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Sonoran Monsoon
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68521795 Flowing Hair$1XF4589184150305Common B5, B-27, R1. Die state II. Iridescent rim toning with gray center...
968581795 Draped Bust$1VF3036138119405
68601796$1F121124148746Bowers -Borkhardt die state II. B-4, BB-61, R.3. Auqua blue, lavender, an...
68671798 Small Eagle$1VF253112152201
400081798 Large Eagle$1XF4510236352Very tough coin to find. Only a few have made it into a PCGS holder. 5 St...
68931801$1AU5032533667B-1, BB-211, R3. Bowers Die State II. This is the only 1801 variety with ...
400871802$1XF4072177126314Narrow Date. Crossed from an ANACS XF-40 holder.
69001803$1VF354813494283Untoned with a hint of luster left. Details consistant with grade.
69281842$1VF354658046580Wear is consistant with grade.
69331846-O$1VF20926292621846 was the first year the New Orleans mint introduced the silver dollar. ...
69381850-O$1XF4528702870Scarcest Seated Liberty Dollar from the New Orleans Mint.
69391851$1AU5810181018Toned with various shades of grays and blues around the devices. Strong st...
69401852$1AU58913913The 1851 and 1852 dollars are very difficult to come by. During those year...
69421854$1XF4517741774Somewhat scarce as most 1854 dollars out of the Philadelphia Mint were eith...
69431855$1AU5517391739Light gold toning with semi-prooflike surfaces and virtually no bag marks. ...
69451857$1AU5820432043Pink and rose red hues throughout.
69461859$1AU5519441944Violet, gray, and golden brown toning. Design elements are very detailed.
69511861$1AU5313761376Plenty of silver luster. Strong strike. Some toning near rims. Fewer mar...
69531863$1MS6322202220Proof-like tendencies in fields, contrasting with satiny motifs.
69551865$1XF4516901691A lot of luster still remaining, nice example for the grade. Formally in N...
69591866 Motto$1AU5315931593With the end of the Civil War, and mourning the loss of 600,000 people, a p...
69601867$1AU5029822982Repunched Date variety. Traces of smaller date logo visible with loupe. S...
69671871-CC$1XF4021362136Light silver, virtually untoned. Hints of the prooflike flash common to hi...
69681872$1MS64338338Satiny luster. Lavender, gold, and blue toning.
69691872-CC$1AU53638638The 1872-CC only had a mintage of 3150, most were placed in circulation, le...
69711873 Seated$1XF452915829158
69721873-CC Seated$1VF25454454Nice for the grade with origional golden brown tone. A few bag marks, but ...
70361874-ST$1MS6285898589Proof like mirroring in fields. Weak strike on upper obverse. Faint rolle...
70371875T$1N111371142Appears lightly cleaned, but PCGS thought the cleaning was harsh, hence the...
70461877-ST$1MS641774517745Average strike. Slightly frosty luster. Splotchy toning near rims.
70471878-CCT$1F1231863186Wear is consistant with given grade. Dark gray fields contrasted with ligh...
1337961878 8TF$1MS658066983VAM 14.1 Alligator Eye
70741878 7TF$1MS64269368646731280Vam 110, Broken N & M, Old Green Holder
1340321878 7/8TF$1MS6473222847639VAM 33 Double Legs, California Pedigree
1338431878-CC$1MS64382172372540VAM 11 Lines in Wing
70821878-S$1MS666648068383Brilliant frosty luster. Well struck. A few light marks.
70841879$1MS6510662241093228Very frosty luster. Untoned. Only a few light marks. Strong strike.
70921879-S$1MS689941024Luster is so intense, that cartwheels can be viewed going in both direction...
70961880$1MS6510692001163211Bright white with frosty luster. Above average strike. Several scratches.
71181880-S$1MS6719963632225401Fantastic eye appeal! Extremely frosty luster. Strong strike. Only a few...
71241881$1MS644334150244671528Golden rim toning
71261881-CC$1MS6614423091524312Very frosty luster. Well struck. A few typical small marks for a Morgan o...
