psc - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 67.262
Complete 98.42%
Set Rating 63.887
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 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
27791950 1C1CMS66RD53852
27821950-D 1C1CMS66RD86551
27851950-S 1C1CMS66RD107693
40411950 5C5CMS661162
840421950-D 5C5CMS66FS57724
850941950 10C10CMS66FB16551
850951950-D 10C10CMS67FB14110
850961950-S 10C10CMS65FB31121
58411950 25C25CMS6676658
58421950-D 25C25CMS6653272
  1950-D/S 25C25C 
58441950-S 25C25CMS66710105
58451950-S/D 25C25CMS654741
866561950 50C50CMS66FL21132
866571950-D 50C50CMS65FL66079
27881951 1C1CMS66RD46541
27911951-D 1C1CMS66RD1065137
27941951-S 1C1CMS66RD1054101
40431951 5C5CMS6522750
840441951-D 5C5CMS65FS12646
40451951-S 5C5CMS662426
850971951 10C10CMS66FB23446
850981951-D 10C10CMS66FB35462
850991951-S 10C10CMS67FB5311
58461951 25C25CMS6665060
58471951-D 25C25CMS6648243
58481951-S 25C25CMS66604185
866581951 50C50CMS65FL612146
866591951-D 50C50CMS65FL739107
866601951-S 50C50CMS66FL1198
27971952 1C1CMS66RD50527
28001952-D 1C1CMS66RD1416100
28031952-S 1C1CMS66RD1419149
40461952 5C5CMS66491
840471952-D 5C5CMS65FS5830
40481952-S 5C5CMS662174
851001952 10C10CMS66FB15030
851011952-D 10C10CMS66FB25483
851021952-S 10C10CMS66FB12754
58491952 25C25CMS66493103
58501952-D 25C25CMS6628922
58511952-S 25C25CMS66843212
866611952 50C50CMS65FL1083348
866621952-D 50C50CMS65FL723107
66631952-S 50C50CMS6629828
28061953 1C1CMS66RD42240
28091953-D 1C1CMS66RD106957
28121953-S 1C1CMS66RD1542157
40491953 5C5CMS6529737
40501953-D 5C5CMS662374
40511953-S 5C5CMS661201
851031953 10C10CMS66FB587
851041953-D 10C10CMS66FB74365
851051953-S 10C10CMS66FB9923
58521953 25C25CMS67671
58531953-D 25C25CMS6622335
58541953-S 25C25CMS66986120
866641953 50C50CMS65FL29149
866651953-D 50C50CMS65FL1032142
66661953-S 50C50CMS6664635
28151954 1C1CMS65RD1221449
28181954-D 1C1CMS66RD82787
28211954-S 1C1CMS67RD2034
40521954 5C5CMS6536847
40531954-D 5C5CMS6516115
40541954-S 5C5CMS661082
40551954-S/D 5C5CMS651343
851061954 10C10CMS66FB12422
851071954-D 10C10CMS66FB18729
851081954-S 10C10CMS66FB16220
58551954 25C25CMS6681858
58561954-D 25C25CMS6633226
58571954-S 25C25CMS6699382
866671954 50C50CMS65FL1156115
866681954-D 50C50CMS65FL1578128
866691954-S 50C50CMS65FL774111
28241955 1C1CMS66RD100762
  1955 1C Doubled Die Obverse1C 
28301955-D 1C1CMS66RD144553
28331955-S 1C1CMS67RD2667
40561955 5C5CMS6540931
40571955-D 5C5CMS66370
40581955-D/S 5C5CMS65676
851091955 10C10CMS66FB6910
851101955-D 10C10CMS66FB22152
851111955-S 10C10CMS66FB888
58581955 25C25CMS6668338
58591955-D 25C25CMS65694224
866701955 50C50CMS65FL1374177
28361956 1C1CMS66RD76143
28391956-D 1C1CMS66RD159997
40591956 5C5CMS661351
40601956-D 5C5CMS662413
851121956 10C10CMS66FB5916
851131956-D 10C10CMS66FB41817
58601956 25C25CMS661095139
58611956-D 25C25CMS6638028
866711956 50C50CMS66FL69831
28421957 1C1CMS66RD67514
28451957-D 1C1CMS66RD1619106
40611957 5C5CMS6526237
40621957-D 5C5CMS6540777
851141957 10C10CMS65FB4268
851151957-D 10C10CMS66FB15629
58621957 25C25CMS661137203
58631957-D 25C25CMS66678109
66721957 50C50CMS651908852
866731957-D 50C50CMS65FL1965413
28481958 1C1CMS66RD98957
  1958 1C Doubled Die Obverse1C 
28511958-D 1C1CMS66RD2803155
40631958 5C5CMS65843
840641958-D 5C5CMS66FS18217
51161958 10C10CMS661334274
851171958-D 10C10CMS66FB324124
58641958 25C25CMS672673
58651958-D 25C25CMS661055181
66741958 50C50CMS6527451645
866751958-D 50C50CMS66+ FL3651
28541959 1C1CMS66RD63426
28571959-D 1C1CMS66RD87958
840651959 5C5CMS65FS18328
40661959-D 5C5CMS66880
851181959 10C10CMS66FB31131
851191959-D 10C10CMS66FB31474
58661959 25C25CMS6665228
58671959-D 25C25CMS6634424
866761959 50C50CMS65FL82648
866771959-D 50C50CMS65FL1383104
28601960 1C Large Date1CMS66RD78932
28631960 1C Small Date1CMS66RD56613
28661960-D 1C Large Date1CMS66RD48220
28691960-D 1C Small Date1CMS66RD78641
379651960-D/D 1C Small/Large Date1CMS65RD8010
40671960 5C5CMS66651
40681960-D 5C5CMS6564366
851201960 10C10CMS66FB8229
851211960-D 10C10CMS66FB11028
58681960 25C25CMS6633927
58691960-D 25C25CMS6646824
866781960 50C50CMS66FL502
866791960-D 50C50CMS65FL45427
28721961 1C1CMS66RD3528
28751961-D 1C1CMS66RD22316
40691961 5C5CMS66802
40701961-D 5C5CMS6531212
51221961 10C10CMS6678945
851231961-D 10C10CMS66FB8116
58701961 25C25CMS6647729
58711961-D 25C25CMS6621114
866801961 50C50CMS65FL18910
866811961-D 50C50CMS65FL27823
28781962 1C1CMS66RD60127
28811962-D 1C1CMS66RD32818
840711962 5C5CMS64FS137208
40721962-D 5C5CMS651942
851241962 10C10CMS66FB36135
851251962-D 10C10CMS67FB453
58721962 25C25CMS6634026
58731962-D 25C25CMS6618918
66821962 50C50CMS6568823
866831962-D 50C50CMS65FL30420
28841963 1C1CMS66RD34426
28871963-D 1C1CMS65RD701134
840731963 5C5CMS64FS5680
40741963-D 5C5CMS652154
51261963 10C10CMS6665558
851271963-D 10C10CMS66FB5415
58741963 25C25CMS6639640
58751963-D 25C25CMS6628750
66841963 50C50CMS65251741
866851963-D 50C50CMS66FL823
28901964 1C1CMS66RD37911
28931964-D 1C1CMS66RD29618
40751964 5C5CMS6520852
40761964-D 5C5CMS6547599
851281964 10C10CMS66FB16425
851291964-D 10C10CMS66FB11225
58761964 25C25CMS6642830
58771964-D 25C25CMS6652572
67061964 50C50CMS66105252
67071964-D 50C50CMS6650942
1460111964-D 50C Doubled Die Obverse (FS-101)50CMS631937
1453631964-D 50C Quadrupled Die Obverse50CMS642418
1460761964-D/D 50C Repunched Mintmark (FS-501 or FS-502)50CMS65160
28961965 1C1CMS66RD46322
40771965 5C5CMS661321
51301965 10C10CMS667524
58781965 25C25CMS6622124
67081965 50C50CMS6611318
29001966 1C1CMS66RD2228
