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Weighted GPA 70.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 70.000
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PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1495552007-S 1C1CPR70DC3460
1504662007-S 5C5CPR70DC2960
1495262007-S 10C10CPR70DC4820
1495292007-S 10C Silver10CPR70DC8890
391422007-S 25C Montana25CPR70DC3400
391452007-S 25C Montana Silver25CPR70DC5260
391482007-S 25C Washington25CPR70DC3160
391512007-S 25C Washington Silver25CPR70DC5190
391542007-S 25C Idaho25CPR70DC3170
391572007-S 25C Idaho Silver25CPR70DC4470
391602007-S 25C Wyoming25CPR70DC1850
391632007-S 25C Wyoming Silver25CPR70DC3040
391662007-S 25C Utah25CPR70DC3960
391692007-S 25C Utah Silver25CPR70DC5280
1495582007-S 50C50CPR70DC1410
1495612007-S 50C Silver50CPR70DC2970
1495682007-S SAC$1SAC$1PR70DC4970
3978052007-S $1 George Washington$1PR70DC1790
3978062007-S $1 John Adams$1PR70DC1860
3978072007-S $1 Thomas Jefferson$1PR70DC1970
3978082007-S $1 James Madison$1PR70DC1880