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British Gold Type Set, Victoria (1837-1901): Spencer Collection British Victoria Proof Gold Type Set With Optional Gold 1853 One-Quarter Sovereign & 1868 Gold Double Florin Patterns

Spencer Collection British Victoria Proof Gold Type Set With Optional Gold 1853 One-Quarter Sovereign & 1868 Gold Double Florin Patterns - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Complete 90.91%
Set Rating 40.250
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About this set: Besides business strikes, the Spencer Collection includes English Pattern and Proof coins from collections dating back at least to Captain Douglas-Morris. The Douglas-Morris collection in turn, contained coins from earlier famous collections, including Hyman Montagu, J.G. Murdock, and the Nobleman sale conducted in 1922. Coins from subsequent auctions also contributed to the Douglas-Morris collection, such as Reginald Huth (1927), G. Hamilton Smith (1927), S.A.H. Whetmore (1943); and Lady Duveen (1964). The Douglas-Morris coins were sold by Sotheby & Co. on the 26th day of November, 1974, and much of the information above mentioned comes from the Sotheby catalogue entitled "The Distinguished Collection of English Gold Coins 1700-1900 formed by Captain K.J. Douglas-Morris". The Spencer Collection of Victoria Gold Type Coins includes some very rare examples. First, though not listed below, there is an 1837 Pattern Proof Sovereign, PCGS PR63DCAM, WR 295, R-5, Ex Captain K.J. Douglas-Morris. This prototype pattern is the small young head, with the VICTORIA DEI GRATIA closely spaced (compact); the only gold Victoria with such a design, and the first pattern gold of Victoria. About 6 - 10 extant, one sits in the Hunterian Museum - Coats Collection. Second, listed below as an optional entry because of its rarity, is a gold Pattern Double Florin struck in 1868, WR 372, R4, engraved by William or possibly L.C. Wyon, the reverse partly reads "5 Francs International"; Plain Edge Proof, PCGS-PR65DCAM; A metric pattern with a fabulous portrait of Victoria, mirror fields, deep cameo, Ex Terner Collection. Also listed as an optional coin is a Pattern One Quarter (1/4) Sovereign, dated 1853. By William Wyon. Victoria Young Head. Plain edge. WR-365. R4: Mintage not certain, but only 12 were known by 1854. This lovely example is a PCGS-PR64CAM.

Spencer Collection British Victoria Proof Gold Type Set With Optional Gold 1853 One-Quarter Sovereign & 1868 Gold Double Florin Patterns
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Five Pounds Young Head 1839  1839£5 
Five Pounds Jubilee 18872073391887£5PR64103012Great Britain Gold 5 PD Proof, WR285, Scarce in this grade (Tied for Finest...
Five Pounds Old Head 18933965641893£5PR66DC1020Great Britain, 1893, 5 Pound Proof, Old Head Portrait of Victoria, a virtua...
Two Pounds Jubilee 18872072811887£2PR6421379Great Britain, Gold 2 PD Proof, WR290, Scarce in this grade (only 1 finer),...
Two Pounds Old Head 18932072891893£2PR653151Great Britain, Gold 2 PD Proof, WR 294, Mirrored Fields, Gem Proof, Among t...
Sovereign Young Head 1838-18871633891853SovPR65DC106540Great Britain, Sovereign Proof Gold Dated 1853, Victoria, PCGS PR65DC. Supe...
Sovereign Jubilee 1887-18933956321887SovPR63DC14178890Great Britain, Gold 1887 Proof Sovereign of Victoria, PR63 Deep Cameo, Jubi...
Sovereign Old Head 1893-19013956331893SovPR64DC10153122Great Britain, Gold 1893 Proof Sovereign of Victoria, PR64 Deep Cameo, Old ...
Half-Sovereign Young Head 1838-188720669118531/2 SovPR64204028Great Britain, Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereign, WR-346, Ex Terner, and more recent...
Half-Sovereign Jubilee 1887-189320671518871/2 SovPR65303611Great Britain, Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereign Gem, WR 362, Mirrored Fields. Tied ...
Half-Sovereign Old Head 1893-190138867618931/2 SovPR64DC1775728Great Britain, Gold Gem Deep Cameo Proof 1/2 Sovereign, Victoria Old Head (...
*1853 1/4 Sovereign Pattern2085651853P1/4SPR641010Great Britain, Gold Pattern PROOF 1/4 Sovereign, 1853. Ex Terner (5-2003, ...
*1868 Double Florin Pattern1661231868P DblFlPR651010Great Britain, Gold Pattern Double Florin with additional denomination in F...

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.