40781966 5C5CMS66490
851311966 10C10CMS66FB777
58791966 25C25CMS6622949
67091966 50C50CMS6522771
29021967 1C1CMS66RD18221
40791967 5C5CMS66662
851321967 10C10CMS66FB299
58801967 25C25CMS6633571
67101967 50C50CMS65267125
29051968 1C1CMS66RD28216
29081968-D 1C1CMS66RD43224
29091968-S 1C1CMS66RD56658
40801968-D 5C5CMS661881
40811968-S 5C5CMS6612310
851331968 10C10CMS66FB419
851341968-D 10C10CMS67FB9111
58811968 25C25CMS67612
58821968-D 25C25CMS671305
67111968-D 50C50CMS6636040
29141969 1C1CMS66RD17020
29171969-D 1C1CMS66RD31014
29201969-S 1C1CMS66RD19416
  1969-S 1C Doubled Die Obverse1C 
40821969-D 5C5CMS66650
40831969-S 5C5CMS6512048
51351969 10C10CMS663110
851361969-D 10C10CMS66FB85
58831969 25C25CMS66869
58841969-D 25C25CMS67788
67121969-D 50C50CMS65543146
29321970 1C1CMS66RD31443
29291970-D 1C1CMS66RD21319
29351970-S 1C Small Date1CMS66RD20610
29391970-S 1C Large Date1CMS66RD50033
40841970-D 5C5CMS66651
40851970-S 5C5CMS6513432
51371970 10C10CMS66515
51381970-D 10C10CMS67340
58851970 25C25CMS6616122
58861970-D 25C25CMS6720419
67131970-D 50C50CMS6644027
29411971 1C1CMS66RD34638
380091971 1C Doubled Die Obverse1CMS64RD2325
29441971-D 1C1CMS66RD25619
29471971-S 1C1CMS66RD22713
840861971 5C5CMS66FS867
840871971-D 5C5CMS66FS20023
51391971 10C10CMS67121
851401971-D 10C10CMS66FB223
58871971 25C25CMS66625
58881971-D 25C25CMS67574
67161971 50C50CMS66989
67171971-D 50C50CMS671927
74061971 $1$1MS6581266
74071971-D $1$1MS6692831
74081971-S S$1 Silver$1MS674987
29531972 1C1CMS66RD41738
29501972 1C Dbld Die Obv (FS-101)1CMS66RD53738
29561972-D 1C1CMS66RD30715
29591972-S 1C1CMS66RD22018
840881972 5C5CMS65FS8936
840891972-D 5C5CMS65FS10234
51411972 10C10CMS66639
851421972-D 10C10CMS66FB183
58891972 25C25CMS6613516
58901972-D 25C25CMS6717312
67181972 50C50CMS6614514
67191972-D 50C50CMS67831
  1972-D 50C No "FG"50C 
874091972 $1 Type 1$1MS653225
974091972 $1 Type 2$1MS6450576
74091972 $1 Type 3$1MS6542421
74101972-D $1$1MS6639920
74111972-S S$1 Silver$1MS68166732
29651973 1C1CMS66RD26438
29621973-D 1C1CMS66RD31823
29681973-S 1C1CMS65RD349133
840901973 5C5CMS66FS834
840911973-D 5C5CMS66FS883
51431973 10C10CMS66636
851441973-D 10C10CMS66FB5911
58911973 25C25CMS6614414
58921973-D 25C25CMS6620425
67201973 50C50CMS6612332
67211973-D 50C50CMS6622557
74121973 $1$1MS661022
74131973-D $1$1MS67110
74141973-S S$1 Silver$1MS688629
29711974 1C1CMS66RD43494
29741974-D 1C1CMS67RD1122
29781974-S 1C1CMS65RD157135
840921974 5C5CMS65FS5519
840931974-D 5C5CMS65FS9944
51451974 10C10CMS669215
51461974-D 10C10CMS67302
58931974 25C25CMS6617626
58941974-D 25C25CMS6620738
67221974 50C50CMS6612610
67231974-D 50C50CMS6619129
967231974-D 50C DDO (FS-101)50CMS65859
74151974 $1$1MS661247
74161974-D $1$1MS6644519
74171974-S S$1 Silver$1MS6810286
29771975 1C1CMS66RD30576
29791975-D 1C1CMS66RD30742
840941975 5C5CMS66FS372
840951975-D 5C5CMS65FS12837
51471975 10C10CMS665013
851481975-D 10C10CMS66FB397
29821976 1C1CMS67RD1342
29851976-D 1C1CMS66RD17515
40961976 5C5CMS657225
840971976-D 5C5CMS65FS12134
51491976 10C10CMS6611115
51501976-D 10C10CMS67333
58961976 25C Clad25CMS67971
58971976-D 25C Clad25CMS671347
58981976-S 25C Silver25CMS687112
67261976 50C Clad50CMS668314
67271976-D 50C Clad50CMS6623832
67281976-S 50C Silver50CMS683831
74181976 $1 Type 1$1MS6548926
74191976 $1 Type 2$1MS6645111
74201976-D $1 Type 1$1MS651191288
74211976-D $1 Type 2$1MS67251
74221976-S S$1 Silver$1MS686880
29861977 1C1CMS67RD793
29871977-D 1C1CMS66RD15319
840981977 5C5CMS65FS4216
840991977-D 5C5CMS66FS281
51511977 10C10CMS6610021
51521977-D 10C10CMS6611117
59021977 25C25CMS6617755
59031977-D 25C25CMS6611128
67311977 50C50CMS6616635
67321977-D 50C50CMS669742
74231977 $1$1MS6682716
74241977-D $1$1MS6645710
29921978 1C1CMS66RD15841
29891978-D 1C1CMS66RD14228
841001978 5C5CMS65FS4913
841011978-D 5C5CMS65FS12555
51531978 10C10CMS67382
51541978-D 10C10CMS67501
59041978 25C25CMS67440
59051978-D 25C25CMS669828
67331978 50C50CMS6616628
67341978-D 50C50CMS6614628
74251978 $1$1MS663645
74261978-D $1$1MS665529
29951979 1C1CMS67RD1575
29981979-D 1C1CMS66RD14815
41021979 5C5CMS659416
841031979-D 5C5CMS65FS11042
51551979 10C10CMS67290
51561979-D 10C10CMS67603
59061979 25C25CMS6617541
59071979-D 25C25CMS6615621
67351979 50C50CMS6618247
67361979-D 50C50CMS6616235
95711979-P SBA $1SBA$1MS67861
995711979-P SBA $1 Wide RimSBA$1MS6634912
95721979-D SBA $1SBA$1MS671200
95731979-S SBA $1SBA$1MS66774196
30011980 1C1CMS67RD730
30041980-D 1C1CMS66RD28139
41041980-P 5C5CMS66730
841051980-D 5C5CMS65FS13827
51571980-P 10C10CMS67321
51581980-D 10C10CMS67181
59081980-P 25C25CMS6620940
59091980-D 25C25CMS6610617
67371980-P 50C50CMS671690
67381980-D 50C50CMS667035
95741980-P SBA $1SBA$1MS66728127
95751980-D SBA $1SBA$1MS671250
95761980-S SBA $1SBA$1MS6635977
30431981 1C1CMS67RD581
30371981-D 1C1CMS66RD32645
41061981-P 5C5CMS66240
841071981-D 5C5CMS66FS350
851591981-P 10C10CMS67FB992
851601981-D 10C10CMS67FB29616
59101981-P 25C25CMS661858
59111981-D 25C25CMS6613325
67391981-P 50C50CMS6612926
67401981-D 50C50CMS668324
95781981-P SBA $1SBA$1MS6628117
95791981-D SBA $1SBA$1MS6663788
95801981-S SBA $1SBA$1MS661173
1460171982 1C Bronze Large Date1CMS66RD11019
1460201982 1C Bronze Small Date1CMS67RD121
1460271982 1C Zinc Large Date1CMS67RD10632
1460301982 1C Zinc Small Date1CMS67RD1226
1460241982-D 1C Bronze1CMS67RD140
1460331982-D 1C Zinc Large Date1CMS67RD688
1460361982-D 1C Zinc Small Date1CMS67RD4614
841081982-P 5C5CMS65FS6536
841091982-D 5C5CMS65FS6229
851611982-P 10C10CMS66FB485
