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Expert Comments:
Once again we have the great pleasure of recognizing the spectacular accomplishments of the PCGS Set Registry participants. As life-long coin enthusiasts we understand the tremendous effort and time that goes into building world class coin collections. What this year’s winners have accomplished is definitely worthy of high praise. So to all winners we say, “Congratulations!” And to all participants in the PCGS Set Registry we say that we admire your passion and hope that you continue to enjoy your pursuit of numismatic excellence. Thanks for sharing your wonderful collections with us!

David Hall
Collectors Universe President, PCGS Founder

Best Classic Sets (1792 to 1964) of 2011

Simpson - Lincoln Cents Off-Metal Strikes, Circulation Strikes (1943-1944)
This is a phenomenal set of coins, put together by the super-collector "Simpson" (who also owns the finest set of U.S. Patterns, $10 Indians, Half Dimes, and so much more). Simpson's Off-Metal Lincoln Cent Set includes six coins that everyone dreams of owning: 1943 Bronze Cent, 1943-D Bronze Cent (UNIQUE!), 1943-S Bronze Cent, 1944 Steel Cent, 1944-D Steel Cent, and 1944-S Steel Cent. No one in numismatic history has ever completed this short, but very sweet, set.

The High Desert collection continues its dominance of the type set category and receives its tenth consecutive award. This complete collection has superb quality coins, as its 64.6 average certainly attests. Trying to increase such a high quality set is extremely difficult, as coins that would improve this impressive set do not appear in the marketplace with frequency and they usually cost a bundle. Its induction into the Hall of Fame is most deserving for this incredible collecting accomplishment.
The Driftwood Barber Set is a new winner this year, and a perusal of the listing explains why. Of the 72 coins, the MINIMUM grade is PR65, and an astonishing 2/3 of the set is cameo or deep cameo. This beautifully matched set has lots of room to grow, as plenty of upgrade possibilities exist. We expect this set to only get better every year!
The JB3 Collection is a nearly complete collection of ALL American commemorative coins, going way back to the Isabella Quarter in 1893, through the classic period, and all the way up to the present time, including gold. It lacks only the Pan Pac 50s and the most recent issues. This outstanding set is 98.39% complete and has an overall GPA of 66.78.
ESM  - U.S. Cents Complete Set with Major Varieties (1793-present)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
From Half Cents through Small Cents, from the first US coins to the present, the ESM Collection is replete with rarities and coins with special pedigrees, including Eliasberg, Pittman, Naftzger, etc. It is 99.12% complete from 1793 to date. Receiving his fifth consecutive award, and with a Set Rating gap of over 40 points over the second place set, the quality and breadth of this Hall of Fame collection is simply amazing.
Jim McGuigan - Half Cent Collection (1793-1857)
(Note that the award includes 2 sub-sets in this collection.)
Jim McGuigan has been a Half Cent collector for decades and has exhibited numerous examples of his superb set at many coin shows over the years. As a dealer, he attends most major coin shows, which allows him the access to many high quality Half Cents. Jim received Hall of Fame recognition in 2004 and these are his eighth consecutive awards for his amazing collection.
ESM - Half Cents, Proof (1831-1857)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection.)
This is the sixth straight year that the ESM Collection of Proof Half Cents has taken top honors. ESM achieved 100% completion in 2007 and many of the coins in this collection are Top Pop for the date, numerous ones unique for the grade. Norweb, Eliasberg, and Pittman are among the pedigrees included in this collection. A set rating of 65.225 sets a mark that will be difficult to eclipse. 15 of the 23 coins in the set are finest knowns, or tied for that honor.
Twin Leaf Collection - Large Cents, Proof (1817-1857)
This is a recent entry in the category and one of two awards for this set. Early Large Cent Proofs are incredibly rare and popular, especially those dates prior to the 1840's. This set is over 90% complete and has a weighted GPA of almost 65, an incredible accomplishment. A quick perusal of the inventory listing show more than a few, unique Top Pop coins, plus others that are very close. We enjoyed spending time looking at the wonderful photographs of the Twin Leaf coins. Over two thirds of the coins in the set are at the top of the population listing, with none higher.
While only a small set in quantity of coins, the quality here speaks for itself. MS67 Flying Eagle cents are virtually unknown (Only one Mint State and one Proof have been graded in over 25 years) so the set rating of 65.5 approaches perfection. A ninth consecutive win for this outstanding set.
The Castle Collection - Indian Cents, Circulation Strikes (1859-1909)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
How about starting off with a 100% complete set of Indian cents, with varieties, in an average grade of 67.48? If this is a start, where does it finish? Forty coins in this set are already un-improvable. Kudos to The Castle Collection. A well deserved second award!
The Thomas Irwin Collection - Lincoln Cent Collection (1909-Present)
 (Note that the award includes the 25 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
The Thomas Irwin Collection is one of the finest collections of Lincoln Cents ever assembled. It contains every date in Mint State and Proof, virtually every major variety, and all in superb condition. In fact, the Weighted GPA for the set is 67.94 and it approaches 97% completion. The true measure of this set is the huge number of zeroes in the Pop Higher column! This collection was first listed in the Registry in 2009 and immediately received Hall of Fame recognition.
This nearly un-improvable set includes both Large and Small Motto 1864s, both Plain and Fancy 5 1865s, (both in MS66RD!) and the 1867 Doubled Die Obverse. Every issue in the set has “0” pop higher, save for two. Quite possibly the finest Two Cent Piece set ever assembled.  Another repeat winner for a most deserving effort.
David Poole - Three Cent Nickels, Proof (1865-1889)
(Note that the award includes the sub-sets in this collection which is ranked #1.)
With an average grade of 67.9, it’s tough to imagine a better set. In fact, EVERY coin in the set except for three has a Pop Higher of “0”. A seventh consecutive award for an amazing accomplishment.
Simpson - Three Cent Silvers, Circulation Strikes (1851-1872)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
A new player last year, and we cannot recall a more auspicious entry! The Simpson Collections amaze. The very tough 3 Cent Silver Pieces are represented by an astonishing group that includes no fewer than 14 pieces in MS67 or higher with nearly 20 finest knowns. Despite their small size, these coins are breathtaking jewels in this condition.
Laura Sperber (Legend Collection) - Three Cent Silvers, Proof (1854-1873)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
This set was purchased intact this past year, and now receives its third award. It is 100% complete and has a set rating of 66.68. Incredibly, there is only ONE date in the entire set that PCGS has graded higher, and that with a population of one! At the threshold of perfection.
Mitch Green continues his domination of this category with a variety set of Shield Nickels that comes close to perfection (only two dates need to be upgraded to achieve all Top Pops) and his fifth consecutive gold star award. Keep up the good work Mitch!

