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Stony Point Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
92201893 Isabella25CMS628243057old green holder and nicely toned on obverse and reverse with lavender and ...
92241921 Alabama50CMS64816579
92251921 Alabama 2X250CMS621841771
92271936 Albany50CMS635444118
92291937 Antietam50CMS6411463139rattler holder with original tone
92331935 Arkansas50CMS64626713ex ANACS 64
92341935-D Arkansas50CMS65426255
92351935-S Arkansas50CMS64464629ex ANACS 64
92371936 Arkansas50CMS632831013old rattler holder!!
92381936-D Arkansas50CMS64595694
92391936-S Arkansas50CMS6613522mottled tone..look to be mint set tone, which is not possible on this serie...
92411937 Arkansas50CMS64455388
92421937-D Arkansas50CMS65364174ex ANACS 64
92431937-S Arkansas50CMS64422290ex ANACS 64
92451938 Arkansas50CMS64308338
92461938-D Arkansas50CMS64317372
92471938-S Arkansas50CMS64305280
92501939-D Arkansas50CMS64249308
92511939-S Arkansas50CMS64229346
92541936-S Bay Bridge50CMS6419402759green label holder and NICE!!
92571934 Boone50CMS65595294rattler holder with light champagne tone
92581935 Boone50CMS65578284rattler holder fairly graded!!
92621935/34 Boone50C 
92591935-D Boone50CMS64426444old green holder
92631935/34-D Boone50C 
92601935-S Boone50C 
92641935/34-S Boone50C 
92661936 Boone50CMS632401918old rattler holder - an MS65 by todays standards if not a 66!!
92671936-D Boone50CMS65532305BLAST WHITE
92681936-S Boone50CMS64354781BLAST WHITE
92701937 Boone50CMS65773526
92711937-D Boone50C 
92721937-S Boone50C 
92741938 Boone50C 
92751938-D Boone50C 
92761938-S Boone50C 
92791936 Bridgeport50CMS6418502468old rattler holder
94041946 Booker T. Washington50CMS6647295
94051946-D Booker T. Washington50CMS648761343Old Green Holder
94061946-S Booker T. Washington50CMS651459601rattler holder with tone!
94081947 Booker T. Washington50CMS64464990
94091947-D Booker T. Washington50CMS65466166
94101947-S Booker T. Washington50CMS65617337
94121948 Booker T. Washington50CMS65719323
94131948-D Booker T. Washington50CMS65683323blazer
94141948-S Booker T. Washington50CMS65696370
94161949 Booker T. Washington50CMS65691338SLIGHT RIM TONE
94171949-D Booker T. Washington50CMS65643368WHITE
94181949-S Booker T. Washington50CMS65729522BLAST BLAST WHITE
94201950 Booker T. Washington50CMS65499300old rattler holder
94211950-D Booker T. Washington50CMS65502259
94221950-S Booker T. Washington50CMS65969595BLAST WHITE IN RATTLER HOLDER
94241951 Booker T. Washington50CMS65843255old green holder and blast white
94251951-D Booker T. Washington50CMS64242826ebay
94261951-S Booker T. Washington50CMS6639468
92811925-S California50C 
92831936 Cincinnati50CMS632261255OGH and blast white
92841936-D Cincinnati50CMS65596376
92851936-S Cincinnati50CMS632721063old rattler holder, sharp strike and flawless. In my humble opinion, this i...