51621982 10C No P10CMS6651584
851631982-D 10C10CMS66FB2120
59121982-P 25C25CMS6614516
59131982-D 25C25CMS6616730
67411982-P 50C50CMS6619711
67421982-D 50C50CMS6615220
30531983 1C1CMS66RD239169
30561983 1C Doubled Die Reverse1CMS67RD431
30511983-D 1C1CMS67RD23523
41101983-P 5C5CMS656112
41111983-D 5C5CMS66310
51641983-P 10C10CMS66668
51651983-D 10C10CMS667714
59141983-P 25C25CMS6617915
59151983-D 25C25CMS669012
67431983-P 50C50CMS669619
67441983-D 50C50CMS6614340
30591984 1C1CMS68RD863
30621984 1C Dbld Die Obv (FS-101)1CMS66RD435198
30681984-D 1C1CMS67RD19115
841121984-P 5C5CMS66FS671
841131984-D 5C5CMS65FS9840
851661984-P 10C10CMS67FB978
851671984-D 10C10CMS67FB161
59161984-P 25C25CMS6613512
59171984-D 25C25CMS6612210
67451984-P 50C50CMS6612425
67461984-D 50C50CMS6610312
30711985 1C1CMS67RD23423
30741985-D 1C1CMS68RD1685
841141985-P 5C5CMS66FS450
841151985-D 5C5CMS66FS441
851681985-P 10C10CMS67FB242
851691985-D 10C10CMS67FB553
59181985-P 25C25CMS661013
59191985-D 25C25CMS661228
67471985-P 50C50CMS6615456
67481985-D 50C50CMS6624787
31241986 1C1CMS67RD21631
31211986-D 1C1CMS68RD1330
841161986-P 5C5CMS65FS7947
841171986-D 5C5CMS66FS241
851701986-P 10C10CMS66FB83
51711986-D 10C10CMS67675
59201986-P 25C25CMS66829
59211986-D 25C25CMS6613310
67491986-P 50C50CMS6621357
67501986-D 50C50CMS671364
30651987 1C1CMS68RD671
30801987-D 1C1CMS67RD36022
841181987-P 5C5CMS66FS34725
841191987-D 5C5CMS66FS874
851721987-P 10C10CMS66FB63
51731987-D 10C10CMS6716515
59221987-P 25C25CMS6610512
59231987-D 25C25CMS6617421
67511987-P 50C50CMS6626483
67521987-D 50C50CMS671457
31031988 1C1CMS67RD17320
31051988-D 1C1CMS67RD26624
841201988-P 5C5CMS66FS631
841211988-D 5C5CMS66FS623
51741988-P 10C10CMS67774
851751988-D 10C10CMS67FB474
59241988-P 25C25CMS66+23
59251988-D 25C25CMS6611913
67531988-P 50C50CMS6615357
67541988-D 50C50CMS671711
30771989 1C1CMS67RD25015
30891989-D 1C1CMS67RD27950
841221989-P 5C5CMS66FS1229
841231989-D 5C5CMS66FS391
851761989-P 10C10CMS67FB401
851771989-D 10C10CMS67FB666
59261989-P 25C25CMS664910
59271989-D 25C25CMS66915
67551989-P 50C50CMS6619153
67561989-D 50C50CMS6629870
30831990 1C1CMS67RD17734
30861990-D 1C1CMS67RD435149
841241990-P 5C5CMS66FS1224
841251990-D 5C5CMS66FS361
51781990-P 10C10CMS67416
51791990-D 10C10CMS67685
59281990-P 25C25CMS66888
59291990-D 25C25CMS6615720
67571990-P 50C50CMS6611437
67581990-D 50C50CMS6614012
30921991 1C1CMS67RD24232
30951991-D 1C1CMS67RD476138
841261991-P 5C5CMS66FS471
841271991-D 5C5CMS66FS531
51801991-P 10C10CMS67390
51811991-D 10C10CMS652453
59301991-P 25C25CMS6611812
59311991-D 25C25CMS66785
67591991-P 50C50CMS6611555
67601991-D 50C50CMS6613728
30981992 1C1CMS67RD468154
  1992 1C Close AM1C 
31011992-D 1C1CMS68RD2406
  1992-D 1C Close AM (FS-901)1C 
841281992-P 5C5CMS66FS1172
841291992-D 5C5CMS66FS573
851821992-P 10C10CMS66+ FB118
851831992-D 10C10CMS66FB3421
59321992-P 25C25CMS661026
59331992-D 25C25CMS66856
67611992-P 50C50CMS671547
67621992-D 50C50CMS66340155
31071993 1C1CMS67RD392127
31091993-D 1C1CMS68RD2405
841301993-P 5C5CMS66FS1064
841311993-D 5C5CMS66FS18014
51841993-P 10C10CMS665193
851851993-D 10C10CMS64FB212
59341993-P 25C25CMS6616725
59351993-D 25C25CMS661318
67631993-P 50C50CMS671010
67641993-D 50C50CMS671003
31151994 1C1CMS67RD14526
31181994-D 1C1CMS67RD29287
841321994-P 5C5CMS66FS617
842301994-P 5C SMS5CSP69FS221066
841331994-D 5C5CMS66FS513
851861994-P 10C10CMS67FB281
851871994-D 10C10CMS66FB105
59361994-P 25C25CMS668412
59371994-D 25C25CMS66544
67651994-P 50C50CMS671437
67661994-D 50C50CMS6614257
31331995 1C1CMS68RD660
31271995 1C Doubled Die Obverse1CMS68RD26701
31301995-D 1C1CMS67RD26567
841361995-P 5C5CMS66FS10720
841351995-D 5C5CMS66FS624
51881995-P 10C10CMS673914
51921995-D 10C10CMS67546
59381995-P 25C25CMS67573
59391995-D 25C25CMS6610344
67671995-P 50C50CMS671116
67681995-D 50C50CMS67947
31361996 1C1CMS67RD42987
31391996-D 1C1CMS68RD2176
841371996-P 5C5CMS66FS19436
841381996-D 5C5CMS66FS24826
851911996-P 10C10CMS67FB593
851901996-D 10C10CMS66FB1853
851891996-W 10C10CMS68FB1820
59601996-P 25C25CMS68530
59611996-D 25C25CMS6755736
67691996-P 50C50CMS68530
67701996-D 50C50CMS6736021
31451997 1C1CMS67RD14015
31421997-D 1C1CMS67RD23835
841391997-P 5C5CMS66FS6114
841401997-P 5C SMS5CSP69FS982135
841411997-D 5C5CMS66FS581
851931997-P 10C10CMS66FB1520
851941997-D 10C10CMS67FB142
59401997-P 25C25CMS667048
59411997-D 25C25CMS678613
67711997-P 50C50CMS67957
67721997-D 50C50CMS67574
31481998 1C1CMS67RD30651
31511998-D 1C1CMS67RD14243
841421998-P 5C5CMS66FS465
841431998-D 5C5CMS66FS120
851951998-P 10C10CMS66FB1138
851961998-D 10C10CMS67FB53
59421998-P 25C25CMS679139
59431998-D 25C25CMS67261
67731998-P 50C50CMS671217
67741998-D 50C50CMS6613875
67751998-S 50C SMS50CSP703030
31541999 1C1CMS68RD2491
31571999-D 1C1CMS68RD49146
841441999-P 5C5CMS66FS21320
841451999-D 5C5CMS66FS834
851971999-P 10C10CMS68FB3300
851981999-D 10C10CMS67FB2497
59441999-P 25C Delaware25CMS6752126
59451999-D 25C Delaware25CMS671862
59461999-P 25C Pennsylvania25CMS6747318
59471999-D 25C Pennsylvania25CMS671401
59481999-P 25C New Jersey25CMS6730514
59491999-D 25C New Jersey25CMS671752
59501999-P 25C Georgia25CMS672235
59511999-D 25C Georgia25CMS671744
59521999-P 25C Connectict25CMS6738823
59531999-D 25C Connectict25CMS6746922
67761999-P 50C50CMS6746630
67771999-D 50C50CMS673418
95811999-P SBA $SBA$1MS674036
95821999-D SBA $1SBA$1MS681160
31602000 1C1CMS68RD2716
31632000-D 1C1CMS68RD22310
841462000-P 5C5CMS66FS15210
841472000-D 5C5CMS66FS12212null
851992000-P 10C10CMS68FB3490