Just Having Fun - Shield Nickel Collection (1866-1883)
Every single coin in the Mint State set is a Top Pop, including two coins that are unique for the grade. Hence, at present, it is unimprovable. That's quite an accomplishment in a series where there is a lot of enthusiasm and competition. The proofs have only one coin graded higher (1870) making the owner of these two sets ONE coin away from having the finest set of Shield Nickels, both Mint State and Proof, that can be assembled. This is the fifth Best Classic award for these outstanding sets of Shield Nickels. 
With a jaw dropping set rating of 67.72, this set borders on perfection. Only three coins could be improved, and this marks his 8th year in the top spot in the category. We’re proud to award him his second gold star.
Gerald Forsythe - Buffalo Nickel Collection (1913-1938)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Gerald Forsythe has led this category since 2005 and this year he is again recognized a seventh consecutive time for a set that averages 66.5. That is a singular achievement when one comes face-to-face with the poor quality and luster of some of the branch mint coins. Only two coins could be improved, and they are the 1935-P and 1936-P of all dates! The Proofs are as fine a set as can be made, with all eight coins being either finest known or tied for that honor. A set rating of 68.2 says it all. Congratulations to Mr. Forsythe for continuing to dominate in an area of great interest and competition.
Simpson - Capped Bust Half Dimes, Circulation Strikes (1829-1837)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
Yet another wonder-set, Simpson’s Capped Bust Half dimes are complete (naturally) and over half the set grades MS67 or higher. Words fail us in describing the quality of Simpson’s coins. And how lucky we are that he has shared high-resolution photos of all his coins with us. Check them out if you haven’t already!
Simpson - Liberty Seated Half Dimes, Circulation Strikes (1837-1873)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Simpson’s entry into the set registry last year made quite a splash, and with sets like this, it’s no surprise. A 100% complete set of Seated Half Dimes, with major varieties and the ultra rare 1870-S, with a rating of 65.21 including no fewer than fifty “top pops.” Tell me that’s not tough to do!
Gerry Fortin - Liberty Seated Dimes, Circulation Strikes (1837-1891)
(Note that the award includes the 5 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Gerry Fortin is an expert's expert and a deserving annual winner for this series. He has put together the finest collection of Liberty Seated Dimes ever assembled and is the foremost expert in die varieties for this lengthy series. He continually updates his collection and shares his knowledge of this series. His website at http://www.seateddimevarieties.com/ is the definitive reference work for this series. What can we add but his seventh consecutive gold star award?
Simpson - Barber Dime Collection (1892-1916)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
We run short of superlatives attempting to describe Simpson’s sets. A 100% complete set of Barber Dimes, both MS and Proof, with set ratings of 66.67 and 67.93 certainly speaks for itself. The addition of Simpson’s sets has enriched the Registry substantially and his second round of Gold Star awards should come as a surprise to no one.
While winning a blue star in 2009 for top of the category, we awarded the Greenwich Collection a gold star last year for achieving a Set Rating of 66.57 and 100% completion. This year, the set rating has inched up to 66.78 and we are proud to award his second consecutive gold star award. Sporting six absolute finest knowns (pop 1, 0 higher) it sets a high bar for competition in this series.
Just Having Fun - Standing Liberty Quarters FH, Circulation Strikes (1916-1930)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
This is the ninth consecutive year the Just Having Fun collection of Standing Liberty Quarters has garnered top honors. Now a Hall of Fame winner as well, with a weighted GPA/Set Rating of 67.79 and 92.11% FH, improving this masterpiece of collecting is a challenge. An awesome accomplishment in one of the nation’s great coin designs and most popular series.
Mitchell J. Spivack (Wondercoin) - Washington Quarters, Circulation Strikes (1932-Present)
(Note that the award includes the 7 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
While a complete date and mintmark set of Washington Quarters in 67.07 is tough enough, when you add in the five Double Die Obverses and the two 1950 over-mintmarks, the task becomes immeasurably tougher. Replete with “finest knowns”, Mitch’s effort is unlikely to be repeated anytime soon. Congratulations on the second gold star award!
David Poole - Washington Quarters, Circulation Strikes (1932-1964)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
This extraordinary collection of Washington Quarters has been admirably assembled and shepherded by Mr. Poole and has led its category for the sixth year in a row. The hallmarks of this set are superb quality, an occasional monster-toned coin, and a couple of unique Top Pops that will ensure the championship status of this set for years to come.  What a set that could be assembled if Mitch Spivack and David Poole combined the best of their respective sets!
Dale Friend - Early Half Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1794-1839)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
After dominating the Early Half Category for the past six years with a blue star award, we awarded a gold star last year. We think a 92% complete collection of halves from 1794 to 1839 with a weighted GPA of 58.6 is pretty neat. The pair of Draped Bust Small Eagle halves in AU50 are reason enough for admiration – and we’re not even mentioning the 1794 in Mint State!
Dr. and Mrs. Peter K. Shireman Collection - Barber Half Dollar Collection, Circulation Strikes (1892-1915)
(Note that the award includes the 3 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
In a mature venue such as the PCGS Set Registry, it’s rather rare now to have a new award-winning set on the scene. Dr. Shireman’s Barber Halves certainly qualify! At 100% complete and a set rating of 66.085, we congratulate Dr. Shireman on his first Gold Star award. Check out the photos for some gorgeously toned Barber Halves.
Gerald Forsythe - Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collection (1916-1947)
(Note that the award includes the 3 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
This magnificent collection of Walking Liberty Half Dollars is back for its third Best Classic Award. There are so many wonderful coins in this set that it's hard to know where to start. Coins such as the unique Top Pop 1919-D in PCGS MS66, the 1921-D in MS66 and the equally impressive 1935 in PCGS MS68 make this a set for the ages. The overall GPA is over 66.5 and the other two 1921s are both MS65. The Proof set weighs in with a GPA of 68.06, and includes the ONLY proof Walker graded PR69 by PCGS!
Robert D. Hesselgesser M.D. - Early Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1794-1803)
(Note that the award includes the 3 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
THIS is a collection. We had the pleasure of featuring Dr. Hesselgesser’s Silver Dollars in a display at a 2007 Long Beach show, where admirers lined up to view this impressive collection. In person, it's easy to detect Dr. Hesselgesser's enthusiasm for collecting - he is clearly excited about this project. He has assembled the finest and most complete collection of early silver dollar varieties ever assembled, including incredible rarities in the best possible condition. The set contains 113 of 123 known varieties – keep in mind that in the 123 possible coins, no fewer than nine are Rarity 8s! An astonishing 61 coins in the variety set (almost 50% of the coins) are finest knowns, (pop 1, none higher) and we believe it’s safe to say a better set will not be coming along anytime soon. Building a collection such as this requires lots of money, a real understanding of the characteristics of individual dates and varieties, help from knowledgeable dealers, and a lot of being in the right place at the right time. We applaud Dr. Hesselgesser's efforts and success and congratulate him on his fifth gold star award.
