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Rank 19
Weighted GPA 68.975
Complete 93.33%
Set Rating 59.899
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 PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
96011982-S Washington 50C50CPR69DC13193416
96081983-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC428243
96121984-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC4346133
96141984-P Olympic G$10$10 
96151984-D Olympic G$10$10 
96161984-S Olympic G$10$10PR69DC2244123
96171984-W Olympic G$10$10PR68DC2397903
96191986-S Statue of Liberty 50C50CPR69DC7940158
96211986-S Statue of Liberty S$1$1PR69DC9959342
96231986-W Statue of Liberty G$5$5PR69DC10973612
96251987-S Constitution S$1$1PR69DC5945326
96271987-W Constitution G$5$5PR69DC146901872
96291988-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC3569277
96311988-W Olympic G$5$5PR69DC8572438
96331989-S Congress 50C50CPR69DC301650
96351989-S Congress S$1$1PR69DC283788
96371989-W Congress G$5$5PR69DC4825520
96391990-P Eisenhower S$1$1PR69DC6462215
96431991-S Mount Rushmore 50C50CPR69DC3494139
96451991-S Mount Rushmore S$1$1PR69DC3360248
96471991-W Mount Rushmore G$5$5PR69DC4206369
96531991-P Korea S$1$1PR69DC319968
96591991-S USO S$1$1PR69DC202788
96631992-S Columbus 50C50CPR69DC2648176
96651992-P Columbus S$1$1PR69DC269382
96671992-W Columbus G$5$5PR69DC3042362
96611992-W White House S$1$1PR69DC2601120
99211992-S Olympic 50C50CPR69DC2480226
99231992-S Olympic S$1$1PR69DC270176
99261992-W Olympic G$5$5PR69DC2922292
96691993-S Madison 50C50CPR69DC311987
96711993-S Madison S$1$1PR69DC268554
96731993-W Madison G$5$5PR69DC3582248
96891993-S Jefferson S$1$1PR69DC204787
96751991-95-P World War II 50C50CPR69DC266544
96771991-95-W World War II S$1$1PR69DC2964118
96791991-95-W World War II G$5$5PR69DC4066180
96811994-P World Cup 50C50CPR69DC260011
96831994-S World Cup S$1$1PR69DC2747133
96851994-W World Cup G$5$5PR69DC3558108
96911994-P Prisoners of War S$1$1PR69DC234438
96931994-P Vietnam S$1$1PR69DC251447
96951994-P Women in Military S$1$1PR69DC189421
96971994-S Capitol S$1$1PR69DC1932120
96991995-S Civil War 50C50CPR69DC241347
97011995-S Civil War S$1$1PR69DC3143154
97031995-W Civil War G$5$5PR69DC3380155
97091995-S Basketball 50C50CPR69DC159229
97111995-S Baseball 50C50CPR69DC117937
97131996-S Swimming 50C50CPR69DC116243
97151996-S Soccer 50C50CPR69DC115240
97171995-P Gymnastics S$1$1PR69DC203241
97191995-P Paralympic S$1$1PR69DC211976
97211995-P Track and Field S$1$1PR69DC187343
97231995-P Cycling S$1$1PR69DC147642
97251996-P Tennis S$1$1PR69DC129110
97271996-P Paralympic S$1$1PR69DC148012
97291996-P Rowing S$1$1PR69DC124312
97311996-P High Jump S$1$1PR69DC12682
97331995-W Torch G$5$5 
97351995-W Stadium G$5$5 
97371996-W Flag G$5$5 
97391996-W Cauldron G$5$5 
97051995-P Special Olympics S$1$1PR69DC143261
97411996-S Community Service S$1$1PR69DC1843173
97431996-P Smithsonian S$1$1PR69DC160846
97451996-W Smithsonian G$5$5 
97471997-P Botanic Garden S$1$1PR69DC156550
97581997-S Jackie Robinson S$1$1PR69DC1834110
97601997-W Jackie Robinson G$5$5 
97491997-W Franklin D. Roosevelt G$5$5PR69DC2258164
97621997-P Officers S$1$1PR69DC1453113
97641998-S Robert F. Kennedy S$1$1PR69DC123551
97701998-S C. Attucks S$1$1PR69DC145875
97721999-P Dolley Madison S$1$1PR69DC2717309
997771999-W Washington G$5$5PR69DC2990169
997781999-P Yellowstone S$1$1PR69DC189175
997832000-P Library S$1$1PR69DC1832103
997842000-W Library G$10$10PR69DC4058486
897852000-P Leif Ericson S$11000 KrPR69DC96620
997932001-P Buffalo S$1$1PR69DC175541084
997902001-P Capitol Visitor Ctr 50C50CPR69DC11741
997912001-P Capitol Visitor Ctr S$1$1PR69DC197978
997922001-W Capitol Visitor Ctr G$5$5PR69DC2004153
997982002-P Salt Lake City Olympics S$1$1PR69DC176685
997992002-W Salt Lake City Olympics G$5$5PR69DC1624223
9210002002-W West Point Bicentennial S$1$1PR69DC3195245
9210012003-P First Flight 50C50CPR69DC136393
9210022003-P First Flight S$1$1PR69DC189381
9210032003-W First Flight G$10$10PR69DC1559107
9210052004-P Lewis & Clark S$1$1PR69DC4717828
9210042004-P Edison S$1$1PR69DC2177109
9210062005-P Marshall S$1$1PR69DC1634304
9210072005-P Marine Corps S$1$1PR69DC4749808
9210082006-P Scientist S$1$1PR69DC2567361
9210092006-P Founding Father S$1$1PR69DC2399951
210112006-S San Francisco Old Mint S$1 $1PR69DC4024370
210132006-S San Francisco Old Mint G$5 $5PR69DC2717458
1474402007-P Jamestown S$1$1PR69DC3564921
1474422007-W Jamestown G$5$5PR69DC2192554
1495702007-P Desegregation S$1$1PR69DC1382440
3944172008-S Bald Eagle 50C50CPR69DC2710486
3944182008-P Bald Eagle S$1$1PR69DC4083343
3944202008-W Bald Eagle G$5$5PR69DC1548464
4073512009-P Abraham Lincoln S$1$1PR69DC67382488
4088262009-P Louis Braille Bicentennial S$1$1PR69DC1710137
4185392010-P Boy Scouts of America S$1$1PR69DC47821657
4177542010-W Disabled Veterans S$1$1PR69DC21711491
5061652011-S United States Army 50C50CPR69DC54063
5061672011-P United States Army S$1$1PR69DC761238
5061722011-W United States Army G$5$5PR69DC18454
5072902011-P S$1 Medal of Honor$1PR69DC874161
5073092011-W G$5 Medal of Honor$5PR69DC16731
5111652012-W S$1 Infantry$1PR68DC33592
5114942012-P S$1 Star-Spangled Banner$1PR69DC432157
5115482012-W G$5 Star-Spangled Banner$5PR68DC2138
5176492013-S 5 Star Generals Arnold, Bradley 50C50CPR69DC39713
5176532013-P 5 Star Generals Marshall, Eisenhower S$1$1PR70DC840
5160772013-W Girl Scouts S$1$1PR68DC6413
5176572013-W 5 Star Generals MacArthur G$5$5PR69DC7542
5256402014-S Baseball Hall of Fame 50C50CPR70DC2830
5256422014-P Baseball Hall of Fame S$1$1PR70DC6920
  2014-W Baseball Hall of Fame G$5$5 
5243542014-P Civil Rights Act of 1964 S$1$1PR69DC3713

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.