852002000-D 10C10CMS68FB2330
59542000-P 25C Massachusetts25CMS682942
59552000-D 25C Massachusetts25CMS6759837
59562000-P 25C Maryland25CMS681400
59572000-D 25C Maryland25CMS6771954
59582000-P 25C S Carolina25CMS682951
59592000-D 25C S Carolina25CMS681560
59622000-P 25C New Hampshire25CMS6759571
59632000-D 25C New Hampshire25CMS6733928
59642000-P 25C Virginia25CMS67852147
59652000-D 25C Virginia25CMS6750116
67782000-P 50C50CMS6724921
67792000-D 50C50CMS6613261
95842000-P SAC $1SAC$1MS685644
995842000-P SAC$1 GoodacreSAC$1SP6875131
  2000-P SAC$1 Wounded Eagle (FS-901)SAC$1 
1472312000-P SAC$1 Cheerios Dollar (FS-902)SAC$1MS672324
95852000-D SAC $1SAC$1MS683882
995852000-D SAC$1 MillenniumSAC$1MS681192
31662001 1C1CMS68RD65541
31692001-D 1C1CMS68RD60621
841482001-P 5C5CMS67FS2525
841492001-D 5C5CMS66FS13244
852012001-P 10C10CMS68FB1680
852022001-D 10C10CMS68FB2734
59662001-P 25C New York25CMS6862613
59672001-D 25C New York25CMS6746319
59682001-P 25C N Carolina25CMS686007
59692001-D 25C N Carolina25CMS6753757
59702001-P 25C Rhode Island25CMS682973
59712001-D 25C Rhode Island25CMS6769541
140002001-P 25C Vermont25CMS6874324
140012001-D 25C Vermont25CMS671131120
140022001-P 25C Kentucky25CMS685707
140032001-D 25C Kentucky25CMS6746442
67802001-P 50C50CMS681892
67812001-D 50C50CMS6748345
150002001-P SAC $1SAC$1MS68170625
150012001-D SAC $1SAC$1MS6798997
31722002 1C1CMS68RD676111
31752002-D 1C1CMS68RD690103
841502002-P 5C5CMS67FS581
841512002-D 5C5CMS66FS501
852032002-P 10C10CMS68FB2403
852042002-D 10C10CMS68FB910
140042002-P 25C Tennessee25CMS68120154
140052002-D 25C Tennessee25CMS681710
140062002-P 25C Ohio25CMS68166640
140072002-D 25C Ohio25CMS683170
140082002-P 25C Louisiana25CMS68124443
140092002-D 25C Louisiana25CMS6767894
140102002-P 25C Indiana25CMS68108030
140112002-D 25C Indiana25CMS681610
140122002-P 25C Mississippi25CMS685538
140132002-D 25C Mississippi25CMS67953120
67822002-P 50C50CMS67402110
67832002-D 50C50CMS6727812
150022002-P SAC $1SAC$1MS6898420
150032002-D SAC $1SAC$1MS671039110
31782003 1C1CMS69RD2970
31812003-D 1C1CMS69RD1150
841522003-P 5C5CMS67FS765
841532003-D 5C5CMS66FS572
852052003-P 10C10CMS68FB1390
852062003-D 10C10CMS68FB1770
140142003-P 25C Illinois25CMS6733424
140152003-D 25C Illinois25CMS6752417
140162003-P 25C Alabama25CMS672893
140172003-D 25C Alabama25CMS6762831
140182003-P 25C Maine25CMS6730521
140192003-D 25C Maine25CMS674219
140202003-P 25C Missouri25CMS674295
140212003-D 25C Missouri25CMS6766851
140222003-P 25C Arkansas25CMS6740018
140232003-D 25C Arkansas25CMS6779192
67842003-P 50C50CMS671786
67852003-D 50C50CMS671463
150152003-P SAC $1SAC$1MS6875124
150162003-D SAC $1SAC$1MS6784641
31842004 1C1CMS68RD14744
31872004-D 1C1CMS68RD1414
41542004-P 5C Peace Medal5CMS67768
41552004-D 5C Peace Medal5CMS6725817
41562004-P 5C Keel Boat5CMS6727823
41572004-D 5C Keel Boat5CMS6728210
852092004-P 10C10CMS67FB4722
852102004-D 10C10CMS68FB710
140242004-P 25C Michigan25CMS681461
140252004-D 25C Michigan25CMS68100826
140262004-P 25C Florida25CMS6738458
140272004-D 25C Florida25CMS685077
140282004-P 25C Texas25CMS681011
140292004-D 25C Texas25CMS6878825
140302004-P 25C Iowa25CMS6731620
140312004-D 25C Iowa25CMS6856110
140322004-P 25C Wisconsin25CMS6726112
140332004-D 25C Wisconsin25CMS6835918
8140332004-D 25C Wisconsin - Extra Leaf Low25CMS651189222
9140332004-D 25C Wisconsin - Extra Leaf High25CMS65843162
67862004-P 50C50CMS67594
67872004-D 50C50CMS6740527
150182004-P SAC $1SAC$1MS6840624
150192004-D SAC $1SAC$1MS684709
31902005 1C1CMS67RD1166
931902005 1C Satin Finish1CSP69RD120918
31932005-D 1C1CMS67RD1823
931932005-D 1C Satin Finish1CSP69RD4572
41582005-P 5C Bison5CMS661053
941582005-P 5C Bison Satin Finish5CSP694731
41592005-D 5C Bison5CMS662730
941592005-D 5C Bison Satin Finish5CSP6861812
41602005-P 5C Western Waters5CMS66832
941602005-P 5C Western Waters Satin Finish5CSP691811
41612005-D 5C Western Waters5CMS66893
941612005-D 5C Western Waters Satin Finish5CSP687713
852112005-P 10C10CMS66FB1910
952112005-P 10C Satin Finish10CSP69FB2170
852122005-D 10C10CMS67FB191
952122005-D 10C Satin Finish10CSP68FB27329
140342005-P 25C California25CMS6729812
9140342005-P 25C California Satin Finish25CSP697107
140352005-D 25C California25CMS6735520
9140352005-D 25C California Satin Finish25CSP692001
140362005-P 25C Minnesota25CMS671728
9140362005-P 25C Minnesota Satin Finish25CSP6970410
140372005-D 25C Minnesota25CMS6724818
9140372005-D 25C Minnesota Satin Finish25CSP692311
140382005-P 25C Oregon25CMS6717216
9140382005-P 25C Oregon Satin Finish25CSP6983915
140392005-D 25C Oregon25CMS6725015
9140392005-D 25C Oregon Satin Finish25CSP693480
140402005-P 25C Kansas25CMS671991
9140402005-P 25C Kansas Satin Finish25CSP693602
140412005-D 25C Kansas25CMS6736814
9140412005-D 25C Kansas Satin Finish25CSP692100
140422005-P 25C West Virginia25CMS671972
9140422005-P 25C West Virginia Satin Finish25CSP693743
140432005-D 25C West Virginia25CMS6725111
9140432005-D 25C West Virginia Satin Finish25CSP6889532
67882005-P 50C50CMS665615
967882005-P 50C Satin Finish50CSP695597
67892005-D 50C50CMS668332
967892005-D 50C Satin Finish50CSP684040
150202005-P SAC $1SAC$1MS6736612
9150202005-P SAC $1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP698454
150212005-D SAC $1SAC$1MS672344
9150212005-D SAC $1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP691440
931962006 1C1CMS67RD2622
8931962006 1C Satin Finish1CSP69RD98320
931992006-D 1C1CMS67RD2522Mint sets contains SF, this coin is MS and is part of collection.