California I - Morgan Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921)
(Note that the award includes the 5 sub-sets in this collection that are ranked #1.)
The California Collection of Morgan Dollars is an incredible accomplishment because of the extreme difficulty in dominating an area of such intense interest and competition. Over the years, several collectors have built spectacular collections of Morgan Dollars, or have had individual coins of exceptional quality (the name Jack Lee and the Norweb family come to mind). However, the California Collection beats them all, (Set Rating 65.06 and lacking only the 1899-micro O) it continues to reign as the finest Morgan Dollar set of all time. A Hall of Fame set, and receiving its tenth annual award!
David T. Miller and C. Ash Harrison (DT Miller by Ashmore) - Morgan Dollars Prooflike, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Back for its third annual Best Classic Award, the Miller-Harrison set of Prooflike Morgans is the result of a collaborative effort of an eager collector and an aggressive dealer, which illustrates the importance of getting the right help when building your collection. The end product is the finest collection of Prooflike Morgan Dollars ever assembled. As great as this set is, the owner/dealer will take any opportunity to improve the set, so we expect this set to improve and become even more important in the future. The Prooflike Only Basic Set currently 96.43% complete, with a Weighted GPA of 66.69 and with 86.1% of the Prooflikes DMPLs.
The Paul Taylor set of proof Morgans has been a mainstay of the PCGS Set Registry since its inception. This is the fourth consecutive Best Classic award for this remarkable set and his tenth award. The primary set has a weighted GPA of 67.78, indicating the superb level of quality of most of the coins. Filled with Cameos (48%) and Deep Cameos (33%), and sprinkled with some unique Top Pops, this is a set that will continue to dominate.  
California I - Peace Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1921-1935)
(Note that the award includes the 3 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
The “California I” Peace Dollar set is the finest ever assembled. Every coin but three is a Top Pop and the set features the only MS67 1923-S and the only MS66 1928-S. The quality of this set is unmatched in numismatic history and is a perfect continuation of California I's spectacular set of Morgan Dollars. To give you some idea of the incredible quality of this Hall of Fame set, the entire column of “Pop Higher” adds to only 4 pieces. An unprecedented TENTH annual award is being given this year.  To no one’s surprise, a Hall of Fame set as well.
The Donald A. Kutz $2 1/2 Indian Collection - Indian Head $2-1/2 Gold, Circulation Strikes (1908-1929)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
The “California” $2.5 Indian set wins its seventh consecutive Best Classic set award. Most of the coins are the finest graded and the set includes the finest MS66+ example of the 1911-D (the Norweb-Bass specimen) the key date in the series and one of the most important gold coins of the 20th century. The set also has an MS67 example of the key date 1914. All but two pieces in the set are “Top Pop” coins. With a Set Rating just north of MS66, collectors of Indian Gold know how tough this accomplishment is.
The “Great Lakes Collection” of three dollar gold pieces is an amazing assemblage of top quality coins. It is the finest known by a full two grade points and blows away the Eliasberg, Bass, and Smithsonian collections! The vast majority of the coins in this collection are Top Pops, including many that are unique for the grade. At 100% complete with a Set Rating of 64.88, this set is fully deserving of its sixth Best Classic Gold Star award.
Another new set, taking away both a Gold Star award as well as a Hall of Fame win in its first year! And no wonder…. With a Set Rating of 66.27 and a completion rate of 100%, it’s a mind boggling assemblage of some of the rarest U.S. coins. Containing pieces from such collections as Bass, Garrett, and Trompeter and with no fewer than fifteen absolute finest knowns (pop 1, none higher) this set leaves even the most experienced numismatists speechless. Well done Tom!
Like Simpson’s other sets, this one is amazing as well. With fully one third of the coins absolute finest knowns, nearly two thirds “unimprovable” and a Set Rating of 66.35, it surpasses the former champions, Jim O’Neal and the Kutasi Collection. It is the current finest by a wide margin. Fulling deserving of its place in the Hall of Fame and its second Gold Star award.
AWA Collection - Liberty Head $20 Gold, Circulation Strikes (1850-1907)
(Note that the award includes the 6 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
At almost 98% complete, this phenomenal set has been decades in the making and ranks as the finest ever assembled. In 2009, PCGS had the pleasure of examining and certifying this set, in preparation for inclusion in the PCGS Registry. To say it was one of the highlights of our numismatic careers was an understatement. There are so many "Finest Knowns" and Top Pops in this set that it defies description. Between the 1850-O and the 1855-S, there is a total of ONE coin PCGS has graded higher than the pieces shown in the set. For a real numismatic treat, check out the images that accompany each of the set composition listings. Its third Best Classic award, and more to come.
The addition of the Simpson sets was a major highlight of the Set Registry last year, and this Saint Gaudens set explains why. It is 100% complete, and boasts a Set Rating of 65.81 including a 27-D in MS66, a 20-S in MS65, a 30-S in MS65, a 31-P in MS66 and a 29-P in MS66+. We could go on, but you get the idea.  Even more amazing, is that some of the more common dates remain easy upgrades, which could push the set rating over MS66!
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
The Duckors have set the standard for high quality Barber Half Dollars and $20 Saint Gaudens. Their set of "Saints" is unsurpassed in quality and includes the unique, Top Pop 1927-S in MS67. The Duckors have a keen eye, an aggressive collecting mentality, plus they are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Again, to measure the quality of this set, notice the number of zeroes in the “Pop Higher” column.  A sixth award, and second Gold Star award for this set is no surprise. Combining the Simpson and Ducker Saint sets would produce the Saint set of a lifetime.
Another new Gold Star Winner this year, and proof that superb sets can still be made, this incredible set of Commemoratives boasts a set rating over 67 and is 100% complete. Best of all, photographs of the set have been posted, allowing interest viewers to see just how beautiful a set of U.S. commems can be. Get this: of the 144 coins, 94 show a “0” in the “Pop Higher” column. Tell me that ain’t tough to do.
Paul Denby - Gold Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes (1903-1926)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
The Paul Denby gold commemorative collection is the finest ever assembled. An amazing 10 of the 13 coins grade MS67 and the $50 Pan-Pacs grade MS65 and MS64. This is a small set of big importance. This is his fourth consecutive gold star award.