71301881-S$1MS6718962351977241Frosty luster. Obverse has a hint of golden toning at rim. Deep metalic tur...
71321882$1MS6514393791489383Blast white. Superb strike, very clean surfaces for grade. Purchased from...
71341882-CC$1MS6612381661411175Frosty luster. Above average strike. Very few marks.
71401882-S$1MS678459585096Strong strike. Frosty luster with amazing cartwheels. Very few marks. CA...
71481883-S$1MS6284913848531396Slightly frosty luster and average strike. Contact marks are light, but num...
71501884$1MS66466110482113Frosty luster. Strong strike. Some light scratches on obverse, no notable...
71521884-CC$1MS657381204484742296Frosty luster. Average strike. Marks are typical for grade.
1339931884-O$1MS66911461217Although a common date, this VAM-10 is a bit of a conditional rarity. A re...
71561884-S$1AU531201305612013060Above average strike. Plenty of luster remaining, with just a hint of gold...
71581885$1MS66+8312491130Frosty luster. Strong strike. Minimal marks. CAC sticker.
1339991885-CC$1MS661701194175Vam 4 is depicted by a thick dash under the second 8 in date. Average to a...
71621885-O$1MS672601226212Frosty Luster. Above average strike. No significant marks worth noting.
71641885-S$1MS6424026572471674Frosty luster. Only a few light marks. Above average strike.
71661886$1MS6627044952804507Frosty with above average strike (eagle claws a bit weak, otherwise well st...
71681886-O$1MS62721873740885Flat to somewhat satiny luster. Below average to average strike. Marks ar...
71701886-S$1MS6412894021410447Frosty luster. Strong strike. Very few marks for the grade.
71721887$1MS6615061941636203Frosty luster with toning near edges. Above average strike. A few light d...
71761887-O$1MS6425974532936492Frosty luster. Strong strike. Several marks typical of grade. Dark tonin...
71801887-S$1MS6418414421939461Very frosty luster. Bright white. Above average strike. Several light ma...
71821888$1MS6535078783648905Very nice eye appeal. Above average strike. Frosty luster with golden-red...
71841888-O$1MS662672328924Satiny luster with average strike. A few light marks.
71861888-S$1MS632243194324102088Frosty luster. Average strike. Several light marks and dings.
71881889$1MS6519483782047390Satiny luster with below average strike. Less marks than most Morgans.
71901889-CC$1XF4058819325882168Looks like this was a strongly struck coin, as the wear is minamal for an X...
71941889-S$1MS6421758112233826Very bright white. Relief and field nicks consistant with grade.
72061891-CC$1MS6433727753620820Frosty luster. Strong strike. Bag marks typical for the grade.
72101891-S$1MS6420886332252688Frosty luster. Minimal marks for grade. Old green holder.
72141892-CC$1MS632242220724152334Frosty luster. Several light marks. Average strike.
72201893$1MS6278727637902767VAM 2, Double 3
72221893-CC$1MS621115170011821729Turquoise toning at rims. Rose-pink toning throughout.
72261893-S$1VF3533512673351268The 1893-S had the lowest mintage of the Morgan dollars making it one of th...
72401896$1MS6615705711608576Frosty luster. Average to above average strike. Marks are light.
72461897$1MS6516234391731469Beautifully toned with blues and reds throughout. Frosty luster with above...
72501897-S$1MS6511353501307393Frosty luster, with almost prooflike fields. Strong strike. Several light...
72521898$1MS6522898782471910Satiny luster. Average strike. Only a few light marks. Dark toning spot ...
72581899$1MS6511892971314318Frosty luster. well struck, Marks typical for grade.
72621899-S$1MS661131712019Very frosty luster. Strong strike. A small ding on upper neck is and a co...
72761901-S$1MS64988332999337Frosty luster. Strong strike. Very few marks for the grade. Spotty dark ...
72821902-S$1MS6414584171468419Very frosty luster, bright white. Strong strike. Several light marks.
72861903-O$1MS6521907782227787Frosty luster. Average strike. A few light bag marks.