8931992006-D 1C Satin Finish1CSP68RD94891
841622006-P 5C Return to Monticello5CMS66FS2156
9841622006-P 5C Return to Monticello Satin Finish5CSP69FS1920
841632006-D 5C Return to Monticello5CMS66FS26114
9841632006-D 5C Return to Monticello Satin Finish5CSP69FS1360
852132006-P 10C10CMS66FB4410
9852132006-P 10C Satin Finish10CSP69FB1950
852142006-D 10C10CMS67FB350
9852142006-D 10C Satin Finish10CSP68FB18364
390202006-P 25C Nevada25CMS672561
8390202006-P 25C Nevada Satin Finish25CSP6857455
390212006-D 25C Nevada25CMS6739514
8390212006-D 25C Nevada Satin Finish25CSP691370
390222006-P 25C Nebraska25CMS672454
8390222006-P 25C Nebraska Satin Finish25CSP693450
390232006-D 25C Nebraska25CMS6733916
8390232006-D 25C Nebraska Satin Finish25CSP693600
390242006-P 25C Colorado25CMS6724018
8390242006-P 25C Colorado Satin Finish25CSP692540
390252006-D 25C Colorado25CMS6723811
8390252006-D 25C Colorado Satin Finish25CSP694860
390262006-P 25C North Dakota25CMS671711
8390262006-P 25C North Dakota Satin Finish25CSP6865785
390272006-D 25C North Dakota25CMS672922
8390272006-D 25C North Dakota Satin Finish25CSP691880
390282006-P 25C South Dakota25CMS671606
8390282006-P 25C South Dakota Satin Finish25CSP691450
390292006-D 25C South Dakota25CMS6720726
8390292006-D 25C South Dakota Satin Finish25CSP692390
67902006-P 50C50CMS6716416
967902006-P 50C Satin Finish50CSP69940
67912006-D 50C50CMS67790
967912006-D 50C Satin Finish50CSP6855131
150222006-P SAC $1SAC$1MS6741515
9150222006-P SAC $1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP693740
150232006-D SAC $1SAC$1MS66373231
9150232006-D SAC $1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP691560
1495382007 1C1CMS67RD1604
1495392007 1C Satin Finish1CSP69RD2410
1495442007-D 1C1CMS67RD1635
1495472007-D 1C Satin Finish1CSP68RD60064
1497082007-P 5C5CMS66FS880
1497102007-P 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS52929
1497122007-D 5C5CMS65FS6827
1497172007-D 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS54722
1495212007-P 10C10CMS66FB379
1495232007-P 10C Satin Finish10CSP68FB45370
1493552007-D 10C10CMS66FB3929
1493572007-D 10C Satin Finish10CSP69FB1570
390302007-P 25C Montana25CMS671650
3899082007-P 25C Montana Satin Finish25CSP691530
390312007-D 25C Montana25CMS6718615
3899092007-D 25C Montana Satin Finish25CSP69760
390322007-P 25C Washington25CMS672943
3899102007-P 25C Washington Satin Finish25CSP68689123
390332007-D 25C Washington25CMS672301
3899112007-D 25C Washington Satin Finish25CSP692040
390342007-P 25C Idaho25CMS671450
3899122007-P 25C Idaho Satin Finish25CSP691750
390352007-D 25C Idaho25CMS6726322
3899132007-D 25C Idaho Satin Finish25CSP69810
390362007-P 25C Wyoming25CMS671034
3899142007-P 25C Wyoming Satin Finish25CSP6860528
390372007-D 25C Wyoming25CMS671709
3899152007-D 25C Wyoming Satin Finish25CSP6880697
390382007-P 25C Utah25CMS671370
3899162007-P 25C Utah Satin Finish25CSP691200
390392007-D 25C Utah25CMS671697
3899172007-D 25C Utah Satin Finish25CSP691250
1495302007-P 50C50CMS6725338
1495312007-P 50C Satin Finish50CSP691670
1495322007-D 50C50CMS667062
1495332007-D 50C Satin Finish50CSP692421
1495622007-P SAC$1SAC$1MS671600166
1495632007-P SAC$1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP693260
1495642007-D SAC$1SAC$1MS672940
1495652007-D SAC$1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP693520
1502112007-P $1 George Washington - Position A$1MS6691313
3905462007-P $1 George Washington - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6863120
1502122007-P $1 George Washington - Position B$1MS669323
3905472007-P $1 George Washington - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6852618
1502152007-D $1 George Washington - Position A$1MS66110016
3905482007-D $1 George Washington - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP691090
1502162007-D $1 George Washington - Position B$1MS6610339
3905492007-D $1 George Washington - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP691020
1481072007-P $1 John Adams - Position A$1MS6613744
3905502007-P $1 John Adams - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6861131
1502182007-P $1 John Adams - Position B$1MS6612884
3905512007-P $1 John Adams - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6851538
1481082007-D $1 John Adams - Position A$1MS66135310
3905522007-D $1 John Adams - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP691200
1502202007-D $1 John Adams - Position B$1MS6612484
3905532007-D $1 John Adams - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP68785123
1481092007-P $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position A$1MS674700
3905542007-P $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP69560
1502212007-P $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position B$1MS6720
3905552007-P $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6866244
1481102007-D $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position A$1MS679170
3905562007-D $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP691110
1502242007-D $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position B$1MS678790
3905572007-D $1 Thomas Jefferson - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP691260
1481112007-P $1 James Madison - Position A$1MS66105742
3905582007-P $1 James Madison - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP69510
1502272007-P $1 James Madison - Position B$1MS6684375
3905592007-P $1 James Madison - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6859639
1481122007-D $1 James Madison - Position A$1MS671590
3905602007-D $1 James Madison - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6884773
1502292007-D $1 James Madison - Position B$1MS671460
3905612007-D $1 James Madison - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP69720
3948992008 1C1CMS67RD2635
3949022008 1C Satin Finish1CSP69RD1100
3949052008-D 1C1CMS67RD2184
3949082008-D 1C Satin Finish1CSP68RD57460
3949152008-P 5C5CMS66FS1051
3949172008-P 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS3605
3949192008-D 5C5CMS65FS8919
3949212008-D 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS3153
3949262008-P 10C10CMS65FB199
3949282008-P 10C Satin Finish10CSP68FB913
3949302008-D 10C10CMS66FB265
3949322008-D 10C Satin Finish10CSP68FB28225
390402008-P 25C Oklahoma25CMS672361
3948892008-P 25C Oklahoma Satin Finish25CSP6883950
390412008-D 25C Oklahoma25CMS6717415
3948872008-D 25C Oklahoma Satin Finish25CSP6871744
390422008-P 25C New Mexico25CMS671671
3948902008-P 25C New Mexico Satin Finish25CSP6872516
390432008-D 25C New Mexico25CMS672107
3948882008-D 25C New Mexico Satin Finish25CSP6852814
390442008-P 25C Arizona25CMS672732
3948912008-P 25C Arizona Satin Finish25CSP69680
390452008-D 25C Arizona25CMS671947
3948922008-D 25C Arizona Satin Finish25CSP6869631
390462008-P 25C Alaska25CMS672520
3948932008-P 25C Alaska Satin Finish25CSP6881433
390472008-D 25C Alaska25CMS671704
3948942008-D 25C Alaska Satin Finish25CSP6863511
390482008-P 25C Hawaii25CMS672520
3948952008-P 25C Hawaii Satin Finish25CSP6894136
390492008-D 25C Hawaii25CMS671880
3948962008-D 25C Hawaii Satin Finish25CSP6876328
