Melron Large Cents

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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 61.964
Complete 90.91%
Set Rating 50.731
%RD 80.00%
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About this set: A lovely and complete set of Large Cents, proudly collected and maintained in Canada.

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Melron Large Cents
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
3000518581CMS64RD20ICCS MS-65 Red
300101859 Wide 91CMS64RB122
300081859 Narrow 9 Bronze1CMS65RD31
300841859 Narrow 9 Brass1CVF3011
300141859 Dpn9 T11CMS64RD20Ex-Belzberg; ICCS MS-64 Red
300171859 Dpn9 T21CMS64RD20ICCS MS-64 Red
5222121859 Dpn9 T31CVF35BN10
  1859 Dpn9 T41C 
5111441859 Dpn9 T51CAU50BN10ICCS AU-55
  1859 9/Inverted 91C 
  1859 Tpn9 T11C 
300201876-H1CMS64RD46ICCS MS-65 Red
300221881-H1CMS64RB91ICCS MS-64 Red
300251882-H1CMS64RB298Obverse 2, ICCS MS-65 Red
3002918841CMS64RD73Obverse 2
3003218861CMS63RD25Obverse 1, ICCS MS-64 Red
3003518871CMS64RD1018ICCS MS-64 Red
3003818881CMS64RD1314ICCS MS-64 Red
300411890-H1CMS65RD50ICCS MS-65 Red
300441891 LL,LD1CMS64RD52Obverse 3, ICCS MS-65 Red
300461891 LL,SD1CMS64RB50
300501891 SL,SD1CMS64RD63Obverse 3, ICCS MS-65 Red
3005218921CMS65RB40Obverse 4, ICCS MS-65 Red
3005918941CMS65RD60ICCS MS-65, Red
  1894 Thick 41C 
3006218951CMS65RD132ICCS MS-65 Red
3006518961CMS65RD81ICCS MS-65 Red
3006818971CMS64RD127ICCS MS-65 Red
3007418991CMS65RD91Repunched 9, ICCS MS-65 Red
3007719001CMS64RD101ICCS MS-64 Red
300801900-H1CMS65RD131ICCS MS-66 Red !!
3008319011CMS65RD123ICCS MS-65 Red
3012919021CMS65RD213ICCS MS-65 Red
3013219031CMS65RD90ICCS MS-66 Red !!
3013419041CMS66RB10ICCS MS-65 Red
3013819051CMS65RD51ICCS MS-65 Red
3014119061CMS65RD30ICCS MS-65 Red
3014419071CMS65RD40ICCS MS-65 Red
301471907-H1CMS64RD81ICCS MS-64 Red
3015019081CMS65RD103ICCS MS-65 Red
3015619101CMS64RD67ICCS MS-65 Red
3019719141CMS65RD131ICCS MS-65 Red
3019919151CMS66RB60ICCS MS-65 Red
3020319161CMS66RD10ICCS MS-66 Full Red !!
3020919181CMS65RD103ICCS MS-65 Red
3021219191CMS65RD82ICCS MS-65 Red
3021519201CMS65RD80ICCS MS-65 Red
Great addition with the Brass cent in VF-30 ! Congratulations
Posted @ 7/3/2013 7:36 PM By LanternCollection