Best Modern Sets of 2011

Greg Rivers (The Sugarfree Chaos Collection) - Silver, Gold & Platinum Eagle Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1986-present)
The Sugarfree Chaos Collection of Silver, Gold and Platinum Eagles has 149 perfect coins in the set, despite some of the coins having very low populations in MS70. Greg has continued to update and upgrade the set, now with a set rating of 69.74! Several highlights are Greg's 1994 and 1996 $50 Mint State Gold Eagles as well as a 1997 $25 and 2002 $100 Mint State Platinum Eagles, all with a population of only one in MS70. This is the fourth year in a row this set has been number one.

High Voltage Collection- Modern Type Set (1950-present)
Last year the award-winning High Voltage Collection was bumped to second place by Kevin’S Future Coins, but this year the owner surged ahead again with an amazing 70.08 set rating! The owner of this set has obtained some of the very nicest Type coins representing the 1950 to Date composition. Most of the coins in this astounding set consist of MS and PR70 coins with very little room for improvement.
Although not complete, this set demands attention. All but three of the required varieties are registered and considering that the complete variety sets are works in progress with varieties being added as they are recognized by PCGS, this is makes this accomplishment all the more meaningful. All but two of the varieties are Mint State. Eight of the coins in the set are the finest graded. Congratulations on a great job!
100% complete, every variety is listed with none graded lower than 66. The set contains a large percentage of “Top Pops” including the 1972-S DDO PR66CA, the single finest graded.  Although currently closed from public viewing, the owner has beautiful images of nearly every coin. We hope that one day soon, the Elwell Family will give fellow collectors a peek!
The Corso Collection - Jefferson Nickels FS, Circulation Strikes (1938-present)
Note that the award includes the 4 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
The Corso Collection continues to dominate in this category, remaining in the top spot nine years in a row! The owner should take pride in orchestrating such a significant set of Jefferson Nickels. Almost every coin has been imaged and displayed very elegantly in his set. Many of the coins are the finest in existence for circulating Jefferson Nickels with Full Steps. We are thrilled to recognize this set for another year.
The Just Having Fun Set is simply mind boggling. He has several Full Step Jefferson Nickels with a population of 1 with none higher. These coins, with a population of one with none finer, were minted in the hundreds of millions combined. Yet this collector has managed to find the finest examples and display them in this very impressive set. It is important to note that 98.59% of these coins are Full Step. Congratulations to this collector for his eighth year of dominance.
Now for the third year in a row, Steve has remained in the number one spot. He has assembled a high grade set with more than 30 different varieties. Some of the varieties have single digit populations with none finer. The owner of the set has showed a lot of dedication, as he has made several of the varieties and upgrades himself. Only one elusive variety keeps this set away from 100% complete.
Ray Overby - Jefferson Nickels FS, Circulation Strikes (1965-present)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Ray Overby’s set contains many single finest examples of post-1964 Circulation Strike Jefferson Nickels. 80 of the coins in the set are “Top Pops” and of these coins have a population of one and with none graded finer. This is a very impressive set of Jefferson Nickels with the Full Steps designation.
Winning a “Best of the Registry” nod last year for being number one in the category, this year sees this set winning a Best Modern Set award. With an improved set rating from last year’s 70.06 to this year’s 70.11 and with 92.50% of the coins Deep Cameo, there was no doubt in the judges’ mind that it was time for recognition. Nearly every coin is a “Top Pop.” This set is uniformly beautiful.
ErasmusHall - Roosevelt Dimes FB Collection (1946-present)
Roosevelt Dimes FB with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1946-Present)
(Note that the award includes the 7 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Although winning last year for his proof set, this year ErasmusHall is being recognized this year for both his Major Variety Circulation Strikes and Proof sets. Always improving and clearly dedicated, this collector has strived to reach the very pinnacle of this series. Settling in just a few points behind the now retired “Close to Perfect” mint state set, we are convinced that eventually the ErasmusHall set will rise to number one. Nearly every coin is imaged and beautifully toned. Lacking only the 1975 No S in the proof set, the next closest set is points away. Congratulations!
GRFN - Franklin Half Dollars FBL, Circulation Strikes (1948-1963)
(Note that the award includes the sub-sets in this collection which is ranked #1.)
What a monster of a set! The GRFN collection has a coin from every date of the Circulation Strike Franklin Half Dollars in superb condition. Almost every coin is the finest for the grade with the Full Bell Lines designation. Four of the coins have a population of one in MS67 FBL with none being finer. A truly impressive set.  GRFN has won a major award for the past five years defeating even the Hall of Fame winning set, JFS some years ago. It appears that GRFN cannot be beaten.
EBL III Collection - Franklin Half Dollars, Proof (1950-1963)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
It doesn’t appear that this Hall of Fame set will ever slip in ranking. When you view this set you can see why it has won a major award every year since 2005. The EBL Collection of Franklin Half Dollar Proofs is simply amazing. Coins from the 1950s are known to be very scarce with Cameo and even more so with the Deep Cameo designation. However, The EBL Collection has done a tremendous job by acquiring the nicest Franklin Proof examples that are available and placing them in this one set. Every coin is Deep Cameo except for the 1961 Doubled Die Reverse and that coin, graded MS67 Cameo, is the single finest graded. Wow!
The PD Shad’s Complete JFK Collection is another set that continues to dominate year after year. Winning a major award since 2006, one look at the set and you can see why the judges continue to recognize this collector’s achievement. This is an extremely challenging set yet this collector continues to improve it, increasing his set rating every year. Is there still room for improvement? Yes, but not much!
Caleb Clough (The Acadia Collection) - Kennedy Half Dollar Collection (1964-Present)
(Note that the award includes the 6 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
This Young Numismatist has done a wonderful job at building an outstanding collection. Missing only the 1964 SMS and the proof 1965 SMS DDR, Caleb has managed to secure some of the highest graded varieties in existence. Several coins have single digit populations with none being finer. We look forward to see where this collector goes in the future.
Nick Shelton - Kennedy Half Dollar Collection (1964-Present)
(Note that the award includes the 6 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Like his YN counterpart, Nick’s set, which matches the number one rating of Caleb’s set, is filled with many “Top Pops.”  Hailing from the legendary Richard Green collection is Nick’s 1964-D Kennedy Half in MS68 condition with a population of one with none finer… a simply amazing coin. This set is missing only the 1964 SMS and 1967 DDR. It has been fun to watching these two young and very amazing collectors, Caleb and Nick, compete in this horse race.
Gabriel Murphy (Murphy's) - Eisenhower Dollar Collection (1971-1978)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
The Murphy’s Eisenhower Dollar collection consists of several high grade Eisenhower Dollars. Due to the coin’s large size and metal composition uncirculated coins were not always the nicest. However, Murphy’s set managed to locate some of the finest examples available of Eisenhower Dollars and put them in this one set.
New on the scene this year, the Richland Ikes are very special. The set rating of 66.59 puts this set well above the other current finest sets. Consisting of 34 coins, there are a large number of “Top Pops” in the set. The proofs are uniformly graded Proof69 Deep Cameo. Take a look at the set. Several of the mint state examples are beautifully toned.
Gandyjais Variety & DIVA Proof Ike Set - Eisenhower Dollars Complete Variety Set, Proof (1971-1978)
This is Gandyjais’s first award and it is well-deserved. Finding some of these minor varieties is not easy, but this collector has managed to secure them all. His low pop 1971-S DDO FS-103 is the single finest graded at PR68 Cameo. No other collector has achieved a set rating of 68.71. Yes, there’s room for improvement, but not much! Congratulations.
Gabriel Murphy (Murphy's “DRG Collection”) - Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1979-81, 1999)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
Great things come in small packages. And, this small set of Susan B. Anthony Dollars is no exception. What sets this collection apart is that it contains several of finest known examples for the series. The two highlights are the 1979-P in MS68 grade with a population of one with none higher. And, Gabriel’s 1981-S in MS67 also has a population of just one, with none being finer.  Be sure to visit Gabriel’s set in the Registry. He’s added Trueview images for every coin and a touch of humor in his commentary.
Ted Sierra - Sacagawea Dollar Collection (2000-present)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
This is another new set this year, and it is quite remarkable. The Sacagawea varieties range in grade from 67 to 69 and every single proof is PR70 Deep Cameo. While there are others competing in this category, Ted’s set ranks well above the rest. Great job!
Sonoran Monsoon - Presidential Dollar Collection (2007-2016)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
The Presidential Major variety set requires both Positions, A & B, for each President in circulation strike. In addition, all the proof issues are included. Sonoran Monsoon rose in ranks soon after this set composition was put online and has remained in the top spot with a GPA of 67.39. This collector has treated us with great images of nearly every coin. Although not required yet, the set also contains most of the 2011 issues!