3949392008-P 50C50CMS671926
3949402008-P 50C Satin Finish50CSP6831310
3949412008-D 50C50CMS666125
3949422008-D 50C Satin Finish50CSP682733
3949432008-P SAC $1SAC$1MS67127041
3949442008-P SAC $1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP691180
3949452008-D SAC $1SAC$1MS6710665
3949462008-D SAC $1 Satin FinishSAC$1SP69840
3946492008-P $1 James Monroe - Position A$1MS671212
3946502008-P $1 James Monroe - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6867426
3946532008-P $1 James Monroe - Position B$1MS674349
3946542008-P $1 James Monroe - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6871330
3946572008-D $1 James Monroe - Position A$1MS675137
3946592008-D $1 James Monroe - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6871325
3946582008-D $1 James Monroe - Position B$1MS675326
3946602008-D $1 James Monroe - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6868222
3946652008-P $1 John Quincy Adams - Position A$1MS66146168
3946692008-P $1 John Quincy Adams - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6876637
3946672008-P $1 John Quincy Adams - Position B$1MS66152782
3946712008-P $1 John Quincy Adams - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP69390
3946662008-D $1 John Quincy Adams - Position A$1MS66140446
3946702008-D $1 John Quincy Adams - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6874235
3946682008-D $1 John Quincy Adams - Position B$1MS66127536
3946722008-D $1 John Quincy Adams - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6876836
3948582008-P $1 Andrew Jackson - Position A$1MS6677229
3948622008-P $1 Andrew Jackson - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP69290
3948602008-P $1 Andrew Jackson - Position B$1MS6677947
3948642008-P $1 Andrew Jackson - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6864936
3948592008-D $1 Andrew Jackson - Position A$1MS6569984
3948632008-D $1 Andrew Jackson - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP69520
3948612008-D $1 Andrew Jackson - Position B$1MS6566378
3948652008-D $1 Andrew Jackson - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6876040
3948702008-P $1 Martin Van Buren - Position A$1MS6658550
3948752008-P $1 Martin Van Buren - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6867714
3948722008-P $1 Martin Van Buren - Position B$1MS6660543
3948772008-P $1 Martin Van Buren - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6871625
3948712008-D $1 Martin Van Buren - Position A$1MS666689
3948762008-D $1 Martin Van Buren - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6878426
3948732008-D $1 Martin Van Buren - Position B$1MS6665411
3948782008-D $1 Martin Van Buren - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6871315
4072372009 1C Early Childhood1CMS66RD89716
4072402009 1C Early Childhood Satin Finish1CSP69RD4320
4072432009-D 1C Early Childhood1CMS66RD97844
4072462009-D 1C Early Childhood Satin Finish1CSP69RD1890
4078312009 1C Formative Years1CMS66RD6629
4078382009 1C Formative Years Satin Finish1CSP69RD2330
4078412009-D 1C Formative Years1CMS66RD3301
4078472009-D 1C Formative Years Satin Finish1CSP69RD1400
4078502009 1C Professional1CMS66RD7384
4078562009 1C Professional Satin Finish1CSP69RD3160
4078592009-D 1C Professional1CMS66RD1733
4078652009-D 1C Professional Satin Finish1CSP69RD1680
4078682009 1C Presidency1CMS66RD3433
4078742009 1C Presidency Satin Finish1CSP69RD3160
4078782009-D 1C Presidency1CMS66RD2085
4078842009-D 1C Presidency Satin Finish1CSP69RD2010
4072532009-P 5C5CMS66FS1170
4072552009-P 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS32626
4072572009-D 5C5CMS66FS500
4072592009-D 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS34329
4072642009-P 10C10CMS66FB1409
4072662009-P 10C Satin Finish10CSP69FB1310
4072682009-D 10C10CMS66FB14346
4072702009-D 10C Satin Finish10CSP69FB3120
4065972009-P 25C District of Columbia25CMS671810
4065982009-P 25C District of Columbia Satin Finish25CSP6832556
4065992009-D 25C District of Columbia25CMS671550
4066002009-D 25C District of Columbia Satin Finish25CSP6834777
4066012009-P 25C Puerto Rico25CMS671650
4066022009-P 25C Puerto Rico Satin Finish25CSP6832629
4066032009-D 25C Puerto Rico25CMS671952
4066042009-D 25C Puerto Rico Satin Finish25CSP6835452
4066052009-P 25C Guam25CMS671990
4066062009-P 25C Guam Satin Finish25CSP6834049
4066072009-D 25C Guam25CMS672580
4066082009-D 25C Guam Satin Finish25CSP6833158
4066092009-P 25C America Samoa25CMS672241
4066102009-P 25C America Samoa Satin Finish25CSP691330
4066112009-D 25C America Samoa25CMS672564
4066122009-D 25C America Samoa Satin Finish25CSP691230
4066132009-P 25C U.S. Virgin Islands25CMS671982
4066142009-P 25C U.S. Virgin Islands Satin Finish25CSP6827654
4066152009-D 25C U.S. Virgin Islands25CMS671711
4066162009-D 25C U.S. Virgin Islands Satin Finish25CSP691030
4066172009-P 25C Northern Mariana Islands25CMS671413
4066182009-P 25C Northern Mariana Islands Satin Finish25CSP69990
4066192009-D 25C Northern Mariana Islands25CMS671400
4066202009-D 25C Northern Mariana Islands Satin Finish25CSP69800
4072772009-P 50C50CMS67594
4072782009-P 50C Satin Finish50CSP6841525
4072792009-D 50C50CMS668224
4072802009-D 50C Satin Finish50CSP6845923
4069352009-P $1 Native American - Position A$1MS674874
4069392009-P $1 Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6833626
4069362009-P $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6751411
4069402009-P $1 Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6837436
4069372009-D $1 Native American - Position A$1MS66384126
4069412009-D $1 Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6835615
4069382009-D $1 Native American - Position B$1MS66388108
4069422009-D $1 Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6837121
4073752009-P $1 William Henry Harrison - Position A$1MS671902
4073792009-P $1 William Henry Harrison - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6830312
4073772009-P $1 William Henry Harrison - Position B$1MS671932
4073812009-P $1 William Henry Harrison - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6831220
4073762009-D $1 William Henry Harrison - Position A$1MS663896
4073802009-D $1 William Henry Harrison - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6846520
4073782009-D $1 William Henry Harrison - Position B$1MS663557
4073822009-D $1 William Henry Harrison - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6841821
4073872009-P $1 John Tyler - Position A$1MS661715
4073912009-P $1 John Tyler - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6833520
4073892009-P $1 John Tyler - Position B$1MS662033
4073932009-P $1 John Tyler - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6828716
4073842009-D $1 John Tyler - Position A$1MS6650
4073922009-D $1 John Tyler - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6829210
4073902009-D $1 John Tyler - Position B$1MS661330
4073942009-D $1 John Tyler - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682984
4097152009-P $1 James K. Polk - Position A$1MS67760
4097192009-P $1 James K. Polk - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP683529
