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1480602007-S George Washington First Strike$1PR70DC270027002012
3978052007-S George Washington$1PR70DC179070602011
1480612007-S John Adams First Strike$1PR70DC189018902012
3978062007-S John Adams$1PR70DC186064102011
1480622007-S Thomas Jefferson First Strike$1PR70DC303030302012
3978072007-S Thomas Jefferson$1PR70DC197077902011
1480632007-S James Madison First Strike$1PR70DC252025202012
3978082007-S James Madison$1PR70DC188070202011
3948802008-S James Monroe First Strike$1PR70DC173017302012
3978092008-S James Monroe$1PR70DC186062202011
3948822008-S John Quincy Adams First Strike$1PR70DC258025802012
3978102008-S John Quincy Adams$1PR70DC234076202011 Lens Scratch
3948842008-S Andrew Jackson First Strike$1PR70DC131013102012
3978112008-S Andrew Jackson$1PR70DC199062302011 Lens Scratch
3948862008-S Martin Van Buren First Strike$1PR70DC180018002012
3978122008-S Martin Van Buren$1PR70DC249072602011 Lens Scratch
4086132009-S William Henry Harrison$1PR70DC185062702011
4073962009-S William Henry Harrison First Strike$1PR70DC118011802012
4086142009-S John Tyler$1PR70DC136046002011
4073982009-S John Tyler First Strike$1PR70DC9409402012
4086152009-S James Knox Polk$1PR70DC179057702011
4074002009-S James Knox Polk First Strike$1PR70DC116011602012
4086162009-S Zachary Taylor$1PR70DC244074502011
4074022009-S Zachary Taylor First Strike$1PR70DC161016102012
4172612010-S Millard Fillmore First Strike$1PR70DC182018202012
4178792010-S Millard Fillmore$1PR70DC136047502013
4172632010-S Franklin Pierce First Strike$1PR70DC227022702012
4178802010-S Franklin Pierce$1PR70DC172050102013
4172652010-S James Buchanan First Strike$1PR70DC193019302012
4178812010-S James Buchanan$1PR70DC133041902013
4172672010-S Abraham Lincoln First Strike$1PR70DC174017402012
4178822010-S Abraham Lincoln$1PR70DC133042002013
5052122011-S Andrew Johnson First Strike$1PR70DC288028802012
5059852011-S Andrew Johnson$1PR70DC173055702011
5052142011-S Ulysses S. Grant First Strike$1PR70DC268026802012
5059862011-S Ulysses S. Grant$1PR70DC123040202011
5052172011-S Rutherford B. Hayes First Strike$1PR70DC271027102012
5059872011-S Rutherford B. Hayes$1PR70DC127043202011
5052192011-S James Garfield First Strike$1PR70DC263026302012
5059882011-S James Garfield$1PR70DC150043202011
5124302012-S Chester Arthur First Strike$1PR70DC9609602012
5128792012-S Chester Arthur$1PR70DC81025602013
5124312012-S Grover Cleveland 22nd First Strike$1PR70DC8508502012
5128802012-S Grover Cleveland 22nd$1PR70DC75025902013
5124332012-S Benjamin Harrison First Strike$1PR70DC8508502012
  2012-S Benjamin Harrison$1 
5124322012-S Grover Cleveland 24th First Strike$1PR70DC124012402012
5128822012-S Grover Cleveland 24th$1PR70DC79024402013
5173382013-S Theodore Roosevelt First Strike$1PR70DC193019302013
5176342013-S Theodore Roosevelt$1PR70DC63037302013
5173402013-S William McKinley First Strike$1PR70DC181018102013
5176352013-S William McKinley$1PR70DC45028702013
5173422013-S William H. Taft First Strike$1PR70DC248024802013
5176362013-S William H. Taft$1PR70DC39027302013
5173442013-S Woodrow Wilson First Strike$1PR70DC199019902013
5176372013-S Woodrow Wilson$1PR70DC50031402013
5263142014-S Warren G. Harding First Strike$1PR70DC212021202014
5263182014-S Warren G. Harding$1PR70DC87035702014
5263132014-S Calvin Coolidge First Strike$1PR70DC198019802014
5263172014-S Calvin Coolidge$1PR70DC89037002014
5263122014-S Herbert Hoover First Strike$1PR70DC185018502014
5263162014-S Herbert Hoover$1PR70DC105037802014
5263112014-S Franklin D. Roosevelt First Strike$1PR70DC166016602014
5263152014-S Franklin D. Roosevelt$1PR70DC100040602014
5395832015-S $1 Harry S. Truman First Strike$1 
  2015-S $1 Harry S. Truman$1 
5413022015-S $1 Dwight D. Eisenhower First Strike$1 
  2015-S $1 Dwight D. Eisenhower$1 
5413042015-S $1 John F. Kennedy First Strike$1 
  2015-S $1 John F. Kennedy$1 
5413062015-S $1 Lyndon B. Johnson First Strike$1 
  2015-S $1 Lyndon B. Johnson$1 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.