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Washington Statehood Quarters Basic Set, Proof (1999-2008): Complete Proof State Quarter Flag Set

Complete Proof State Quarter Flag Set

Current Statistics
Rank 282
Weighted GPA 69.000
Complete 40.00%
Set Rating 27.600
%DCAM 100.00%
rickedge's Sets

About this set: This set contains the current entire Proof State Quarter coins from 1999 - 2005

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Complete Proof State Quarter Flag Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
960421999-S Delaware25CPR69DC47172984717298
  1999-S Delaware Silver25C 
960441999-S Pennsylvania25CPR69DC47543544754354
  1999-S Pennsylvania Silver25C 
9130011999-S New Jersey25CPR69DC47423604742360
  1999-S New Jersey Silver25C 
9130031999-S Georgia25CPR69DC47444434744443
  1999-S Georgia Silver25C 
9130051999-S Connecticut25CPR69DC47745814774581
  1999-S Connecticut Silver25C 
9130072000-S Massachusetts25CPR69DC54763425476342
  2000-S Massachusetts Silver25C 
9130092000-S Maryland25CPR69DC53603505360350
  2000-S Maryland Silver25C 
9130112000-S South Carolina25CPR69DC55113775511377
  2000-S South Carolina Silver25C 
9130132000-S New Hampshire25CPR69DC53943955394395
  2000-S New Hampshire Silver25C 
9130152000-S Virginia25CPR69DC53963545396354
  2000-S Virginia Silver25C 
9130172001-S New York25CPR69DC44633974463397
  2001-S New York Silver25C 
9130192001-S North Carolina25CPR69DC45063864506386
  2001-S North Carolina Silver25C 
9130212001-S Rhode Island25CPR69DC43493664349366
  2001-S Rhode Island Silver25C 
9130232001-S Vermont25CPR69DC43135194313519
  2001-S Vermont Silver25C 
9130252001-S Kentucky25CPR69DC44934034493403
  2001-S Kentucky Silver25C 
9130272002-S Tennessee25CPR69DC44683844468384
  2002-S Tennessee Silver25C 
9130292002-S Ohio25CPR69DC44373584437358
  2002-S Ohio Silver25C 
9130312002-S Louisiana25CPR69DC44313674431367
  2002-S Louisiana Silver25C 
9130332002-S Indiana25CPR69DC44713694471369
  2002-S Indiana Silver25C 
9130352002-S Mississippi25CPR69DC44534134453413
  2002-S Mississippi Silver25C 
9130372003-S Illinois25CPR69DC45504884550488
  2003-S Illinois Silver25C 
9130392003-S Alabama25CPR69DC45944664594466
  2003-S Alabama Silver25C 
9130412003-S Maine25CPR69DC46133634613363
  2003-S Maine Silver25C 
9130432003-S Missouri25CPR69DC45554274555427
  2003-S Missouri Silver25C 
9130452003-S Arkansas25CPR69DC45025504502550
  2003-S Arkansas Silver25C 
9130472004-S Michigan25CPR69DC38674753867475
  2004-S Michigan Silver25C 
9130492004-S Florida25CPR69DC38544123854412
  2004-S Florida Silver25C 
9130512004-S Texas25CPR69DC38454923845492
  2004-S Texas Silver25C 
9130532004-S Iowa25CPR69DC37925903792590
  2004-S Iowa Silver25C 
9130552004-S Wisconsin25CPR69DC38424743842474
  2004-S Wisconsin Silver25C 
9130572005-S California25CPR69DC47155874715587
9130582005-S California Silver25CPR69DC66647696664769
9130592005-S Minnesota25CPR69DC46885544688554
9130602005-S Minnesota Silver25CPR69DC64906536492653
9130612005-S Oregon25CPR69DC47754544775454
9130622005-S Oregon Silver25CPR69DC65306426530642
9130632005-S Kansas25CPR69DC48714694871469
9130642005-S Kansas Silver25CPR69DC66595586659558
9130652005-S West Virginia25CPR69DC47095804709580
9130662005-S West Virginia Silver25CPR69DC64808306480830
  2006-S Nevada25C 
  2006-S Nevada Silver25C 
  2006-S Nebraska25C 
  2006-S Nebraska Silver25C 
  2006-S Colorado25C 
  2006-S Colorado Silver25C 
  2006-S North Dakota25C 
  2006-S North Dakota Silver25C 
  2006-S South Dakota25C 
  2006-S South Dakota Silver25C 
  2007-S Montana25C 
  2007-S Montana Silver25C 
  2007-S Washington25C 
  2007-S Washington Silver25C 
  2007-S Idaho25C 
  2007-S Idaho Silver25C 
  2007-S Wyoming25C 
  2007-S Wyoming Silver25C 
  2007-S Utah25C 
  2007-S Utah Silver25C 
  2008-S Oklahoma25C 
  2008-S Oklahoma Silver25C 
  2008-S New Mexico25C 
  2008-S New Mexico Silver25C 
  2008-S Arizona25C 
  2008-S Arizona Silver25C 
  2008-S Alaska25C 
  2008-S Alaska Silver25C 
  2008-S Hawaii25C 
  2008-S Hawaii Silver25C