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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
838171866 Rays5CPR67CA30CAC. 3/0 ((5/13))
  1867 Rays5C 
938211867 No Rays5CPR65DC13CAC. Reverse Style D. Stars point to right serif of (STAT)E(S) and between...
  1867 No Rays Pattern Reverse5C 
8382218685CPR66+ CA20
8382318695CPR66+ CA31
8382418705CPR66CA194CAC. Ex: Eliasberg. Graded PR67 in its Eliasberg auction appearance, and th...
8382518715CPR66+ CA30CAC 3/0 (5/13)
8382618725CPR66+ CA34CAC. 2/2 (11/13)
838271873 Closed 35CPR66CA272CAC. 22/1 (11/13)
382818745CPR6790CAC. 7/0 (5/13)
8383118775CPR67CA80CAC. Original album toning of lilac, gold and blue swirls the peripheries o...
383218785CPR6716014/0 (11/13) Sleek and icy mirrors have NO imperfections. They are clear an...
8383518805CPR67CA202CAC. 15/0 (5/13). Deep, clear, clean, and highly reflective mirrors cover a...
8383618815CPR67CA250CAC. 15/0 (5/2013). Icy deep, crystal clear, clean,and highly reflective m...
8383718825CPR67CA221CAC. Super sleek and "ice" like mirrors have no problems of ANY size, ANY w...
838381883 Shield5CPR67CA101CAC. 7/1 (5/13)