BC Bust

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BC Bust
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
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Owner's Comments
5321181525CXF4016771678B-1 Type Coin Company -
5322181825CXF404524747253CAC - B-10
  1818/5 Overdate25C 
53251819 Small 925CAU5011371140CAC - Deep Pewter color with very smooth surfaces. Never messed with an ori...
  1819 Large 925C 
  1820 Small 025C 
  1820 Medium 025C 
53291820 Large 025CXF4019282031Mintage 127,444 B-2
5331182125CXF402911629120Solid for the grade - nice surfaces.
5332182225CXF4014601563B-1,R.2 lilac-gray with moderate wear and few visible marks.
  1822 25/50C25C 
  1823/2 Overdate25C 
53351824/2 Overdate25CVF3511361139Mintage 24,000, B-1 CAC
389731825/4/2 Overdate25CAU502526163Mintage 144,000 - Browning 3 attributed on the holder. Three die marriag...
5342182825CXF40189918101CAC - B-1,R.1
  1828 25/50C25C