72901904$1MS6413893121406314Deeply toned with reds and blues. Slightly frosty luster. Strong strike. ...
72981921-D$1MS663453934739Despite the high mintage, this coin is difficult to find in higher greades....
73561921 Peace, High Relief$1MS644053161640781627The high relief Peace dollars of 1921 had significant strike problems, thi...
73571922$1MS668007580475Frosty luster. Strong strike. Virtually mark free.
73581922-D$1MS643407147034151472Satin luster. Average strike. A few light marks.
73601923$1MS66+1385813858Silver frosty luster. Well struck. No notable marks other than a small ri...
73611923-D$1MS66914914Untoned. Reflective appearance adds to eye appeal. CAC sticker
73621923-S$1MS6420242612028261Satiny luster. Strike is a bit weak. very few marks.
73641924-S$1MS6412821701287170Rose toning at obverse edgee.
73651925$1MS657562210775902113A couple of dings above the nose and eye, otherwise fairly mark free. Sati...
73661925-S$1MS6418791621912163Slightly frosty luster. Average strike. Relatively few marks, compared to...
73671926$1MS6619762056Light steel-gray toning. Well struck. Old green holder. CAC sticker.
73681926-D$1MS65742229742229Satiny luster with strong cartwheels. Small area of luster grazes near obv...
73691926-S$1MS656759668197Frosty Luster. No major marks. Old green holder.
73701927$1MS6419313951947400Slightly frosty luster. Untoned, bright white. Strong strike. Several li...
73721927-S$1MS6414811661502168Frosty luster. Average strike. Very few marks for the grade.
73731928$1MS621777472017774720Slightly frosty luster. Average strike. Several light marks.
73741928-S$1MS6419202151931215Slightly frosty luster with mottled golden brown toning. Average strike. ...
73751934$1MS65671181671181Frosty luster. Well struck. A few black spots on reverse.
73761934-D$1MS6413476051378618Frosty luster. Average strike. A few scattered marks, typical for grade.
73771934-S$1XF4549835905013612Wear is consistant for grade. A decent amount of luster remaining. Coin i...
73781935$1MS65906223906223Old green holder.
73791935-S$1MS657041787101783 rays below "ONE". Strong strike. No note worthy marks
74061971$1MS66+3030Very light golden-brown toning.
74071971-D$1MS67210210Very strong strike. Almost no marks. Pinkish-gold toning surrounded with a ...
3964771971-S SILVER$1MS67105107RPM FS-501. Silver S/S. Purchased from James Sego.
874091972$1MS6640310The type 1 is distinguished by a low relief or weak earth in the background...
74101972-D $1MS678080Purchased from the Gdad set.
74111972-S SILVER$1MS69190190Slightly frosty Luster. Strong strong. Virtually no marks.
74131973-D$1MS67110110The 1973-P and 1973-D were issued only in mint sets, limiting the numbers a...
74141973-S SILVER$1MS694040Satiny luster. Virtually mark free.
74151974 $1MS66+8080
74161974-D$1MS67152152Virtually mark free. Radiant luster with pinkish tinge on obverse, and gol...
74171974-S SILVER$1MS693030Purchased from Mitch Spivack's collection.
74211976-D$1MS67251311Type 2. Strong strike and great luster.
74221976-S SILVER$1MS6870307030Satiny luster, Average strike, no notable marks.
74231977$1MS67150150Satin to slightly frosty luster. Strong strike. Very few marks. Formally...
74251978$1MS6637453745Satiny luster,average strike. No notable marks.
95711979-PSBA$1MS681010Pedigree: DRG Collection. This coin was in Dr. David R. Golan's amazing s...
95721979-DSBA$1MS6712001200Pedigree: DRG Collection. This coin was in Dr. David R. Golan's amazing s...
95731979-SSBA$1MS683030Pedigree: DRG Collection. This coin was in Dr. David R. Golan's amazing s...
95741980-PSBA$1MS683030Pedigree: DRG Collection. This coin was in Dr. David R. Golan's amazing s...
95751980-DSBA$1MS6712501250Frosty luster with overall golden-bronze toning. Strong strike. Only a coup...
