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Mexican Portrait Series 8 Reales Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1772-1821): 8 Reales Madness

8 Reales Madness

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About this set: With the discovery of precious metals in the New World, leadership over the standard of currency passed to Spanish coinage, particularly the de a ocho reales "pieces of eight", a silver coin, immediate forebear of the US dollar and the Mexican peso. The pieces of eight was called the Spanish dollar in the United States, where it remained legal tender in much of the pre-Civil War era of the Republic. Ferdinand and Isabella, Spanish monarchs famous for financing Columbus's expedition in search of a western route to the Indies, introduced the de a ocho reales as a part of a plan to furnish Spain with a unified coinage system. Reales, Spanish for royal, was sometimes called a 'bit' in English, which explains why a quarter is two bits, or three quarters six bits. The term bits may be a reference to a practice of cutting a pieces of eight into eight bits, which circulated as coins. Charles V spread the Spanish coinage system in Europe, where the pieces of eight was equal in value to the Bohemian or Saxon Thaler. In the United States it became the dollar. The coinage of New Spain and Mexico runs into billions, and their pieces of eight and pesos served as the standard medium of exchange in the United States, the Philippines, China, and many European markets. The first, or Continental currency of the United States of America, was made payable in Spanish milled dollars. The Mexican peso and its subdivisions were legal tender in US until February 21, 1857, when by Act of Congress, all laws authorizing its circulation and acceptance were repealed. Up to June 30, 1862, the sum of $2,103,275.74 in Mexican coins had been accepted by the United States Federal offices. (Annual Report of the Director of the Mint, for the Fiscal year ending June 30, 1862, p.35)

