George's Legacy

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George's Legacy
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Owner's Comments
382411864 Large Motto2CAU58BN112023834Coin Warehouse, LLC RPD
35791864 Small Motto2CAU58BN4014041375Gary Rosner 3 Cent Nickel
358218652CAU58+ BN170412462Coast to Coast Coins CAC
358818662CAU58BN3215732560Coast To Coast Coins
359118672CAU58BN3813852614Heritage Auctions
359718682CAU58BN3114132522Harry Laibstain Rare Coins CAC
360318692CAU58BN2914429481Stacks & Bowers
360618702CAU58BN218121332Numismatic Financial Corp
360918712CAU58BN5418254456Heritage Auctions CAC
361218722CAU55BN226522168Angel Dees