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 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
6701051772-MO FM Inverted Assayer8 RXF4537Calbeto-802 - Inverted Assayer and Mint Mark. Nice original surfaces.
6700151772-MO MF Inverted Assayer8 R 
6701261773-MO FM Inverted Assayer8 RXF4510Calbeto-804 - Inverted Assayer and Mint Mark. Dark original patina. Solid X...
1631451773-MO FM8 R 
4089781774-MO FM8 R 
6700171775-MO FM8 R 
1702351776-MO FM8 R 
  1777-MO FM8 R 
1589341777-MO FF8 RAU5310Calbeto-810 - Scarce. Amazing surface conditions and wonderful toning. Very...
  1778-MO FF8 R 
2402881778-MO FM8 R 
6701161779-MO FF8 R 
1598321780-MO FF8 R 
6701691781-MO FF8 R 
1401901782-MO FF8 R 
6701011783-MO FF8 R 
4047441783-MO FM8 R 
6701991784-MO FF8 R 
6701681784-MO FM8 R 
4125081785-MO FM8 R 
  1786-MO FM8 R 
  1787-MO FM8 R 
6701671788-MO FM8 R 
6701641789-MO FM CAROLUS III8 R 
4105571789-MO FM CAROLUS IV8 R 
6700221790-MO FM CAROLUS IV8 R 
2633361790-MO FM CAROLUS IIII8 RAU5321Calbeto-830 - Beautiful golden patina with lustre shining through.
6700721791-MO FM8 R 
1654371792-MO FM8 RAU5821Calbeto-832 - lustrous and toned example of this date.
6700311793-MO FM8 RAU5318Calbeto-834 - Pleasant dark patina with a touch of color.
6701861794-MO FM8 RAU5821Calbeto-835 - Full of soft, mellow brilliance of satin luster. Obverse stri...
6700271795-MO FM8 RAU5510Calbeto-838 - This one comes all the way from Belgium. A fellow PCGS forum ...
6700701796-MO FM8 RAU5335Calbeto-839 - Another lovely original coin, this with ancient teal green, r...
6700321797-MO FM8 RAU5520Calbeto-840 - Lustrous coin with some areas of weakness. A few minor hairli...
6700851798-MO FM8 RAU5024Calbeto-841 - Lot 1296 in Subasta 257. Beautiful original surfaces with tra...
6700331799-MO FM8 R 
5132451800-MO FM8 RAU5822Calbeto-844 - Very lustrous example with a touch of color at the rim.
  1801-MO FM8 R 
5132511801-MO FT8 R 
5132531802-MO FT8 RAU5531Calbeto-848 - Highly lustrous with a scarce combination of green, rose, and...
5132551803-MO FT8 RMS6310Calbeto-849 - A virtual gem! Beautiful mint state example with a light touc...
5132571803-MO TH8 R 
5132591804-MO TH8 RMS6312Calbeto-841 - Choice lustrous surfaces. A few minor hairlines, in-line with...
5132611805-MO TH8 RAU5888Calbeto-852 - Very lustrous with minimal wear.
5132621806-MO TH8 RAU53216Calbeto-853 - Pleasant rose toning and a hint of lustre.
5132641807-MO TH8 RAU5887Calbeto-855 - Virtually mint-state coin with booming luster. Obverse strike...
5132671808-MO TH CAROLUS IIII8 RAU50117Calbeto-856 - Pleasant old toning with a hint of lustre.
5132761808-MO TH FERDIN VII8 RAU5527Calbeto-858 - Matches the "el 8 esta roto por la base" variety for this yea...
5132811809-MO TH8 RMS6285Calbeto-859 - Nice mint state example of this date. Some hairlines, in-line...
1694361809-MO HJ8 RAU5821Calbeto-861 - Much more scarce combination of assayers than the easily avai...
4073591810-MO TH8 RAU5520Calbeto-862 - Lot 838 in Isabel de Trastamara sale in Madrid. Key date.
5132831810-MO HJ8 RAU5579
5132871811-MO HJ Armored Bust8 RAU53211Calbeto-865 - Common coin, but I liked the overall look of this one. Soft s...
4032161811-MO HJ Draped Bust8 R 
3932721812-MO HJ8 RAU5315Calbeto-868 - Scarcer of the two assayer combinations for this year. Dark o...
2633841812-MO JJ8 RAU58113Calbeto-870 - Undergraded, in my opinion. Beautiful old patina and no break...
2633851813-MO HJ8 R 
4129751813-MO JJ8 RAU5516Calbeto-873 - Plenty of lustre. Beautiful reverse toning with a die break.
5133051814-MO JJ8 RAU5324Calbeto-878 - Gorgeous original toning with shades of purple and gold.
1401781815-MO JJ8 RAU5025Calbeto-881 - Attractive patina. Calbeto lists two varieties for this coin:...
1620741816-MO JJ8 RMS6310Calbeto-883 - Gorgeous color and superb state of preservation.
1401791817-MO JJ8 RAU5530Calbeto-884 - Beautifully toned and lustrous. Ex: NGC 61 holder
5133131818-MO JJ8 RAU5317Calbeto-886 - Lustrous and beautifully toned. Some die rust on reverse.
1511921819-MO JJ8 RAU5322Calbeto-887 - Colorful toning and some lustre remaining.
5133141820-MO JJ8 R 
5133151821-MO JJ8 RAU5520Calbeto-890 - Pleasant toning. Hard to find in mid-high AU or UNC.