Horizontal S FS-15021C 
  1910-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
  1910-S/S RPM FS-5021C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5031C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5041C 
  1911-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
  1917 DDO FS-1011C 
  1922-D Weak D1C 
  1922 No D Strong Reverse FS-4011C 
  1922 No D Weak Reverse1C 
  1925-S DDO FS-1011C 
  1925-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
  1927 DDO FS-1011C 
  1927-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1928-S Large S FS-5011C 
  1929-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
  1930-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1930-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
  1930-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
  1934 DDO FS-1011C 
  1934-D/D RPM FS-5031C 
  1934-D/D RPM FS-5041C 
  1935 DDO FS-1011C 
  1936 DDO FS-1011C 
  1936 DDO FS-1021C 
  1936 DDO FS-1031C 
  1938-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1938-S/S RPM FS-5021C 
  1938-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
  1939 DDO FS-1011C 
  1941 DDO FS-1011C 
  1941 DDO FS-1021C 
  1941 DDO FS-1031C 
  1942 DDO FS-1021C 
  1942 DDO FS-1031C 
  1942-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
  1942-D/D RPM FS-5041C 
  1942-S/S RPM FS-5121C 
  1942-S DDO FS-1011C 
378181943 DDO FS-1011C 
  1943-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
378201943-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
378221943-S DDO FS-1011C 
  1944-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
  1944-D/D RPM FS-5071C 
  1944-D/S OMM FS-5111C 
  1944-D OMM FS-5121C 
  1946-S/D OMM FS-5111C 
  1947 DDO FS-1011C 
  1947-S/S RPM FS-5041C 
  1949-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1950-S/S RPM FS-5041C 
  1951-D DDO FS-1011C 
  1951-D/D RPM FS-5211C 
  1951-D/S OMM FS-5111C 
  1951-D OMM FS-5121C 
  1952-D RPM FS-5111C 
  1953-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1954-D/D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1955 DDO FS-1011C 
  1955 FS-1021C 
  1955-D DDO FS-1011C 
  1955-D RPM FS-5031C 
  1955-S/S/S FS-5011C 
  1956-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1956-D/D RPM FS-5081C 
  1958 DDO FS-1011C 
  1959 DDO FS-1011C 
  1959 DDO FS-1041C 
  1959-D/D/D RPM FS-5011C 
28601960 Large Date1CMS67RD110Antonio Hernandez
  1960 Small Date1C 
28661960-D Large Date1CMS67RD150Ebay-dlmrc
28691960-D Small Date1CMS67RD260Heritage
828691960-D/D Small/Large Date FS-1011CMS66RD150GreatCollections
  1961-D D/Horiz D FS-5011C 
288419631CMS67RD140Antonio Hernandez
  1963-D DDO FS-1011C 
  1964 SMS1C 
  1964 DDR FS-8011C 
  1964 DDR FS-8021C 
289619651CMS67RD200 Antonio Hernandez
  1966 DDO FS-1011C 
  1968-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1968-D DDR FS-8011C 
29171969-D1CMS67RD90Antonio Hernandez
  1969-D No FG FS-9011C 
  1969-S DDO FS-1011C 
  1970-S Small Date1C 
29391970-S Large Date1CMS67RD250Heritage
