Meant to be Spent - 12th

Current Statistics
Rank 12
Weighted GPA 67.400
Complete 35.71%
Set Rating 24.071
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Meant to be Spent
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  2008 1C1C 
  2008-D 1C1C 
3949152008-P 5C5CMS66FS1051
  2008-D 5C5C 
3949252008-P 10C10CMS6710No ms67fb's known yet.
3949302008-D 10C10CMS67FB41
390402008-P 25C Oklahoma25C 
390412008-D 25C Oklahoma25C 
390422008-P 25C New Mexico25C 
390432008-D 25C New Mexico25C 
390442008-P 25C Arizona25CMS672732
390452008-D 25C Arizona25C 
390462008-P 25C Alaska25C 
390472008-D 25C Alaska25CMS671704
390482008-P 25C Hawaii25C 
390492008-D 25C Hawaii25C 
3949392008-P 50C50C 
3949412008-D 50C50C 
3949432008-P SAC $1SAC$1 
3949452008-D SAC $1SAC$1 
  2008-P $1 James Monroe$1 
3946552008-D $1 James Monroe$1MS671201064/13
3946612008-P $1 John Quincy Adams$1MS67130167/0
  2008-D $1 John Quincy Adams$1 
3948582008-P Andrew Jackson$1MS67290
3948552008-D Andrew Jackson$1MS67408/0
3948722008-P Martin Van Buren$1MS67430
  2008-D Martin Van Buren$1