4097172009-P $1 James K. Polk - Position B$1MS67780
4097212009-P $1 James K. Polk - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP683087
4097162009-D $1 James K. Polk - Position A$1MS664370
4097202009-D $1 James K. Polk - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6835110
4097182009-D $1 James K. Polk - Position B$1MS664391
4097222009-D $1 James K. Polk - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6839117
4097272009-P $1 Zachary Taylor - Position A$1MS665440
4097322009-P $1 Zachary Taylor - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP683708
4097292009-P $1 Zachary Taylor - Position B$1MS665230
4097342009-P $1 Zachary Taylor - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6837519
4097282009-D $1 Zachary Taylor - Position A$1MS664100
4097332009-D $1 Zachary Taylor - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP6841819Duplicate - Bought set
4097302009-D $1 Zachary Taylor - Position B$1MS663800
4097352009-D $1 Zachary Taylor - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP6840420
4166682010 1C1CMS65RD180887
4166742010 1C Satin Finish1CSP68RD4751
4166712010-D 1C1CMS65RD70096
4166772010-D 1C Satin Finish1CSP68RD5969
4187832010-P 5C5CMS67FS941
4187912010-P 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS2454
4187862010-D 5C5CMS67FS1093
4187942010-D 5C Satin Finish5CSP68FS2840
4187972010-P 10C10CMS67FB10018
4188082010-P 10C Satin Finish10CSP68FB37922
4187992010-D 10C10CMS67FB171
4188112010-D 10C Satin Finish10CSP69FB810
4188132010-P 25C Hot Springs NP25CMS671010
4188532010-P 25C Hot Springs NP Satin Finish25CSP6834633
4188142010-D 25C Hot Springs NP25CMS6610841
4188542010-D 25C Hot Springs NP Satin Finish25CSP6834731
4188152010-P 25C Yellowstone NP25CMS66750
4188552010-P 25C Yellowstone NP Satin Finish25CSP6829317
4188162010-D 25C Yellowstone NP25CMS661081
4188562010-D 25C Yellowstone NP Satin Finish25CSP6829017
4188172010-P 25C Yosemite NP25CMS661346
4188572010-P 25C Yosemite NP Satin Finish25CSP6828913
4188182010-D 25C Yosemite NP25CMS661463
4188582010-D 25C Yosemite NP Satin Finish25CSP681922
4188192010-P 25C Grand Canyon NP25CMS671820
4188592010-P 25C Grand Canyon NP Satin Finish25CSP6836135
4188202010-D 25C Grand Canyon NP25CMS671973
4188602010-D 25C Grand Canyon NP Satin Finish25CSP6842046
4188212010-P 25C Mount Hood NP25CMS667813
4188612010-P 25C Mount Hood NP Satin Finish25CSP6832320
4188222010-D 25C Mount Hood NP25CMS661122
4188622010-D 25C Mount Hood NP Satin Finish25CSP6823711
4167852010-P 50C50CMS671956
4167902010-P 50C Satin Finish50CSP683503
4167862010-D 50C50CMS67921
4167912010-D 50C Satin Finish50CSP684873
4162322010-P $1 Native American - Position A$1MS671370
4162392010-P $1 Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682414
4162342010-P $1 Native American - Position B$1MS671380
4162412010-P $1 Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682777
4162332010-D $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6621216
4162402010-D $1 Native American - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682521
4162352010-D $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6619314
4162422010-D $1 Native American - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP681883
4178632010-P $1 Millard Fillmore - Position A$1MS662980
4172682010-P $1 Millard Fillmore - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682072
4178652010-P $1 Millard Fillmore - Position B$1MS663450
4172702010-P $1 Millard Fillmore - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682641
4178642010-D $1 Millard Fillmore - Position A$1MS661990
4172692010-D $1 Millard Fillmore - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP683082
4178662010-D $1 Millard Fillmore - Position B$1MS661730
4172712010-D $1 Millard Fillmore - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682923
4178672010-P $1 Franklin Pierce - Position A$1MS663340
4172722010-P $1 Franklin Pierce - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682362
4178692010-P $1 Franklin Pierce - Position B$1MS663450
4172742010-P $1 Franklin Pierce - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682824
4178682010-D $1 Franklin Pierce - Position A$1MS662170
4172732010-D $1 Franklin Pierce - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP683122
4178702010-D $1 Franklin Pierce - Position B$1MS661840
4172752010-D $1 Franklin Pierce - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682982
4178712010-P $1 James Buchanan - Position A$1MS662369
4172762010-P $1 James Buchanan - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682763
4178732010-P $1 James Buchanan - Position B$1MS6620822
4172782010-P $1 James Buchanan - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682825
4178722010-D $1 James Buchanan - Position A$1MS661740
4172772010-D $1 James Buchanan - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682937
4178742010-D $1 James Buchanan - Position B$1MS661520
4172792010-D $1 James Buchanan - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP682906
4178752010-P $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position A$1MS6636112
4172802010-P $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP682945
4178772010-P $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position B$1MS6639516
4172822010-P $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP683497
4178762010-D $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position A$1MS663571
4172812010-D $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position A, Satin Finish$1SP684615
4178782010-D $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position B$1MS663220
4172832010-D $1 Abraham Lincoln - Position B, Satin Finish$1SP684234
5050552011 1C1CMS67RD1447
5050582011-D 1C1CMS67RD2121
5050662011-P 5C5CMS67FS761
5050682011-D 5C5CMS67FS901
5050712011-P 10C10CMS67FB11810
5050732011-D 10C10CMS67FB954
5050802011-P 25C Gettysburg NP25CMS67852
5050812011-D 25C Gettysburg NP25CMS6624021
5051432011-P 25C Glacier NP25CMS671384
5051442011-D 25C Glacier NP25CMS6620030
5051452011-P 25C Olympic NP25CMS67992
5051462011-D 25C Olympic NP25CMS67600
5051472011-P 25C Vicksburg NP25CMS67642
5051482011-D 25C Vicksburg NP25CMS67400
5051492011-P 25C Chickasaw NP25CMS671391
5051502011-D 25C Chickasaw NP25CMS67310
5051912011-P 50C50CMS6731523
5051922011-D 50C50CMS6722410
5052012011-P $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6723015
5052032011-P $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6718913
5052022011-D $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6718512
5052042011-D $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6720312
5065062011-P $1 Andrew Johnson - Position A$1MS671865
5065112011-P $1 Andrew Johnson - Position B$1MS671062
5065082011-D $1 Andrew Johnson - Position A$1MS671297
5065132011-D $1 Andrew Johnson - Position B$1MS671476
5065162011-P $1 Ulysses S. Grant - Position A$1MS672037
5065202011-P $1 Ulysses S. Grant - Position B$1MS671714
5065172011-D $1 Ulysses S. Grant - Position A$1MS671667
5065212011-D $1 Ulysses S. Grant - Position B$1MS671447
5065252011-P $1 Rutherford B. Hayes - Position A$1MS6721116
