The Twinight Collection - 15th

Current Statistics
Rank 15
Weighted GPA 70.000
Complete 83.33%
Set Rating 58.333
Retired Statistics (4/28/2013)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 70.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 70.000
The Twinight Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1508872007-W Martha Washington$10MS703360
1508892007-W Abigail Adams$10MS704310
1521202007-W Jefferson's Liberty$10MS707760
1521222007-W Dolley Madison$10MS704010
3956972008-W Elizabeth Monroe$10MS701570
3956992008-W Louisa Adams$10MS70970
3957012008-W Jackson's Liberty$10MS701080
3957032008-W Van Buren's Liberty$10MS701390
4045652009-W Anna Harrison$10MS70970
4045672009-W Letitia Tyler$10MS70940
4045692009-W Julia Tyler$10MS701230
4045712009-W Sarah Polk$10MS701050
4045732009-W Margaret Taylor$10MS701110
4183782010-W Abigail Filmore$10MS702480
4183802010-W Jane Pierce$10MS701880
4183822010-W Buchanan's Liberty$10MS705890
4183842010-W Mary Lincoln$10MS701870
5069712011-W Eliza Johnson$10MS701290
5069722011-W Julia Grant$10MS702540
5069732011-W Lucy Hayes$10MS701650
5069742011-W Lucretia Garfield$10MS701870
5129202012-W Alice Paul$10MS703670
5129252012-W Frances Cleveland 1st$10MS704570
5129272012-W Caroline Harrison$10MS703430
5129292012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd$10MS704210
  2013-W Ida McKinley $10 
  2013-W Edith Roosevelt$10 
  2013-W Helen Taft$10 
  2013-W Ellen Wilson$10 
  2013-W Edith Wilson$10 
  2014-W Florence Harding$10 
  2014-W Grace Coolidge$10 
  2014-W Lou Hoover$10 
  2014-W Eleanor Roosevelt$10 
1508912007-W Martha Washington PR$10PR70DC4350
1508932007-W Abigail Adams PR$10PR70DC2280
1521242007-W Jefferson's Liberty PR$10PR70DC6220
1521262007-W $10 Dolley Madison PR$10PR70DC1310
3957052008-W Elizabeth Monroe PR$10PR70DC1070
3957072008-W Louisa Adams PR$10PR70DC720
3957092008-W Jackson's Liberty PR$10PR70DC1100
3957112008-W Van Buren's Liberty PR$10PR70DC1280
4045752009-W Anna Harrison PR$10PR70DC870
4045782009-W Letitia Tyler PR$10PR70DC1060
4045802009-W Julia Tyler PR$10PR70DC780
4045822009-W Sarah Polk PR$10PR70DC1160
4045842009-W Margaret Taylor PR$10PR70DC730
4183872010-W Abigail Filmore PR$10PR70DC2000
4183932010-W Jane Pierce PR$10PR70DC1190
4183952010-W Buchanan's Liberty PR$10PR70DC4780
4183982010-W Mary Lincoln PR$10PR70DC1970
5069802011-W Eliza Johnson PR$10PR70DC1060
5069812011-W Julia Grant PR$10PR70DC1590
5069822011-W Lucy Hayes PR$10PR70DC1230
5069832011-W Lucretia Garfield PR$10PR70DC1020
5129312012-W Alice Paul PR$10PR70DC1840
5129332012-W Frances Cleveland 1st PR$10PR70DC2520
5129352012-W Caroline Harrison PR$10PR70DC2200
5129372012-W Frances Cleveland 2nd PR$10PR70DC2720
  2013-W Ida McKinley PR$10 
  2013-W Edith Roosevelt PR$10 
  2013-W Helen Taft PR$10 
  2013-W Ellen Wilson PR$10 
  2013-W Edith Wilson PR$10 
  2014-W Florence Harding PR$10 
  2014-W Grace Coolidge PR$10 
  2014-W Lou Hoover PR$10 
  2014-W Eleanor Roosevelt PR$10 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.