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26031930 1C1CMS64BN186183799
  1930-D 1C1C 
26101930-S 1C1CMS64RB128711281599
39691930 5C5CMS6492116179211617
39701930-S 5C5C 
49791930 10C10CMS64FB200287200287
49801930-S 10C10CMS634127541710
57781930 25C25CXF45451755454692
  1930-S 25C25C 
  1931 1C1C 
  1931-D 1C1C 
  1931-S 1C1C 
39711931-S 5C5C 
49821931 10C10CMS636026560687Dark tone. Brown to bronze in color. Solid strike nearly full bands.
49851931-D 10C10CMS64FB332597332597White coin. Nice coin with a few marks and slightly above average strike.
49861931-S 10C10CMS6510572105276
  1932 1C1C 
  1932-D 1C1C 
57901932 25C25CMS6357320225732022
57911932-D 25C25C 
57921932-S 25C25CMS6260422756042275
26281933 1C1CMS65RB397391178
  1933-D 1C1C 
65911933-S 50C50C 
26351934 1C1CMS66RD15163471516347
26381934-D 1C1CMS65RD927446927446
39721934 5C5C 
39731934-D 5C5CMS6410394841039484
49881934 10C10CMS651361131361797White coin. A few dark specks in reverse fields. Strong strike in all lette...
49901934-D 10C10CMS65312147312919Slight rim toning. No significant contact marks with weakness on right side...
57931934 25C25CAU55522178622776
  1934-D 25C25C 
65921934 50C50C 
65931934-D 50C50C 
65941934-S 50C50C 
73751934 S$1$1 
73761934-D S$1$1 
73771934-S S$1$1 
26411935 1C1CMS66RD21815242181524
26441935-D 1C1CMS66RD9938499384
26471935-S 1C1CMS64RD330792330792
39741935 5C5C 
39751935-D 5C5C 
39761935-S 5C5CMS641002152510021525
49921935 10C10CMS66335603352485White coin. Slight weakness in hair. Nearly fsb.
49941935-D 10C10CMS6513268132713White coin. Average to weak strike. Bands appear separated but weak on left...
49961935-S 10C10CMS6618447184734Rim toned. Just a touch of rainbow tones. Solid strike with only weakness i...
57971935 25C25CMS6510668291066829
57981935-D 25C25C 
57991935-S 25C25CMS6329715722971572
65951935 50C50C 
65961935-D 50C50C 
65971935-S 50C50C 
73781935 S$1$1MS642482120224821202
73791935-S S$1$1AU53975015995045
26501936 1C1CMS66RD18902541890254
26531936-D 1C1CMS66RD10291211029121
26561936-S 1C1CMS65RD435517435517
39771936 5C5CMS652240134222401342
39781936-D 5C5CMS6518698101869810
39791936-S 5C5CMS6478224807822480
49981936 10C10CMS6426711992673284Obverse rim toned from golden to brown. Reverse is toned a shade darker als...
50011936-D 10C10CMS64FB284722284722Spotty tone both sides. No distracting marks on either side. Solid coin tha...
50031936-S 10C10CMS65FB12419411241941White coin. A few rim nicks and slight weakness in in reverse lettering.
58001936 25C25C 
58011936-D 25C25C 
58021936-S 25C25C 
65981936 50C50C 
65991936-D 50C50C 
66001936-S 50C50C 
26591937 1C1CMS66RD33214593321459
26621937-D 1C1CMS66RD21393642139364
26651937-S 1C1CMS66RD12612331261233
39801937 5C5CMS655582427255824272
39811937-D 5C5CMS653841190538411905
39831937-S 5C5CMS654021175940211759
50051937 10C10CMS66FB20218502021850White coin. Very nice with slight scuff on lower neck. Super strike.
50071937-D 10C10CMS65FB637851637851White coin. Nearly perfect obverse. Reverse has a hit to top set of bands o...
50081937-S 10C10CMS653775073771464Nice coin, well struck. Just a few minor marks with one interupting center ...
58031937 25C25C 
58041937-D 25C25CMS65871364871364
58051937-S 25C25C 
66011937 50C50C 
66021937-D 50C50C 
66031937-S 50C50C 
26681938 1C1CMS66RD16813201681320
26711938-D 1C1CMS66RD14834051483405
26741938-S 1C1CMS66RD27192882719288
39841938-D 5C Buffalo5CMS6523749313182374931318
40001938 5C5CMS6639728397646
40011938-D 5C Jefferson5CMS6618972801897800
40021938-S 5C5CMS657318337311010(730)66 (2)66+ (31)67 with (1)63fs (22)64fs (88)65fs (54)66fs (7)67fs. As o...
50101938 10C10CMS664861254862153White coin. Submitted thinking it had a chance of going 66 it made it. Nice...
50131938-D 10C10CMS66FB11843181184318White coin. Super strike with very slight contact marks on the highest poin...
50151938-S 10C10CMS64FB312997312997A few hits on the high points. With shiny spots in the field in front of fo...
58061938 25C25C 
58071938-S 25C25C 
66041938 50C50C 
66051938-D 50C50CVF3019034641903464
26771939 1C1CMS66RD32504573250457
26801939-D 1C1CMS66RD16344581634458
26831939-S 1C1CMS66RD28653902865390
8940031939 5C5CMS65FS272343342469
940051939-D 5C5CMS6639823968256(3)66+ (13)67 (1)69 with (6)64fs (21)65fs (39)66fs (2)67fs (1)67+fs. As of ...
40061939-S 5C5CMS65473436556709
50161939 10C10CMS67747597471030Spotty tone. Just a few minor contact marks. With slight weakness in letter...
50191939-D 10C10CMS66FB20106832010683Coin is toned with olive and brown colors. Much darker than photo suggests....
50201939-S 10C10CMS65484372484814White coin. Weakness on the highest points of hair and center bands.
58081939 25C25CMS6610324301032430
58091939-D 25C25CMS65916592916592
58101939-S 25C25CMS64+2100721024
66061939 50C50CMS641406324714063247
66071939-D 50C50CMS641406303714063037
66081939-S 50C50C