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The BGL Collection
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Owner's Comments
5175252013-S 1C1CPR70DC11602650
5175262013-S 5C5CPR70DC19703490
5168952013-S 10C10CPR70DC17206540
5185932013-S 10C Silver10CPR70DC51106810
5168332013-S 25C White Mountain NP25CPR70DC16003890
5168342013-S 25C White Mountain NP Silver25CPR70DC42708730
5168352013-S 25C Perry's Memorial25CPR70DC15102590
5168362013-S 25C Perry's Memorial Silver25CPR70DC32506620
5168372013-S 25C Great Basin NP25CPR70DC18403430
5168382013-S 25C Great Basin NP Silver25CPR70DC42109650
5168392013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP25CPR70DC19003440
5168402013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP Silver25CPR70DC41809630
5168412013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CPR70DC20803610
5168422013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP Silver25CPR70DC41808980
5175292013-S 50C50CPR70DC7401620
5185782013-S 50C Silver50CPR70DC46405780
5177592013-S $1 Native American$1PR70DC19004710
5173372013-S $1 Theodore Roosevelt$1PR70DC28205380
5173392013-S $1 William McKinley$1PR70DC22204480
5173412013-S $1 William H. Taft$1PR70DC20304900
5173432013-S $1 Woodrow Wilson$1PR70DC24004890