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German East Africa Pesa, Circulation Strikes (1890-1892): Spencer Collection German East Africa Pesa

Spencer Collection German East Africa Pesa - 2nd

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About this set: German East Africa was located in the former country of Tanganyika (now a part of Tanzania). Germany controlled the territory as a protectorate from 1884 until World War I. Germany issued coins for the colony from 1890 to 1914, and again as seige money in 1916 when it issued the famous Gold 15 Ruppien Dated 1916T (For Tabora - also known as the Tabora Pound). The Hornreich Collection has an example in an NGC AU58 holder, Virtually As Struck, Minted in rail car by steam power as the Allies were advancing on the Germans during WWI, Minted to pay the Native Troops to Keep Fighting as they would not accept German Paper Currency.

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Spencer Collection German East Africa Pesa
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9000021890PesaMS64RB2082023German East Africa, German Colonial Pesa 1890, KM1, MS64RB, Mostly Red, Vir...