James Elsmore (JE) - Presidential Dollars First Day of Issue, Circulation Strikes (2007-2016)
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
For the fourth year in a row, James has landed in the top spot. This set is very challenging because not only does it require all the varieties such as the Missing Edge Lettering varieties, but each coin must be First Day of Issue. To top it all, the set continues to expand, adding new issues every year. Is the JE set 100% through 2010? Yes, it is! No other collector in this category comes close. Great job!
This set requires both circulation strike and satin finish coins. It is clear that LJK worked hard to go from the second spot in 2010 to number one this year. Many of his coins are “Top Pops” so it is no wonder that his GPA is 67.69. As of this date, his is 2009-P Zachary Taylor Position A is a MS67 and the finest graded. His 2010-P Millard Fillmore Position B, Satin Finish, SP69 is also the finest graded. Congratulations!
J. Michael Halwig M.D. (The Halwig Collection) - Modern Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes (1982-present)
The Halwig Collection of Modern Commemoratives Circulation Strike Set is completely mesmerizing. For the fifth consecutive year, this collection has dominated. Only one coin in this set, the 1989-D Congress 50C, can be improved. And, that will be difficult because the coin in the Halwig Collection is a MS69! Each year, Dr. Halwig has added the new issues, all in MS70, making it nearly impossible for anyone to compete.
Sam Eltonhead (Sam's Complete Modern Set) - Complete Modern Commemoratives Set (1982-present)
Another multi-year award winner, Sam’s Complete Modern Set is one fascinating set to say the least. He has every Modern Silver Commemorative coin in mint state and proof condition. Most coins are in perfect MS70 and PR70 Deep Cameo condition. This is a very fun set due to all the different designs. Take a peek. Many of the coins are imaged. Congratulations once again!
The Twinight Collection - First Spouse $10 Gold Collection with First Strikes
While there are a number of “Best of the Registry” winners all tying with perfect MS70 and PR70 complete sets, no one has completed these sets to include First Strikes. No one, that is, except the Twinight Collection. That means two of every First Spouse in mint state and proof. This collection, new this year, deserves kudos for doing something no other collector has done.

Best Mint and Proof Sets of 2011

ErasmusHall - 1936-Present Mint Set
(Note that the award includes the 4 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Now requiring 1,025 coins, completion of this set is a collecting accomplishment few can match. This is not to mention that the set now boasts a set rating of 67.81, an improvement from last year when the set won its first award. ErasmusHall has proven to be a dedicated collector with an eye for condition. With many coins imaged, you’ll do yourself a favor by browsing through this amazing collection.

J.A. Enfield - 1950-1959 Mint Set
This is simply a beautiful run of coins. New this year, this vintage set contains some of our most popular series: Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and Franklin Half dollars. Although there is one other complete registered set, J.A. lands on top with a set rating of 66.55.
Midsouthcoin - 1861 Proof Set
The first Gold Star award is made this year to midsouthcoin’s 1861 Proof set. Complete, with a set rating of MS66, it’s a great registry set and one that will be tough to improve.
Palmetto Galleries - 1881 Proof Set with Gold
How about an 1881 Proof Set with Gold, in an average grade of 67.57? Palmetto Galleries has assembled just such a set, and every coin but one is at the top of the pop charts. Only the $3 can be improved, as the set has ONLY a PR66CA now. (Aww gee.) Congratulations on an outstanding set and a second Gold Star award.
Midsouthcoin - 1895 Proof Set
Midsouthcoin’s 1895 Proof Set sports a set rating of 68.4 (by virtue of cameo and deep cameo bonus points) and is easily one of the nicest extant. After three Blue Star awards, we are happy to present the first Gold Star award to this fine set.
(Note that the award includes the 5 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
EVERY U.S. Proof coin struck since 1936 with an average grade of 69.78 (an improvement from last year). Need we say more? Like his mint set collection, ErasmusHall dominates in these “Mega” sets.  The two sets combined require 1,583 coins. That’s quite a collection!
The MKJ Collection – 1936-1942 Proof Set
Since first receiving the Best Proof Set award in 2009, no other collector has topped the MKJ Collection. The 1936-1942 set is a classic and this is the nicest we’ve ever heard about. 100% complete with a set rating of 67.60, it is easily the finest “modern” pre-war group of proofs out there.
Elite Cameo - 1950-1964 Proof Set
We feel that this is one of the most important of all modern coin sets and the Elite Cameo set is the best in the Registry. Take a look at this impressive set and take some time to read the owners comments and explanations. We admire this collector's passion and we are very impressed with his results.

