Coins Certified as of 1/18

As one of our many services, DMPLDollar.com offers you a personal portal to the popular PCGS Set Registry®. The Registry, a free service offered by the Professional Coin Grading Service, is the Internet-based program that has revolutionized coin collecting. It is in the Registry where collectors from all over the world safely list their PCGS-graded coins and compare their collections to the finest ever assembled.

Here is a brief list of the many rewards of PCGS set registration:

  • Allows you to focus on set-building
  • Provides a safe environment in which you can show-off your coins while remaining perfectly anonymous
  • Compare your collection to hundreds of others who share your same passion
  • Free entry to compete in the annual competition for "Best of the Registry" - even participate in the annual awards banquet
  • Enjoy the safety of an inventory list on the Internet for insurance purposes
  • Free participation, just click on the login below

    Once you register your set, not only will you have fun, but you will be entitled to the wonderful benefits listed above and more. To check on your set and measure your progress or add additional items to your set, just return to this screen - it's your personal portal to your PCGS Set Registry®.

    Go ahead and join today. It's free, there are no obligations and it will enhance your collecting enjoyment!