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Millertime's Eisenhower Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
74071971-D$1MS6415154246PCGS Forum - 3/13/05
74081971-S SILVER$1MS6412188902eBay - 4/30/05
874091972 TYPE 1$1MS621012104eBay - 3/6/05
974091972 TYPE 2$1MS623231194eBay - 5/31/05
74091972 TYPE 3$1MS621052267eBay - 3/27/05
74111972-S SILVER$1MS6764601734eBay - 12/26/04
74121973$1MS631932549PCGS Forum - 4/17/05
74131973-D$1MS649691654eBay - 1/24/05
74141973-S SILVER$1MS656817345eBay - 2/22/05
74151974$1MS632772527eBay - 2/28/05
74171974-S SILVER$1MS6743981048
74181976 TYPE 1$1MS635121977eBay - 1/25/05
74191976 TYPE 2$1MS6410792458
74201976-D TYPE 1$1MS6411101508PCGS Forum - 3/15/05
74211976-D TYPE 2$1MS648433159eBay - 2/22/05
74221976-S SILVER$1MS657168039eBay - 3/13/05
74231977$1MS631303033eBay - 1/4/05
74251978$1MS647571688eBay - 2/22/05
74261978-D$1MS647451708eBay - 4/3/05
Miller Time, Nice set also! I have the Ikes at, Eisenhower Dollars with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1971-1978) RJP Ike w/Varieties Catagory. I have been trying to put a set of Ikes together by PCGS Coin number, And trying to find the OGH or rattler for some of the proofs are really rare. I need just the coin number no Deep Cam or Cam description. I know they are out there Because I have seen them but the price was $50 for a $7 coin, and they are listed in the POP book, which is a must for this type of collection, The online coin numbering system leaves off the cam and basic coin numbers for proofs. But any more I might have to pay these inflated prices but I am trying my best not to get upside down in them. This might be a time when the whole is worth more then the peices but If I ever get it complete, I'll see where it goes. Take Care, Bob
Posted @ 1/26/2012 9:36 AM By RJP