Best Colonials, Private Issues & Territorial Gold and Patterns Sets of 2011

This is a noteworthy entry for this category. 9 out of the 13 are Top Pops for the issue and the overall GPA for this set is a mind-numbing 62.2. That's an incredibly high number for coins that come out of the early 1700s. Keep an eye on this set, as we expect it to improve in the future. In other words, remember the Alamo!
Russell Augustin of Augustin Capital Management (AUCM) - North Carolina Gold (Bechtler 1831-1850)
(Note that the award includes the 2 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
For the fourth year in a row we recognize this impressive set. This is a very difficult set to assemble and this collection is super high grade. Achieving 70.97% completion is quite an accomplishment and we know the owner of this set is working hard to fill holes and upgrade existing coins. Congratulations!
Fall River Collection - Utah Gold (Mormon 1849-1860)
This small set contains some of the rarest, most interesting coins in American numismatics. Besides being complete, this set contains some nice, high-grade Mormon Gold, including a Finest Known 1850 $5 and the uber-rare Mormon $20. This set is an example of what can be accomplished by a serious specialist.
Robert H. Lande - California Fractional Gold - Complete Collection, Period One
(Note that the award includes the 6 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
Mr. Lande’s stated goal is “to collect as complete and high grade a set of Period 1 California Small Denomination Gold coins as possible.” Many of the Period One fractional gold coins actually circulated as money in the years following the discovery of gold in California. Thus, most are of extreme rarity and/or they are difficult to locate in high grade. This collection is nearly complete (89.31%, with a GPA of 61.145) and includes several pieces that are represented by only one or two surviving examples.  A remarkable set that has won PCGS Set Registry awards every year since 2002…and deservedly so. 
Just Having Fun -Philippines Collection (1903-1945)
(Note that the award includes the 17 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.)
The owner of this incredible collection of Philippines coins admits “this has been one of the hardest collections I have ever put together,” and he has had many award winning sets in the PCGS Set Registry. The rare 1906-S Peso prevents most people from completing this set, but here we have one in MS-61. Besides being 100% complete and now including the proofs, this collection is riddled with coins that are unique, Top Pop condition rarities.
The Mark Hagen Collection (boiler78) - Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents - Short Set (1858)
In 1858, the U.S. Mint sold 12-piece sets of Small Cents that included 11 Flying Eagle and Indian Head patterns and a Proof regular issue "Flyer". Over the years, all of these pattern sets were presumed broken up and we've known of no complete set...until now. Visit the PCGS Registry and take a look at Mr. Hagen's set, where all of the coins are nicely illustrated. This is a cool set!

Best Low Ball Sets of 2011

Pocket Piece - Copper, Nickel and Silver Type Set, Low Ball (1792-1964)
While most collectors try to find the BEST coins, this collector seeks the WORST examples of each type. Since last year, the owner added a Gobrecht Dollar (a "shameful" Proof-6, now the highest graded coin in this set). If you know of a low grade 1792 Half Disme, you have a ready customer, as that is the one and only coin needed to complete this set. One of the biggest complaints we hear from collectors of Low-Ball sets is the difficulty in finding poor condition coins that are gradeable. To achieve a GPA of 1.639 is incredible.

What a crappy set...and we mean that in a good way! Not only is this set 100% complete but it has an incredibly low GPA of 1.882. We like the owner's comment: "Imagine all the places these "Friends" have been and the happiness they gave when they were spent." Collecting is not just about coins, but the stories they tell.
A remarkable set of low-grade, slick Dollars, complete with every date and mintmark in the series. We're not sure which one was the most difficult to find, but we're impressed by the 1893-S in FR02. The overall GPA of 1.804 is getting awfully close to the perfect score of 1.000. What a great, fun set.
Jimmy Austin's Best of the Worst - Peace Dollars, Low Ball (1921-1935)
Like the Morgan set, the Peace dollar set is very challenging when you get to the really low grades. This set has an average grade of 1.577 and only one coin in the set is higher than FR02!
Warren W. Blanchard III ($implythebe$t Low Ball Ike $et) - Eisenhower Dollars, Low Ball (1971-1978)
When's the last time you saw an Ike in circulation? Did you every carry Ikes in your pocket. Since your answers will most likely be "A long time ago" and "Hardly ever", you can imagine the difficulty in locating coins for this set. Mr. Blanchard has achieved 100% completion with an average GPA of 32.513. Not surprisingly, the non-circulating Silver issues are the most difficult to find in low grade, but this collector is on the lookout.
Not Mint To Be--Pocketpiece Commemoratives - Silver Commemoratives 50 Piece Type Set, Low Ball (1892-1954)
A nearly impossible set to complete in super low grade as many of the 1934-1938 issues were not circulated at the time of issue. The 50 piece silver commem type set is one of the “kings” of low ball collecting and this set is the “best” we’ve ever seen. This year, the GPA is a measly 15.030. If you want to see a truly "beautiful" coin, check out the Monroe in P01.

Best Everyman Sets of 2011

Mi¢hael Hassler, Master Sergeant, USAF, Retired Combat Air Crew Member & Vietnam Veteran - Everyman Indian Cents (1859-1909)
Everyman Sets are a relatively new category and include only circulated examples. A perfect score is a GPA of 58 (the highest grade assigned to circulated coins by PCGS). This set is 100% complete and 100% perfect. We know how difficult it is to complete sets like this...we've had customers tell us they would accept an AU58 grade on an otherwise Mint State coins (which, of course, we will not do). Mister Hassler has completed the very difficult mission of ferreting out the right coins. Congratulations.