95761980-SSBA$1MS67770770Overall bronze toning. Only a few marks. Old green holder.
95781981-PSBA$1MS67170170Frosty luster. Strong strike. A few light marks, most notable on obverse re...
95791981-DSBA$1MS67850850Slightly frosty luster. Strong strike. Only a few extremely light marks.
95801981-SSBA$1MS672020Beautiful coin! Mitch Spivack got this one slabbed.
95811999-PSBA$1MS686060Pedigree: DRG Collection. This coin was in Dr. David R. Golan's amazing s...
95821999-DSBA$1MS6811601160Extremely frosty luster. Almost mark free.
95842000-PSAC$1MS685654134835A couple of minor dings on the obverse, problem free reverse.
95852000-DSAC$1MS692031Provenance: Mitch Spivack
150002001-PSAC$1MS69250250Very frosty luster. Strong strike. Mark free.
150012001-DSAC$1MS68970970No visible marks. Strong strike. Frosty luster.
150022002-PSAC$1MS69200200Surfaces completely mark free.
150032002-DSAC$1MS6811001100Practically flawless surfaces. Frosty luster. Strong strike.
150152003-PSAC$1MS69240240Business Strike. Frosty luster. Virtually no marks. Strong strike.
150162003-DSAC$1MS68410410Business strike.
150182004-PSAC$1MS69240240Deep frosty luster. No visible marks. Very deep strike. Provenance: Gabrial...
150192004-DSAC$1MS6847094709Frosty Luster, Strong strike, no marks worth noting.
9150202005-PSAC$1SP6984548464Satin Finish.
9150212005-DSAC$1SP6914401440Satin Finish.
9150222006-PSAC$1SP6937403740Satin Finish.
9150232006-DSAC$1SP6915601560Satin Finish.
1495632007-PSAC$1SP6932603260Satin Finish.
1495652007-DSAC$1SP6935203520Satin Finish.
3949442008-PSAC$1SP6911801180Satin Finish.
3949462008-DSAC$1SP69840840Satin Finish.
4069362009-P Native American$1MS6811074062Business Strike. Position B.
4079272009-D Native American$1MS66+1011049Weak edge lettering. Position B. Business strike. My raw submission. Yi...
4162412010-P Native American$1SP6970110Satin finish. Position B. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Tazmic Enterpr...
4162402010-D Native American$1SP6825214404Satin Finish. Position A.
5072862011-P Native American$1MS6820300Weak edge lettering. Position A. Business strike.
5052022011-D Native American$1MS68110230Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5158972012-P Native American$1MS67102247Weak edge lettering. Position B. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Bob McC...
5124642012-D Native American$1MS68320600Position A.
5270852013-P Native American$1MS6820370Position A. Weak Edge Lettering. Bob McCaan got this one slabbed.
5181072013-D Native American$1MS68200350Position A.
5283682014-P Native American$1MS67301467
5357882014-D Native American$1MS69845317725
3905462007-P George Washington$1SP69200380Satin Finish. Position A. Provenanve: Justin Spivack.
3905482007-D George Washington$1SP6910902110Satin Finish. Position A.
3905502007-P John Adams$1SP69300680Satin Finish. Position A.
3905532007-D John Adams$1SP6912302430Satin Finish. Position B.
3905542007-P Thomas Jefferson$1SP695601000Satin finish. Position A.
3905562007-D Thomas Jefferson$1SP6911102370Satin Finish. Position A.
3905582007-P James Madison$1SP69520910Satin Finish. Position A.
3905602007-D James Madison$1SP697301450Satin Finish. Position A.
3946542008-P James Monroe$1SP69300560Satin Finish. Position B.
3946592008-D James Monroe$1SP69250470Satin Finish. Position A. Provenance: Justin Spivack.
3946692008-P John Quincy Adams$1SP69370760Satin Finish. Position A.
3946702008-D John Quincy Adams$1SP69350710Satin Finish. Position A.
3948642008-P Andrew Jackson$1SP69360650Satin Finish. Position B.
