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About this set: This year started out with most collectors struggling to find a MS66 or MS67 for any type of 2013 coin. Now in the last quarter of 2013 and most coins graded from Mint Sets, the higher graded coins are coming out. A First this year, a cent to be graded an MS69RD in 9 years!

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13 Mint Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5175142013 1C1CMS69RD30Self made coin with a pop of 3 coins at this level As of Oct. 1st 2013
5175172013-D 1C1CMS68RD20Self made a top pop coin with only 2 known as of Nov. 15 2013
5176292013-P 5C5CMS68FS10Self made and a pop of 1 with none higher as of Oct. 2nd 2013
5176312013-D 5C5CMS67FS163Self made a MS67FS coin with 6 known and only 2 graded higher as of Nov. 15...
5175562013-P 10C10CMS67+ FB10Self made a top pop coin at MS67plus as of Nov. 15 2013
5175582013-D 10C10CMS68FB60A top pop coin with 6 coins at MS68 as of 4-4-2014
5171912013-P 25C White Mountain NP25CMS6820Self made One of 2 coins at this level of MS68. None higher as of Oct. 1st ...
5171922013-D 25C White Mountain NP25CMS671123Self made One of 61 coins graded as of Aug. 9th 2013
5172182013-S 25C White Mountain NP25CMS67690one of 54 coins none higher as of April 21st 2013
5171942013-P 25C Perry's Memorial NP25CMS67+21Pop of one coin with only one coin graded higher as of Feb. 27th 2014
5171952013-D 25C Perry's Memorial NP25CMS6880Self made a top pop coin with only 7 known as of Nov. 15 2013
5172192013-S 25C Perry's Memorial NP25CMS67430one of 43 First Strike coins in ms67 with none higher as of May 24th 2013
5171972013-P 25C Great Basin NP25CMS67801Pop of one coin with none higher, but really a pop of 30 some coins with no...
5171982013-D 25C Great Basin NP25CMS68100Self made a top pop coin with only 7 known as of Nov. 15 2013
5172202013-S 25C Great Basin NP25CMS67660One of 66 coins with none higher as of Aug. 20th 2013
5172002013-P 25C Fort McHenry NP25CMS6840Self made One of only 3 coins graded with none higher as of Oct. 1st 2013
5172012013-D 25C Fort McHenry NP25CMS67+17Self made my top pop coin, with only 7 higher as of 4-1-2014.
5172022013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP25CMS67+10Self made, A top pop coin with only 1 known as of Nov. 15 2013, the first ...
5172032013-P 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS6820Self made Single coin at this top pop level ms68 as of Oct. 2nd 2013 now in...
5172042013-D 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS6820A self made top pop coin with only 2 examples known as of Dec. 11th 2013
5172052013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CMS67260Self made one of the first graded ms67 coins
5187192013-P 50C50CMS67+34Self made with a pop of 1 coin with only 2 better as of Nov. 15 2013
5187202013-D 50C50CMS68180Self made pop of 12 coins with no higher as of Jan. 3rd 2013
5181062013-P $1 Native American$1MS68140One of 10 coins as of Sept 14th 2013
5181072013-D $1 Native American$1MS68110Pop of one of 10 coins at this level as of Jan. 27th 2014
5176932013-P $1 Theodore Roosevelt$1MS68100Pop of 6 coins as of Jan. 7th 2014
5176942013-D $1 Theodore Roosevelt$1MS6870Pop of 7 coins at this level with none higher as of Jan. 4th2013
5176892013-P $1 William Howard Taft$1MS6860First MS68 Philly coin graded 9/19/2013, for about a week. Now pop of 2 coi...
5176882013-D $1 William Howard Taft$1MS6840Population of 3 coins graded as MS68 as of Aug. 14th 2013
5176952013-P $1 William McKinley$1MS6850Self made Top pop coin with only 2 coins graded at MS68 as of Dec. 2nd 2013
5176962013-D $1 William McKinley$1MS6840One of only 3 coins at this level. As of Aug. 21st 2013
5176852013-P $1 Woodrow Wilson$1MS68130Self made A top pop coin with only 11 known as of Nov. 15 2013
5176862013-D $1 Woodrow Wilson$1MS6870Pop of 7 coins as of Feb. 1st 2014