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Bavaria Complete Gold and Silver Set, Circulation Strikes (1872-1918): Spencer Collection Bavaria Complete Gold and Silver Set 1872-1918

Spencer Collection Bavaria Complete Gold and Silver Set 1872-1918 - 3rd

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Rank 3
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 58.100
Complete 5.32%
Set Rating 2.641
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Spencer Collection Bavaria Complete Gold and Silver Set 1872-1918
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
281196Bavaria 1876-D 2 Mark2 MkMS64+1111German States, Bavaria 2 Mark Dated 1876-D, Rare in PCGS MS64+ Grade, Virtu...
  Bavaria 1877-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281198Bavaria 1880-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Bavaria 1883-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281205Bavaria 1888-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Bavaria 1891-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
  Bavaria 1893-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281210Bavaria 1896-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Bavaria 1898-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281212Bavaria 1899-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
281213Bavaria 1900-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Bavaria 1901-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281215Bavaria 1902-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
281216Bavaria 1903-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
281217Bavaria 1904-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
350508Bavaria 1905-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Bavaria 1906-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281220Bavaria 1907-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
281221Bavaria 1908-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
281242Bavaria 1911-D 2 Mark Birthday2 Mk 
281222Bavaria 1912-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Bavaria 1913-D 2 Mark2 Mark 
281246Bavaria 1914-D 2 Mark2 Mk 
281250Bavaria 1908-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281251Bavaria 1909-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281252Bavaria 1910-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281253Bavaria 1911-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281264Bavaria 1911-D 3 Mark Birthday3 MkMS66235235German States, Bavaria 3 Mark Silver Dated 1911-D, PCGS MS66, One Year Type...
350522Bavaria 1912-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281255Bavaria 1913-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281268Bavaria 1914-D 3 Mark3 Mk 
281275Bavaria 1874-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281276Bavaria 1875-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281277Bavaria 1876-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281289Bavaria 1888-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281292Bavaria 1891-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1893-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Bavaria 1894-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281295Bavaria 1895-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1896-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281297Bavaria 1898-D 5 Mark5 MkAU581616German States, Bavaria 5 Mark Silver Dated 1898-D. PCGS AU58. KM#512. Excep...
  Bavaria 1899-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Bavaria 1900-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281300Bavaria 1901-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281301Bavaria 1902-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281302Bavaria 1903-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1904-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Bavaria 1906-D 5 Mark5 Mark 
281305Bavaria 1907-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281306Bavaria 1908-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281318Bavaria 1911-D 5 Mark Birthday5 Mk 
281307Bavaria 1913-D 5 Mark5 MkMS6216191619German States, Bavaria 5 Mark Silver Dated 1913-D. PCGS MS62. KM#512.2 Ot...
281322Bavaria 1914-D 5 Mark5 Mk 
281282Bavaria 1877-D 5 Mark GoldG 5 Mk 
  Bavaria 1878-D 5 Mark Gold5 Mk G 
281325Bavaria 1872-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281326Bavaria 1873-D 10 Mark10 MkXF401919German States, Bavaria, Gold 10 Mark
281333Bavaria 1874-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281334Bavaria 1875-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281335Bavaria 1876-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281336Bavaria 1877-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281337Bavaria 1878-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281338Bavaria 1879-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1880-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1881-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281352Bavaria 1888-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1890-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281357Bavaria 1893-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1896-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281359Bavaria 1898-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1900-D 10 Mark Von Bayern10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1900-D 10 Mark V. Bayern10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1901-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1902-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281373Bavaria 1903-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1904-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1905-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1906-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1907-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281378Bavaria 1909-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281379Bavaria 1910-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Bavaria 1911-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281381Bavaria 1912-D 10 Mark10 Mk 
281400Bavaria 1872-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281401Bavaria 1873-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281408Bavaria 1874-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281409Bavaria 1875-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281410Bavaria 1876-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281411Bavaria 1878-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281420Bavaria 1895-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281421Bavaria 1900-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281422Bavaria 1905-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
  Bavaria 1913-D 20 Mark20 Mk 
281432Bavaria 1914-D 20 Mark20 Mk