Cointime's Type B & C Washington Quarters

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Cointime's Type B & C Washington Quarters
 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1456471956 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS65316A big thanks to Barry
1450241957 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS67140Ebay
1460671958 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS659318Beautiful end of roll reverse toning
1460681959 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS66161
1456431960 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS64184203Type "B" Proof Reverse from Mint Set
1460691961 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS66191
1460701962 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS65536Type "B" Proof Reverse
1460711963 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS655613Type "B" Proof Reverse
1456541964 Type B Rev FS-90125CMS6640
1454231964-D Type C Rev FS-90125CMS64209Self made Type "C" Reverse of '65