  1970-S Large Date DDO FS-1011C 
  1970-S Large Date DDO FS-1031C 
  1971 DDO FS-1011C 
  1971 DDO FS-1021C 
  1972 DDO FS-1011C 
  1972 DDO FS-1021C 
  1972 DDO FS-1031C 
  1972 DDO FS-1041C 
  1972 DDO FS-1051C 
  1972 DDO FS-1061C 
  1972 DDO FS-1071C 
  1972 DDO FS-1081C 
  1972 DDO FS-1091C 
29621973-D1CMS67RD110Antonio Hernandez
29981979-D1CMS67RD150Jaime Haletky - Ex Close To Perfect
  1980 DDO FS-1011C 
30041980-D1CMS67RD360Teletrade - Ex Close To Perfect
30371981-D1CMS67RD450Jaime Haletky
  1982 DDO FS-1011C 
  1982 Bronze Large Date1C 
  1982 Bronze Small Date1C 
1460271982 Zinc Large Date1CMS68RD110Self-made Zinc Large Date
  1982 Zinc Small Date1C 
  1982 Zinc Small Date DDR FS-18011C 
1460241982-D Bronze1CMS67RD140GreatCollections
  1982-D Zinc Large Date1C 
  1982-D Zinc Small Date1C 
  1983 DDO FS-1011C 
  1983 DDO FS-1021C 
  1983 DDO FS-1031C 
  1983 DDO FS-4011C 
  1983 DDR FS-8011C 
30511983-D1CMS68RD210Angel Dee's Coins - Ex Close To Perfect
  1984 DDO FS-1011C 
  1984 DDO FS-1021C 
30681984-D1CMS68RD150Stack's & Bowers Galleries
  1984-D DDO FS-1011C 
  1992 Close AM1C 
  1992-D Close AM FS-9011C 
  1994 DDR FS-8011C 
313319951CMS68RD660Pine Valley Coins
  1995 DDO FS-1011C 
  1995-D DDO FS-1011C 
  1997 Dbl Ear FS-1011C 
  1998 Wide AM FS-9011C 
  1999 Wide AM FS-9011C 
  2000 Wide AM FS-9011C 
316620011CMS69RD410Heritage - Ex Jack Lee
31692001-D1CMS69RD210Ebay-davidlawrence_auctions - Ex Close To Perfect
931902005 Satin Finish1CSP70RD180Teletrade
  2005-D Satin Finish1C 
8931962006 Satin Finish1CSP70RD200Ebay-cornerstonecoin
8931992006-D Satin Finish1CSP69RD910Ebay-pznrj
1495392007 Satin Finish1CSP69RD2410Ebay-tazmicenterprises
1495472007-D Satin Finish1CSP69RD640Ebay-futureshock
3949022008 Satin Finish1CSP69RD1110Ebay-coinfame
3949082008-D Satin Finish1CSP69RD600Ebay-tazmicenterprises
  2009 Early Childhood1C 
4072402009 Early Childhood, Satin Finish1CSP69RD4320Ebay-coinfame
4072432009-D Early Childhood1CMS67RD450Ebay-jdoc1000
4072462009-D Early Childhood, Satin Finish1CSP69RD1890Ebay-coinfame
  2009 Formative Years1C 
4078382009 Formative Years, Satin Finish1CSP69RD2330Ebay-coinfame
4078412009-D Formative Years1CMS66RD3301Ebay-tazmicenterprises
4078472009-D Formative Years, Satin Finish1CSP69RD1410Ebay-coin*diva
  2009 Professional1C 
4078562009 Professional, Satin Finish1CSP69RD3160Ebay-coinfame
  2009-D Professional1C 
4078652009-D Professional, Satin Finish1CSP69RD1690Ebay-manorcourtman
  2009 Presidency1C 
4078742009 Presidency, Satin Finish1CSP69RD3160Ebay-datentype
4078782009-D Presidency1CMS66+ RD50Ebay-intocollectables
4078842009-D Presidency, Satin Finish1CSP69RD2020Ebay-datentype
  2010 Shield1C 
  2010 Shield, Satin Finish1C 
4166712010-D Shield1CMS67RD40Heritage
4166772010-D Shield, Satin Finish1CSP69RD90Ebay - siriussportsauctions
5050552011 1CMS68RD70Ebay-tazmicenterprises
  2011-D 1C 
5112442012 1CMS68RD120Gary Jeski
5112472012-D1CMS68RD20Christopher Dudzik
  1909 VDB PR1C 
  1909 PR1C 
  1910 PR1C 
  1911 PR1C 
  1912 PR1C 
  1913 PR1C 
  1914 PR1C 