This is a great set of high-grade circulated Standing Liberty Quarter Dollars, all of which (except one...can anyone help a collector out?) are AU58 and almost all of which are Full Head. This set is going to be hard to improve and almost impossible to beat.
Merrill Collection - Early Half Dollars 1794-1839
This is a really cool set of Half Dollars, including the elusive 1796 and 1797 dates. Though we call this an "Everyman" set, it's a pretty powerful one. This year, the GPA is an impressive 45.146 and every coin sports a legitimate PCGS grade (no Genuines). It takes a real collector to put together a set like this.

Best Australian Sets of 2011

Caranett - Australian Edward VII Sovereigns, Circulation Strikes (1902-1910)
This set caught our eye because 1) it is complete, 2) the GPA is an impressive 63.517, 3) most of the coins are Top Pops, and 4) there are a lot of gold coins in this set (27 to be exact). We're very impressed.

The-M - Australian Complete Proof Set (1955-1963)
In the past couple of years, Australian Proof coins of the 1955-1963 era have become some of the hottest items in numismatics, jumping dramatically in both demand and value. This set contains a complete set of all denominations and mints, and many of the coins are unique, Top Pops (this year, the overall GPA is 66.386). The significance of this set is that many of the Proof Australian coins on the market have been lacquered, making them essentially ungradable. This collection sets a new, high standard for this popular series.

Best Belgium Sets of 2011

Caranett - Belgium Gold 20 Francs Date Set, Circulation Strikes (1865-1882)
This is the second award for this impressive set. The Belgium 20 Franc has long been considered a bullion type coin, thus little attention was paid to collecting high grade examples. Every coin is a Top Pop except for the rare 1865, where only one coin is better.

Best Bermuda Sets of 2011

Howard S. Hornreich (Hornreich Collection) - Bermuda Hogge Set, Proof (1989-1990)
This modern set consists of eight gold coins, each with a mintage of only 500 pieces. This set caught our eye because the designs on the coin incorporate the rare Somers Island "Hogge" Money from Colonial times.

Best British Sets of 2011

Howard S. Hornreich (Hornreich Collection Elizabeth Type Gold with VIP Proof Sovereign) - British Gold Type Set, Elizabeth II (acc. 1952)
This is the fourth annual award for this remarkable collection of British gold coins bearing the portrait of Queen Elizabeth. Included are many Top Pop coins, plus the incredibly rare VIP sovereign of 1958.

This set consists of some very lovely "takes" on Britannia, all in Deep Cameo Proof, and virtually all in Proof-70. Every coin is a Top Pop.

Best Canadian Sets of 2011

Lantern Collection - Canadian Coins Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1858-1952)
We’ve honored this set eight years in a row. A walk through this set is a journey through some of the most amazing Canadian coins ever assembled. Previous owners of some of the coins include Norweb, Pittman and Belzberg, all famous names in the Canadian market. The overall GPA is a remarkable 62.812.

This set, now 100% complete, is a tribute to perseverance and determination. It's also proof that you don't need a million dollars to put together a meaningful collection of coins. This is a comprehensive set that should be even better next year (this year's overall GPA is 52.496).

Best Chinese Sets of 2011

GDH - Panda Silver 10 Yuan (1oz), Circulation Strikes (1989-present)
This is the fourth annual award for this set. We're impressed that most of the coins were "made" by the owner, instead of having been purchased. Panda coins have become one of the hottest areas in Chinese numismatics.

Thanks to big improvements in the Chinese economy, collectors in China are eager to repatriate many of their coins.  Because of their size, Silver Dollars are eagerly sought-after. Apart from a few issues that enjoyed large mintages, many of the types are very scarce to downright rare, especially in unmarred, choice condition. This combination of demand and rarity has created an explosion in prices and, frankly, finding worthy examples has become nearly impossible. This set is 87.5% complete and has an overall GPA of 64.597. The Yomibro's Collection is a standout among standouts. 

Best Cuban Sets of 2011

Virginia Transplant- Peso, Circulation Strikes (1915-1953)
A nice set of the silver-dollar sized coins from this Caribbean island nation. Top grade examples are hard-to-find, but there are several exceptional coins in this set.  At 100% complete, this set has an overall GPA of 63.636.

Virginia Transplant - Complete Gold Peso Set, Circulation Strikes (1915-1916)

This is a complete set of gold coins from Cuba, including all denomination from 1 Peso to the large 20 Pesos. More than half of the coins are Top Pops.   An impressive accomplishment.

Best French Sets of 2011

Caranett - French 20 Francs Gold Angel, Circulation Strikes (1871-1898)
A wonderful set of 20 Francs from the last part of the 19th century. Many of these coins are difficult to locate in any grade, so achieving 100% completion is difficult and doing so with an overall GPA of 64.925 is an even greater feat. Congratulations!

Best German Sets of 2011

Gray/Huber Dream Set - German States 3 Mark Type Set, Proof (1908-1918) 
This is a virtually complete set of 3 Marks from the German States (we're told that this set will be completed at the 2011 ANA with the inclusion of the ultra-rare Saxony "Frederick the Wise"). The overall condition is simply amazing. Virtually every coin is either a Top Pop, an extreme rarity, or both. This is one of those sets that would be impossible to replicate, even with unlimited resources. As of this writing, the set is 91.67% complete and the overall GPA is 67.682.

The Sheffield Collection XII - 1/2 Mark Date Set, Circulation Strikes (1905-1919)
This is a date set, where collectors submit the finest date/mintmark combination for a given year. Germany utilized a lot of different mints each year, so a complete collection of Half Marks is very difficult to accomplish (but Sheffield is trying that, as well). This set is 100% complete, with an overall GPA of 66.353. Incredibly, this set will improve over time, as the owner is an aggressive collector.

Best Italian Set of 2011

Caranett - Italy 20 Lire, Circulation Strikes (1880-1897)
Caranett has award winning sets in other World gold categories, so a great set like this is not unexpected. As with Caranett's French 20 Francs set, this one is hard to complete and difficult to find in top grades. Here again, Caranett has accomplished 100% completion at a GPA level of 63.868. Most impressive!

Best Japanese Sets of 2011

Ted Wydeven, Sr. (T&JW) - Japanese Gold Denomination Set (1870-1932)
This is a complete denomination set of Japanese gold coins, ranging in denomination from the small 1 Yen to the larger 20 Yen. All of the coins are Gems and now three are Top Pops. This is the sixth year this set has been honored. 100% complete with a GPA of 63.868.

