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8335919501CPR66CA781878621950 1C PR66CAM. Very hard year to find with Cameo, pop only 66 with 13 bet...
336219511CPR67RD10951091311951 1C PR67RD OGH. Hard year to find in high grade. Pop 104/5. Borderline ...
  1951 DDO FS-1011C 
8336519521CPR66CA623062351952 1C PCGS PR66RD CAM Very lucky for this find. Almost never come to the ...
381521953 DDO FS-1011CPR66CA7479
8337119541CPR66CA114791141171954 1C PCGS PR66RD CAM Undervalue for such a low pop. Does not come up for...
337419551CPR68RD441444151955 1C PR68RD. Old PCGS cert #. DCAM field both sides. Low pop 43/1 PQ wit...
8337719561CPR67CA112271121101956 1C PR67CAM. Very undervalued year in Cameo. Almost never comes up for ...
8338019571CPR67CA12620126481957 1C PR67CAM. Getting harder to find with cameo, low pop 119/16. Nice lu...
8338319581CPR67CA22524225841958 1C PR67CAM. Bright luster, mark free, holder has scratches, none on co...