WJG British Crown Type Proof Set

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WJG British Crown Type Proof Set
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
George II Young Head (1732)6168071732Crown 
George II Old Head (1746)6168201746Crown 
George III (1818-1819)   Crown 
George IV St. George Reverse (1821-1822)   Crown 
George IV Shield Reverse (1825-1826)   Crown 
William IV (1831)  1831Crown 
Victoria Young Head (1839-1847)   Crown 
Victoria Gothic Crown (1847-1853)     
Victoria Crown (1887)2064611887CrownPR64153Victoria Crown, Jubilee Head; Very nicely toned.
Victoria Old Head (1893)2064951893CrownPR65155Victoria Crown, Veiled Head; Very nicely toned
Edward VII (1902)2065041902CrownPR611370
George V Shield (1927-1936)2065251927CrownPR651810George V 1927 Wreath Crown
George V St. George (1935)  1935Crown 
George VI Shield (1937)2065471937CrownPR6673George VI Crown, Reverse Crowned Arms with Lion & Unicorn
George VI St. George (1951)6190151951CrownPR6551
Elizabeth II Coronation (1953)5012821953CrownPR65CA113
Elizabeth II Young Head (1960)     
Elizabeth II Churchill (1965)2065691965CrownSP6530Elizabeth II Crown, Churchill Commemorative; The specimen satin finish on ...