Best Mexican Sets of 2011

mission4906 - "Caballito" Peso Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1910-1914)
The “Caballito” Peso is a large silver coin issued by Mexico from 1910 to 1914. This set is complete, including the ray varieties of 1911 and the 1913 overdate. 100% complete with a GPA of 61.438.

Eagle1 - 50 Gold Pesos, Circulation Strikes (1921-1947)
The large 50 Pesos Mexican gold coin has been a favorite with collectors of gold coins for many years, especially so now that the price of gold has reached record levels. This is a remarkable collection of high-end examples, including two that are unique Top Pops (100% complete with a GPA of 65.625).  How nice are they? One collector commented: " Obscene these are so nice.

Best Palestine Mandate Sets of 2011

Jerusalem Collection - Palestine Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1927-1946)
(Note that the award includes the 4 sub-sets in this collection which are ranked #1.) 
According to the owner, this set began almost 25 years ago. Today it is 91.53% complete and boasts an overall GPA of 63.129). A beautiful set with every coin imaged by “Trueview Photography."

Best Swiss Sets of 2011

The Sheffield Collection XIX - Swiss 1/2 Silver Franc, Circulation Strikes (1850-1967)
This is a remarkable, 100% complete collection in super-high grade. Many of the coins are Top Pops and quite a few are unique for their grade. Assembling this collection was quite an accomplishment and the owner is still active, so we expect it to be even better next year. Overall GPA: 65.237.

An outstanding set of Swiss "Shooters" that is one coin shy of completion and which has an overall GPA of 64.617. This is a remarkably high level considering that most of the coins are from the 1800s! If you're not familiar with these coins, check them out. They are good-sized coins that all have interesting designs.
Rod Moore Schützenfest - Modern Thalers - Swiss Shooting Festival Commemoratives 50 Francs (1984-present)
This set of Swiss "Shooters" reprises a tradition that began in the mid-1800s of celebrating shooting competitions. These are beautiful coins of very low mintage, made for sale to collectors. This set is complete and includes numerous Top Pops and unique condition-rarities.   Overall GPA: an amazing 68.519. 

Best Multi-Country Sets of 2011

Caranett - British Commonwealth Sovereigns Complete Set Victoria (Jubilee Head ), Circulation Strikes (1887-1893) 
Apart from being a complete set of Victorian sovereigns, this set deserves special recognition because of the difficulty in locating the Australian versions in Mint State. This year, the overall GPA is 61.810.

Best New Sets of 2011

Wineguy - Shield Two Cents Classic Set, Circulation Strikes (1864-1872)
Wineguy wins his first Gold Star award with this outstanding set of Two Cent pieces. A set rating of 67.17, with 6/10 of the coins at the top of the pop charts, it will be tough to improve. Congratulations.

With all coins but two grading MS66 or better, this set exemplifies what can be done with some patience and some money. The 19th century dates in particular are VERY tough, with virtually every date here as fine as can be had.
Containing both business strikes and proofs, this outstanding set wins its first Gold Star by virtue of its 65.8 rating and 100% completion. Like some of the other sets, this one contains some upgrade potential, and we anxiously await what the future holds for this set.
JSV has assembled a very fine set of FB Mercs, with loads of MS66 and MS67 pieces. As is the case with most new sets, and particularly 20th century sets, there’s room for upgrades, and we expect this set to only get better next year. In the meantime, congratulations on the Gold Star!
(Note that the award includes the sub-set in this collection which is ranked #1.)
The Hansin collection of the short-lived 20 cent piece is ALL MS66 or higher, and as such, it just about as good as it gets. We trust the reader need not be reminded of the rarity and value of the 76-CC….
A complete Proof Barber Half collection with a set rating above MS68! What can we add, other than a gold star and our kudos. Four absolute finest knowns (pop 1, none higher) make this award a slam dunk.
OMG. This is without question, THE FINEST trade dollar set imaginable. There are 17 coins in this set. Fifteen have a pop of 1, with NONE higher. How do sets like this get put together? We are in awe, and award a Gold Star with the feeling that even that award is inadequate. And there are photos to boot! Go see what is likely the most amazing Trade dollar set there will ever be.
Hansin Collection - 1922 Mint Set with Gold
There were not a lot of denominations made in 1922. No nickel, dime, quarter, half, $2.5, $5 or $10. But they did made a cent, a silver dollar and a $20. For some of the best, look right here. Set rating is approaching MS66, and they don’t get much better. 
A choice set of George IV gold Sovereigns, completed in remarkably fine condition. 70% of the coins are Top Pops, 30% are unique Finest Knowns, and several boast excellent pedigrees. These are all condition rarities in a country with a very active collector population. A very nice accomplishment from a new set.
Talmar12 - German 5 Reichsmark Potsdam Church without Date, Circulation Strikes (1934-1935)
This is a "sleeper" set of unrecognized condition rarities. Price guides give no indication of how rare these coins are in top grade. Talmar has completed the set with an overall GPA of 62.471. While that may not seem high, consider than two-thirds of the coins in this set are Top Pops (and three of those are unique Top Pops). Congratulations on a job well done.

Best Exhibited Sets of 2011

Hill’s set is not high grade, nor is it complete, but his enthusiasm is evident when viewing his set. For all of his coins, he has provided images and for most of his coins, he provides extensive comments which is sure to interest anyone collecting Seated Dimes. For these reasons, Hill receives the “Best Exhibited Set” award this year.
World coins are becoming more and more popular, and in recent years, we have seen interest in the modern issues surge. This collection has been number one for the past five years. It’s fun to review this set because, although they are all the same type, each coin is slightly different in design from year to year. Layb’s Roos are all imaged by “Trueview Photography” and the mintages and notes are provided for every issue.
Rule Britannia Collection - British Silver and Copper Type Set George V, Circulation Strikes (1910-1936)
History buffs will enjoy reviewing this set. To start, the owner has provided pictures of George V and Queen Mary along with some brief notes on the history of the monarchs. Scrolling down to the type set, each coin is imaged. This is a high grade, complete set, with the Maundy coins all Pop 1, none graded higher. It’s clear that this collector has had some fun with this set.

Best of the Registry Winners of 2011

Collectors with the finest current set in each category with at a least 90% completion and in large set compositions those with 200 or more coins registered in one set, will receive a "Best of the Registry" icon by their set listings in the registry. Click here to view a list of those sets which were #1 and and at least 90% complete on 6/30/11 5:00pm EST.