92881936 Cleveland50CMS6428952989ex ANACS 63
92911936 Columbia50CMS65864535rattler holder with some tone
92921936-D Columbia50CMS65675788
92931936-S Columbia50CMS65713634Old rattler holder with underlying luster
92961892 Columbian50CMS6316882790RAINBOW TONE REVERSE
92971893 Columbian50CMS6316872394RAINBOW TONE ON REVERSE!!
92991935 Connecticut50CMS637953464old rattler holder
93011936 Delaware50CMS651417797
93031936 Elgin50CMS6521791389old rattler with neat obverse toning
93051936 Gettysburg50CMS6420432420Dave Beech/State show
93061922 Grant50CMS6310282506
93071922 Grant Star50CMS63345721OGH with mottled toning
93091928 Hawaiian50C 
93121935 Hudson50C 
93141924 Huguenot50CMS6415341398
93161946 Iowa50CMS662713933ex ANACS 65
93181925 Lexington50CMS6418381423
93201918 Lincoln50CMS6313964119Old rattler holder and nicer than my PCGS 64 so I replaced the 64 with a 63...
93221936 Long Island50CMS6423521815
93241936 Lynchburg50CMS6413462029old rattler holder
93261920 Maine50CMS6412841390CHAMPAGNE TONED
93301921 Missouri50C 
93311921 Missouri 2X450C 
93331923-S Monroe50CMS6311442008
93351938 New Rochelle50CMS6412662706OGH
93371936 Norfolk50CMS631714732ex ANACS 62
93401926 Oregon50CMS6412041447old rattler holder
93411926-S Oregon50CMS66387178purple tone one obverse and reverse
93421928 Oregon50CMS65642516rattler holder and nice!!
93431933-D Oregon50C 
93441934-D Oregon50CMS648781302old rattler holder
93451936 Oregon50CMS646721662old rattler holder with tone
93461936-S Oregon50C 
93471937-D Oregon50C 
93481938 Oregon50C 
93491938-D Oregon50C 
93501938-S Oregon50CMS644311426old rattler holder with tone
93521939 Oregon50C 
93531939-D Oregon50C 
93541939-S Oregon50C 
93571915-S Panama-Pacific50C 
93591920 Pilgrim50CMS6420711471
93601921 Pilgrim50CMS6410171048old rattler holder with deep aged toning...a very pertty coin!
93631936 Rhode Island50CMS651181560ex NGC 65
93641936-D Rhode Island50CMS65904532OGH with tone
93651936-S Rhode Island50CMS648801015LITE CHAMPAGNE TONE
93671937 Roanoke50CMS6417163820old rattler holder...did you know Sir Walter Raliegh is wearing an earring?...
93691936 Robinson50CMS6418841622ex NCG63
93711935-S San Diego50CMS6557511815WHITE
93721936-D San Diego50CMS66782119ex NGC65
93741926 Sesquicentennial50CMS642120371golden toning
93761935 Spanish Trail50C 
93781925 Stone Mountain50CMS6440033305ex ANACS 63
93811934 Texas50CMS6414441808LUSTROUS
93821935 Texas50CMS66811266old green holder with mint frost
93831935-D Texas50CMS644031928ex NGC 64
93841935-S Texas50CMS631761893Old rattler holder with champagne tone
93861936 Texas50C 
93871936-D Texas50C 
93881936-S Texas50C 
93901937 Texas50C 
93911937-D Texas50C 
93921937-S Texas50C 
93941938 Texas50C 
93951938-D Texas50C 
93961938-S Texas50C 
93991925 Vancouver50CMS65692405
94011927 Vermont50CMS639902929BLAST WHITE
94301951 Washington-Carver50CMS63138937
94311951-D Washington-Carver50CMS65456141
94321951-S Washington-Carver50CMS65827228
94341952 Washington-Carver50CMS651339335OGH ....1952''''s consecutively numbered
94351952-D Washington-Carver50CMS6533060OGH.....1952''''s consecutively numbered
94361952-S Washington-Carver50CMS65604209OGH.....1952''''s consecutively numbered
94381953 Washington-Carver50CMS64524479rattler holder
94391953-D Washington-Carver50CMS64554327rattler holder
94401953-S Washington-Carver50CMS64836966
94421954 Washington-Carver50CMS64662589
94431954-D Washington-Carver50CMS64684424
94441954-S Washington-Carver50CMS64787833OGH
94471936 Wisconsin50CMS6413214342BLAST WHITE
94491936 York50CMS6519682154rattler holder with monster tone
92221900 Lafayette$1