3948652008-D Andrew Jackson$1SP69400920Satin Finish. Position B.
3948752008-P Martin Van Buren$1SP69140390Satin Finish. Position A.
3948762008-D Martin Van Buren$1SP69260410Satin Finish. Position A.
4073812009-P William Henry Harrison$1SP69200320Satin Finish. Position B.
4073802009-D William Henry Harrison$1SP684662088441
4073912009-P John Tyler$1SP69200360Satin Finish. Position A.
4073922009-D John Tyler$1SP69100140Satin Finish. Position A.
4138312009-P James K. Polk$1MS6710306676Weak edge lettering. Business strike. Position A. Goldberg. Sept. 2013 ...
4097182009-D James K. Polk$1MS6710132770Business strike. Position B. First day of issue. Provenance: Justin Spi...
4097322009-P Zachary Taylor$1SP6980270Satin Finish. Position A.
4097352009-D Zachary Taylor$1SP69200390Satin Finish. Position B.
4172682010-P Millard Fillmore$1SP692030Satin Finish. Position A
4172692010-D Millard Fillmore$1SP692050Satin Finish. Position A.
4172722010-P Franklin Pierce$1SP692060Satin Finish. Position A.
4172732010-D Franklin Pierce$1SP692040Satin Finish. Position A.
4172762010-P James Buchanan$1SP693080Satin Finish. Position A.
4172772010-D James Buchanan$1SP6970130Satin Finish. Position A.
4172822010-P Abraham Lincoln$1SP6970120Satin Finish. Position B.
4172832010-D Abraham Lincoln$1SP694090Satin Finish. Position B.
5065112011-P Andrew Johnson$1MS682060Business Strike. Position B.
5065082011-D Andrew Johnson$1MS6870130Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5066622011-P Ulysses S. Grant$1MS671038312Weak edge lettering. Position B. Goldberg. Sept. 2013 Long Beach Auction...
5065172011-D Ulysses S. Grant$1MS6870140Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5065252011-P Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS68160240Business Strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5065262011-D Rutherford B. Hayes$1MS68130320Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5065372011-P James Garfield$1MS6850100Business strike. Position B. Bunting label. Origionally submitted to PCG...
5065342011-D James Garfield$1MS6880140Business strike. Position A. Bunting label.
5120532012-P Chester Arthur$1MS68+2020Position B. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Bob McCaan at Cars1234.
5120522012-D Chester Arthur$1MS68110160Position A.
5120842012-P Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS6850180Position B.
5120852012-D Grover Cleveland 22nd$1MS682080Position B.
5144972012-P Benjamin Harrison $1MS671036511Weak edge lettering. Position B. Origionally submitted to PCGS by Bob McC...
5120702012-D Benjamin Harrison $1MS683090Position B.
5120782012-P Grover Cleveland 24th $1MS6890220Position B.
5120792012-D Grover Cleveland 24th $1MS6880140Position B.
5176932013-P Theodore Roosevelt$1MS68150310Position B.
5176922013-D Theodore Roosevelt$1MS6870140Position A.
5176872013-P William Howard Taft$1MS68110220Position A
5176882013-D William Howard Taft$1MS6860120Position A.
5176952013-P William McKinley$1MS6890130Position A.
5176962013-D William McKinley$1MS684080Position A.
5233822013-P Woodrow Wilson$1MS671034331Provenance: Bob McCaan
5176842013-D Woodrow Wilson$1MS6890170Position A.
5312532014-P Warren G. Harding$1MS6710620
5260782014-D Warren G. Harding$1MS682040
5262932014-P Calvin Coolidge$1MS681010
5262972014-D Calvin Coolidge$1MS684090Position B
5312552014-P Herbert Hoover$1MS6720630Provenance: Bob McCaan
5263062014-D Herbert Hoover$1MS682020Position B
5263002014-P Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS681010
5263022014-D Franklin D. Roosevelt$1MS681010
An incredible effort, especially considering that this is a component of the larger varieties set.
Posted @ 6/26/2015 6:31 PM By AshevilleCollection
Posted @ 5/21/2012 6:06 PM By sage03