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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Charles II First Bust (1662-1663)6167011662CrownVF2028
Charles II Second Bust (1664-1671)7884951671CrownVF2010
Charles II Third Bust (1671-1680)6168091676CrownVF2033
Charles II Fourth Bust (1679-1684)   Crown 
James II First Bust (1686)6168041687CrownN1033
William & Mary (1691-1692)   Crown 
William III First Bust (1695-1696)6167021695CrownVF20127
William III Third Bust (1696-1700)   Crown 
Anne First Bust (1703-1707)   Crown 
Anne Second Bust (1707-1708)   Crown 
Anne Second Bust (1713)6168251713Crown 
George I (1716-1726)   Crown 
George II Young Head (1732-1741)   Crown 
George II Old Head (1743-1751)   Crown 
George III (1818-1819)   Crown 
George IV St. George Reverse (1821-1822)2063821822CrownAU5017
Victoria Young Head (1844-1847)2064231845CrownF15182
Victoria Crown (1887-1892)2064541890CrownMS6333
Victoria Old Head Crown (1893-1900)2064701893CrownAU53285
Edward VII2065001902Crown 
George V Wreath Crown (1928-1936)   Crown 
George V Jubilee (1935)1635201935CrownMS631421
George VI Shield (1937)2065421937Crown 
George VI St. George (1951)2065431951Crown 
Elizabeth II Coronation (1953)2065571953Crown 
Elizabeth II Young Laureate (1960)  1960Crown 
Elizabeth II Churchill (1965)2065601965Crown 
You should check the photo of your James II crown. The photo is of a 1916 slavic coin. Doesn't look at all like James II.
Posted @ 4/28/2013 8:30 AM By Roark