Spencer Collection US Gold Commemoratives 1903-1926 - 52nd

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Spencer Collection US Gold Commemoratives 1903-1926
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  1903 LA Purchase, JeffersonG$1 
74441903 LA Purchase, McKinleyG$1 
74471904 Lewis and ClarkG$1 
74481905 Lewis and ClarkG$1 
74491915-S Panama-PacificG$1MS641688209016882090U.S.A., PAN PAC $1 Gold 1915 Panama-Pacific, MS-64, Comes w/Original 1915 ...
74541916 McKinleyG$1MS65980733980733U.S.A., Gold One Dollar McKinley Commemorative, GEM
74551917 McKinleyG$1 
74581922 Grant, No StarG$1 
74591922 Grant, With StarG$1 
74501915-S Panama-Pacific$2.50MS65583496583496U.S.A., PAN PAC $2.50 Gold, MS65, Great Detail and Very Strong Strike for t...
74661926 Sesquicentennial$2.50