  1915 PR1C 
  1916 PR1C 
  1936 Satin PR1C 
  1936 Brilliant PR1C 
  1937 PR1C 
  1938 PR1C 
  1939 PR1C 
  1940 PR1C 
  1941 PR1C 
  1942 PR1C 
  1950 PR1C 
  1951 PR1C 
  1951 DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1952 PR1C 
  1953 PR1C 
  1953 DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1954 PR1C 
  1955 PR1C 
  1956 PR1C 
  1957 PR1C 
  1958 PR1C 
  1959 PR1C 
  1960 Large Date PR1C 
833921960 Small Date PR1CPR68CA370Teletrade
  1960 DDO FS-101 Lg/Sm Date PR1C 
  1960 DDO FS-102 Sm/Lg Date PR1C 
  1960 TDO FS-103 (FS-023) PR1C 
833951961 PR1CPR69CA160Ebay-rdms2000
933981962 PR1CPR69DC350Heritage
  1963 PR1C 
  1964 PR1C 
  1965 SMS PR1C 
  1966 SMS PR1C 
  1967 SMS PR1C 
  1968-S PR1C 
  1968-S DDO FS-101 PR1C 
934221969-S PR1CPR69DC480Heritage
  1970-S Large Date PR1C 
  1970-S DDO FS-113 LD PR1C 
  1970-S TDO FS-104 LD PR1C 
  1970-S Small Date FS-1402 PR1C 
  1970-S DDO FS-102 LD/SM PR1C 
  1971-S PR1C 
  1971-S DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1971-S DDO FS-102 PR1C 
  1971-S DDO FS-103 Type 3 PR1C 
934371972-S PR1CPR69DC860Ebay-datentype
  1972-S DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1973-S PR1C 
934431974-S PR1CPR69DC6440Heritage
934461975-S PR1CPR69DC5300Ebay-onlyroosies
934491976-S PR1CPR69DC5740Teletrade
  1977-S PR1C 
  1978-S PR1C 
  1979-S Type 1 PR1C 
  1979-S Type 2 PR1C 
  1980-S PR1C 
  1981-S Type 1 PR1C 
934701981-S Type 2 FS-501 PR1CPR69DC2880Ebay-bankerscoinexchange
  1982-S PR1C 
  1983-S PR1C 
934791984-S PR1CPR70DC740Ebay-lccoins
934821985-S PR1CPR70DC940Ebay-mim-america
934851986-S PR1CPR70DC860Ebay-datentype
934881987-S PR1CPR70DC1260Ebay-datentype
934911988-S PR1CPR70DC1590Teletrade
934941989-S PR1CPR70DC1970Ebay-datentype
934971990-S PR1CPR70DC1890Ebay-workplug247
  1990 No S FS-101 PR1C 
935001991-S PR1CPR70DC2480Ebay-lccoins
935031992-S PR1CPR70DC3890Ebay-datentype
935121993-S PR1CPR70DC2910Ebay-datentype
935151994-S PR1CPR70DC2610Ebay-tonedcoinshow
935181995-S PR1CPR70DC3710Ebay-datentype
935211996-S PR1CPR70DC2790Teletrade
935241997-S PR1CPR70DC1860Ebay-coinfame
935271998-S PR1CPR70DC2710Ebay-lccoins
  1998-S Close AM PR1C 
935301999-S PR1CPR70DC3210Teletrade
  1999-S Close AM PR1C 
935362000-S PR1CPR70DC4780Ebay-coinfame
935392001-S PR1CPR70DC3470Ebay-paradisemint
935422002-S PR1CPR70DC2400Teletrade
935452003-S PR1CPR70DC2660Teletrade
935512004-S PR1CPR70DC4170Teletrade
935542005-S PR1CPR70DC3600Teletrade
935592006-S PR1CPR70DC4770Teletrade
1495552007-S PR1CPR70DC3590Teletrade
3949132008-S PR1CPR70DC4150Ebay-heargw
4072512009-S Early Childhood PR1CPR70DC4120Ebay-tazmicenterprises
4078892009-S Formative Years PR1CPR70DC3570Ebay-mistakin
4078942009-S Professional PR1CPR70DC3950Teletrade
4078992009-S Presidency PR1CPR70DC3720Ebay-coin*diva
4166822010-S Shield PR1CPR70DC3000Ebay-siriussportsauctions
5050632011-S Shield PR1CPR70DC3770Ebay-coin*diva
5112522012-S Shield PR1CPR70DC920Ebay-lccoins
5175252013-S PR1CPR70DC860Ebay-lccoins
5244192014-S PR1CPR70DC1030 Ebay-siriussportsauctions