5065292011-P $1 Rutherford B. Hayes - Position B$1MS671058
5065262011-D $1 Rutherford B. Hayes - Position A$1MS6717613
5065302011-D $1 Rutherford B. Hayes - Position B$1MS6716019
5065332011-P $1 James Garfield - Position A$1MS671735
5065372011-P $1 James Garfield - Position B$1MS671155
5065342011-D $1 James Garfield - Position A$1MS671378
5065382011-D $1 James Garfield - Position B$1MS671236
5112442012 1C1CMS67RD9315
5112472012-D 1C1CMS66RD54661
5115492012-P 5C5CMS66FS24120
5115522012-D 5C5CMS66FS24934
5115532012-P 10C10CMS67FB512
5115542012-D 10C10CMS67FB652
5100662012-P 25C El Yunque NP25CMS671465
5100672012-D 25C El Yunque NP25CMS671226
5143472012-S 25C El Yunque NP25CMS6718918
5100682012-P 25C Chaco Culture NP25CMS67662
5100692012-D 25C Chaco Culture NP25CMS67571
5143482012-S 25C Chaco Culture NP25CMS67823
5100702012-P 25C Acadia NP25CMS67330
5100712012-D 25C Acadia NP25CMS6614019
5143492012-S 25C Acadia NP25CMS666739
5100722012-P 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25CMS67818
5100732012-D 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25CMS67532
5143502012-S 25C Hawaii Volcanoes NP25CMS671160
5100742012-P 25C Denali NP25CMS67820
5100752012-D 25C Denali NP25CMS67620
5143512012-S 25C Denali NP25CMS67791
5115582012-P 50C50CMS671827
5115572012-D 50C50CMS671687
5124632012-P $1 Native American - Position A$1MS671284
5124652012-P $1 Native American - Position B$1MS67943
5124642012-D $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6725532
5124662012-D $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6720127
5120512012-P $1 Chester Arthur - Position A$1MS6722512
5120532012-P $1 Chester Arthur - Position B$1MS6718912
5120522012-D $1 Chester Arthur - Position A$1MS6710911
5120542012-D $1 Chester Arthur - Position B$1MS671365
5120612012-P $1 Grover Cleveland 22nd - Position A$1MS6723113
5120842012-P $1 Grover Cleveland 22nd - Position B$1MS671475
5120622012-D $1 Grover Cleveland 22nd- Position A$1MS671356
5120852012-D $1 Grover Cleveland 22nd - Position B$1MS67883
5120672012-P $1 Benjamin Harrison - Position A$1MS671938
5120692012-P $1 Benjamin Harrison - Position B$1MS671673
5120682012-D $1 Benjamin Harrison - Position A$1MS671007
5120702012-D $1 Benjamin Harrison - Position B$1MS671053
5120762012-P $1 Grover Cleveland 24th - Position A$1MS6720413
5120782012-P $1 Grover Cleveland 24th - Position B$1MS671289
5120772012-D $1 Grover Cleveland 24th - Postion A$1MS671166
5120792012-D $1 Grover Cleveland 24th - Postiion B$1MS67929
5175142013 1C1CMS66RD54037
5175172013-D 1C1CMS67RD1894
5176292013-P 5C5CMS66FS17235
5176312013-D 5C5CMS66FS16838
5175562013-P 10C10CMS67FB641
5175582013-D 10C10CMS67FB1626
5171912013-P 25C White Mountain NP25CMS67752
5171922013-D 25C White Mountain NP25CMS671265
5171932013-S 25C White Mountain NP25CMS67140
5171942013-P 25C Perry's Memorial NP25CMS67713
5171952013-D 25C Perry's Memorial NP25CMS6711412
5172192013-S 25C Perry's Memorial NP25CMS6612643
5173502013-P 25C Great Basin NP25CMS67220
5171982013-D 25C Great Basin NP25CMS6714510
5172202013-S 25C Great Basin NP25CMS67660
5172002013-P 25C Fort McHenry NP25CMS67636
5172012013-D 25C Fort McHenry NP25CMS6712813
5172212013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP25CMS67915
5172032013-P 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS67403Expand
5172042013-D 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS67882
5172222013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS67363
5187192013-P 50C50CMS671519
5187202013-D 50C50CMS6720348
5181062013-P $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6718419
  2013-P $1 Native American - Position B$1 
5181072013-D $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6725122
5181092013-D $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6724314
5176912013-P $1 Theodore Roosevelt - Position A$1MS6712417
5176932013-P $1 Theodore Roosevelt - Position B$1MS6711317
5176922013-D $1 Theodore Roosevelt - Position A$1MS671267
5176942013-D $1 Theodore Roosevelt - Position B$1MS671317
5176872013-P $1 William Howard Taft - Position A$1MS6711413
5176892013-P $1 William Howard Taft - Position B$1MS6713113
5176882013-D $1 William Howard Taft - Position A$1MS671376
5176902013-D $1 William Howard Taft - Position B$1MS671276
5176952013-P $1 William McKinley - Position A$1MS6712010
5176972013-P $1 William McKinley - Position B$1MS671445
5176962013-D $1 William McKinley - Position A$1MS671134
5176982013-D $1 William McKinley - Position B$1MS671234
5176832013-P $1 Woodrow Wilson - Position A$1MS6719514
  2013-P $1 Woodrow Wilson - Position B$1 
5176842013-D $1 Woodrow Wilson - Position A$1MS671479
5176862013-D $1 Woodrow Wilson - Position B$1MS671438
5244062014 1C1CMS67RD1077
5244092014-D 1C1CMS67RD905
5244412014-P 5C5CMS67FS413
5244432014-D 5C5CMS67FS580
5244472014-P 10C10CMS67FB638
5244492014-D 10C10CMS67FB1148
5248992014-P 25C Everglades NP25CMS67343
5249012014-D 25C Everglades NP25CMS676119
5249022014-S 25C Everglades NP25CMS662021
5249102014-P 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25CMS67443
5249152014-D 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25CMS67476
5249132014-S 25C Great Sand Dunes NP25CMS6610726
5249182014-P 25C Arches NP25CMS67592
5249192014-D 25C Arches NP25CMS675415
5249232014-S 25C Arches NP25CMS6614512
5249252014-P 25C Shenandoah NP25CMS67560
5249262014-D 25C Shenandoah NP25CMS67655
5249272014-S 25C Shenandoah NP25CMS665541
5249312014-P 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25CMS67490
5249322014-D 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25CMS67364
5249372014-S 25C Great Smokey Mtns NP25CMS66705
5244572014-P 50C50CMS67785
  2014-P 50C Clad 1964 Obverse50C 
5244582014-D 50C50CMS688116
  2014-D 50C Clad 1964 Obverse50C 
5301802014-D 50C Silver50CMS7024660
5349902014-S 50C Silver50CMS70PL11370
5270602014-P $1 Native American - Position A$1MS67685
5270612014-P $1 Native American - Position B$1MS67700
5270622014-D $1 Native American - Position A$1MS6711410
  2014-D Native American - Position A, Enhanced Finish$1 
5270632014-D $1 Native American - Position B$1MS6710911
  2014-D Native American - Position B, Enhanced Finish$1 
  2014-P $1 Warren G. Harding - Position A$1 
  2014-P $1 Warren G. Harding - Position B$1 
5260782014-D $1 Warren G. Harding - Position A$1MS67712
5260812014-D $1 Warren G. Harding - Position B$1MS67642
5262932014-P $1 Calvin Coolidge - Position A$1MS67330
5262942014-P $1 Calvin Coolidge - Position B$1MS67310
5262952014-D $1 Calvin Coolidge - Position A$1MS67785
5262972014-D $1 Calvin Coolidge - Position B$1MS67854
  2014-P $1 Herbert Hoover - Position A$1 
  2014-P $1 Herbert Hoover - Position B$1 
5263052014-D $1 Herbert Hoover - Position A$1MS67750
5263062014-D $1 Herbert Hoover - Position B$1MS67692
  2014-P $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position A$1 
  2014-P $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position B$1 
5263012014-D $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position A$1MS67670
5263022014-D $1 Franklin D. Roosevelt - Position B$1MS67661