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8 Reales Madness
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
6701051772-MO FM Inverted Assayer8 RXF453838Calbeto-802 - Inverted Assayer and Mint Mark. Nice original surfaces.
6700151772-MO MF Inverted Assayer8 R  
6701261773-MO FM Inverted Assayer8 RXF451010Calbeto-804 - Inverted Assayer and Mint Mark. Dark original patina. Solid XF example of this scarce variety.
1631451773-MO FM8 R  
4089781774-MO FM8 R  
6700171775-MO FM8 R  
1702351776-MO FM8 R  
2402851777/6-MO FM8 R  
1620661777-MO FM8 R  
1589341777-MO FF8 RAU531010Calbeto-810 - Scarce. Amazing surface conditions and wonderful toning. Very lustrous with just a hint of wear on the high points. This is the tougher one to find of the two assayer combinations for 1777.
2402891778/7-MO FF8 R  
2402881778-MO FM8 R  
6709521778-MO FF8 R  
6701161779-MO FF8 R  
1598321780-MO FF8 R  
6701691781-MO FF8 R  
1401901782-MO FF8 R  
6701011783-MO FF8 R  
4047441783-MO FM8 R  
6701991784-MO FF8 R  
6701681784-MO FM8 R  
4125081785-MO FM8 R  
8791951786/5-MO FM8 R  
6700941786-MO FM8 R  
8791971787/6-MO FM8 R  
3928691787-MO FM8 R  
6701671788-MO FM8 R  
6701641789-MO FM CAROLUS III8 R  
4105571789-MO FM CAROLUS IV8 R  
6700221790-MO FM CAROLUS IV8 R  
2633361790-MO FM CAROLUS IIII8 RAU532323Calbeto-830 - Beautiful golden patina with lustre shining through.
6700721791-MO FM8 RAU532929Calbeto-831 - good strike and a beautiful patina.
1654371792-MO FM8 RAU582121Calbeto-832 - lustrous and toned example of this date.
6700311793-MO FM8 RAU53210210Calbeto-834 - Pleasant dark patina with a touch of color.
6701861794-MO FM8 RAU555353Calbeto-835 - Superb strike and eye appeal. Surprising grade. Probably due to muted luster.
2633411795/4-MO FM8 R  
6700271795-MO FM8 RAU551010Calbeto-838 - This one comes all the way from Belgium. A fellow PCGS forum member tipped me off about it when Jean Elsen posted his new inventory. Lustrous coin with gentle rose toning.
6700701796-MO FM8 RAU533535Calbeto-839 - Another lovely original coin, this with ancient teal green, russet and deep golden orange toning on the obverse and reverse.
6700321797-MO FM8 RAU552020Calbeto-840 - Lustrous coin with some areas of weakness. A few minor hairlines. Golden toning throughout.
6700851798-MO FM8 RAU502424Calbeto-841 - Lot 1296 in Aureo Subasta 257. Beautiful original surfaces with traces of color. Previously sold by Cayon on 2/4/2012.
6700331799-MO FM8 RAU553434Calbeto-843 - nice lustrous example of this date.
5132451800-MO FM8 RAU582222Calbeto-844 - Very lustrous example with a touch of color at the rim.
2633501801/0-MO FM8 R  
2633491801/791-MO FM8 R  
5134221801-MO FM8 RXF453131Calbeto-845 - Nice original coin. Sold it when i first graded it, but was unable to find a better example and ended-up buying it back.
2633531801-MO FT/M8 RAU501111 
5132511801-MO FT8 R  
2633551802/1-MO FT8 R  
5132531802-MO FT8 RAU553131Calbeto-848 - Highly lustrous with a scarce combination of green, rose, and gold shades of toning. Much more appealing than the Pittman example.
2633571802-MO FT/M8 R  
5132551803-MO FT8 RMS631010Calbeto-849 - A virtual gem! Beautiful mint state example with a light touch of color.
2633591803-MO FT/M8 RAU531010Calbeto-Unlisted. Rare overassayer and the first one certified by PCGS. Lot 1324 in Leipziger Munzhanglung Heidrun Hohn Auction 79
5132571803-MO TH8 R  
2633611804/3-MO TH8 R  
5132591804-MO TH8 RMS631313Calbeto-841 - Choice lustrous surfaces. A few minor hairlines, in-line with the grade. Has a frosty look of a PL coin.
2633621805/4-MO TH8 R  
5132611805-MO TH8 RAU5811101110Calbeto-852 - Very lustrous with minimal wear.
5132621806-MO TH8 RAU53216216Calbeto-853 - Pleasant rose toning and a hint of lustre.
2633651807/6-MO TH8 R  
5132641807-MO TH8 RAU58127127Calbeto-855 - Virtually mint-state coin with booming luster. Obverse strike-through wire.
5132661808/7-MO TH8 RAU581111Calbeto-Unlisted. Golden patina throughout.
5132671808-MO TH CAROLUS IIII8 R  
5132761808-MO TH FERDIN VII8 RAU552727Calbeto-858 - Matches the "el 8 esta roto por la base" variety for this year with a broken base of 8. Original toning and a surprisingly strong strike for the series.
5132811809-MO TH8 RMS629696Calbeto-859 - Nice mint state example of this date. Some hairlines, in-line with the grade.
1694361809-MO HJ8 RAU582121Calbeto-861 - Much more scarce combination of assayers than the easily available "TH". Beautiful toning with a slightly weak strike, not unusual for the series.
2633721809-MO HJ/TH8 RAU581010Calbeto-unlisted - Beautiful lustrous example of this rare over-assayer variety. Only one certified by PCGS as of June 2013.
1651221810/9-MO HJ8 RAU501212Calbeto-861a - No image and only described as "rare" in Calbeto. Re-worked dies with a few re-punched elements. Strike weakness as often seen with 1809-1810 coins of this mint.
4073591810-MO TH8 RAU552020Calbeto-862 - Lot 838 in Isabel de Trastamara sale in Madrid. Key date in the Ferdinand VII armored bust series and only the second one graded by PCGS.
2633761810-MO HJ/TH8 RAU501111Calbeto-unlisted - Struck with late-state dies. Numerous die breaks and defects. Nonetheless an original coin and a very scarce variety of the over-assayers HJ over TH. The first of 2 examples certified by PCGS as of September 2015.
5132831810-MO HJ8 RAU557979Calbeto-863 - Lustrous example of this common issue.
2633781811/0-MO HJ Amored Bust8 RAU501313Calbeto-864 - Listed as Rare. Old dark patina with traces of luster breaking through.
5132871811-MO HJ Armored Bust8 RAU53412412Calbeto-865 - Beautiful patina. Weak strike and some reverse planchet defects.
2633801811-MO HJ/TH Armored Bust8 R  
4032161811-MO HJ Draped Bust8 R  
3932721812-MO HJ8 RAU531515Calbeto-868 - Scarcer of the two assayer combinations for this year. Dark original patina with traces of lustre.
2633831812-MO JJ/HJ8 R  
2633841812-MO JJ8 RAU58213213Calbeto-870 - Undergraded, in my opinion. Beautiful old patina and no breaks in lustre.
2633851813-MO HJ8 R  
4129751813-MO JJ8 RAU551616Calbeto-873 - Plenty of lustre. Beautiful reverse toning with a die break.
2633871814/3-MO HJ8 RVF351111Calbeto-875 - Extremely rare example of an 1814/3 with assayer initials HJ (Henrique B. Azorin and Joaquin Davila Madrid). With under 10 pieces known, this is the true rarity in the Ferdinand VII draped bust series. Purchased in 2011 in Barcelona as a part of Jose Leunda collection sale. Pedigree noted on the holder. Nice original example with some minor planchet defects and stress marks. Previously in an NGC VF35 holder. This the first of only 2 1814/3 HJ certified between both PCGS and NGC.
2633881814/3-MO JJ8 R  
5133051814-MO JJ8 RAU532424Calbeto-878 - Gorgeous original toning with shades of purple and gold.
2633901815/4-MO JJ8 R  
1401781815-MO JJ8 RAU502525Calbeto-881 - Attractive patina. Calbeto lists two varieties for this coin: one with straight letter bases, the other with "wavy". This one is wavy, however I believe this effect is due to the flow of metal during strike and not a separate die that was used.
5355201815-MO JJ/HJ8 R  
2633921816/5-MO JJ8 R  
1620741816-MO JJ8 RMS631010Calbeto-883 - Gorgeous color and superb state of preservation.
1401791817-MO JJ8 RAU553030Calbeto-884 - Beautifully toned and lustrous. Ex: NGC 61 holder
5133131818-MO JJ8 RAU531717Calbeto-886 - Lustrous and beautifully toned. Some die rust on reverse.
1511921819-MO JJ8 RAU532222Calbeto-887 - Colorful toning and some lustre remaining.
5133141820-MO JJ8 RAU553232Calbeto-888 - nice original surfaces wuth a touch of luster. Small obverse planchet crack. Ex: NGC 53
5133151821-MO JJ8 RAU552121Calbeto-890 - Pleasant toning. Hard to find in mid-high AU or UNC.
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