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About this set: I am very proud to own this complete 95 coin PCGS Set Registry of Lincoln Proof cents with Major Varieties (1909 thru 2014). They represent over one century of production of Lincoln proof coins.The obverse of the coin features a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. The original reverse used thru 1958 had a design of two wheat stalks with ONE CENT printed in the center. Both sides of the coin were designed by Victor David Brenner, a Russian immigrant. A second reverse design was made by Frank Gasparro to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's birth in 1959. That design showed the Lincoln Memorial located in Washington, DC and was used thru 2008. To celebrate the centenial of the Lincoln cent, the Memorial reverse was replaced by four new reverse designs made for the 2009 issues representing Lincoln's Childhood in Kentucky, his Formative Years in Indiana, his Professional Life in Illinois and his Presidency in Washington, DC. In 2010, a new Shield reverse was designed to represent the unity of our country. This Shield reverse is intended to remain on the Lincoln cent into the future. Thru all the years, from 1909 to the present the portrait of Lincoln on the obverse of the coin has remained the same. That portrait of Lincoln binds the collection thru the years of Matte proofs, Satin proofs, Brilliant proofs and now Deep Cameo proofs (DCAM's). The 9 Matte Proof coins from 1909 thru 1916 had a total issue of just 15,314 and is highlighted by the rare 1909 VDB with an issue of only 420. The 8 coins from 1936 to 1942 feature the Satin and Brilliant finish versions from 1936. With only 5,569 of both of these versions sold by the US Mint in 1936,these two coins are almost as difficult to acquire as the Matte proofs. I have now had these 17 early Lincoln proofs "TrueViewed" by the PCGS photographic group and I can honestly say the pictures fairly represent what the coins actually look like. Starting in 1950 the US Mint has produced proof cents for each year with the exception of 1965 thru 1967 when special mint set (SMS) coins were made. Although these coins are technically not proof, they look like a proof and deserve to be included in this Set Registry. Starting in 1968 the proof cents have been minted in San Francisco and they contain the "S" mint mark. Since the early 1970's the Brilliant proofs have been improved in manufacture and are now called Deep Cameo Proofs because of their strong cameo contrast on Lincoln's portrait. All my Set Registry proof cents since 1938 grade PR65RD or higher and all since 1972 grade PR68DCAM or higher. Among the later date DCAM's in this collection is the scarce 1990 no S error coin in PR68DCAM and my 1992 which is graded PR70DCAM perfect. The collection also includes the 1960 large date/small date and small date/large date doubled dies, the 1971 doubled die error coin and the 1998 and 1999 close AM varieties. I am very happy to display these 95 coins for everyone to see. While the photography is not the best,(except for the TrueViews) the pictures do provide a fair repesentation of the coins. This collection has been a labor of love for me. It is not the finest set out there, but to me, it is complete to date and I love my Lincoln cent proof coin collection! Steve
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SJ Cohen Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
33011909 VDB1CPR61RB180Heritage auction(CSNS)in 2002
330419091CPR64RB109138Dart Coin Middletown(NY) in 1993
330719101CPR65RB5732New World Rarities(NY) in 1992
331019111CPR64RB10287J.Beymer at Balt ANA in 1993
331319121CPR64RB11664J.Beymer at Balt ANA in 1993
331719131CPR64RD5884New World Rarities(NY) in 1991
331919141CPR64RB8595Jack Beymer(CA) in 1992
332219151CPR63RB18134Excelsior Coin at Balt.ANA in 1993
332519161CPR64RB5073New World Rarities(NY) in 1991
33321936 Satin1CPR64RD8387Teletrade auction in 2003
33351936 Brilliant1CPR64RD431221Sol Taylor(SLCC)in 1990 raw
333719371CPR64RB14231B.Cornell(MA)1988 Iridescent raw
334119381CPR65RD573304Holmes Coins (CT) in 1988 raw
334419391CPR65RD672335WT Mundy(GA) in 2013
334719401CPR65RD620242Angel Dees(VA)in 2012
335019411CPR65RD519122Angel Dees(VA)in 2012
335319421CPR65RD503109Angel Dees (VA) in 2013
335919501CPR66RD31844Bob Dodson (Watersport)(SC) in 2009
336219511CPR65RD454505R&I Coins(CA)in 2013 Rick Tomaska
336519521CPR65RD441591Commemmoratives Int.(NY)in 2012
336819531CPR67RD26823Bob Dodson(Watersport)(CA) in 2013
337119541CPR66RD461309Mike Zambino(EBAY) in 2002
337419551CPR65RD2861024AGG-WIL Coins(CT) in 1988 raw
337719561CPR67RD37441Heritage Auction(TX)in 2008
338019571CPR66RD625433Heritage Auction(TX)in 2008
338319581CPR66RD454497Heritage Auction(TX)in 2008
338619591CPR67RD42949Bob Dodson(WaterSport)(SC)in 2006
33891960 Large Date1CPR66RD234477AGG-WIL Coins(CT) in 1988 raw
33921960 Small Date1CPR65RD1881341AGG-WIL Coins(CT)in 1988 raw
34101960 Large/Small Date1CPR67RD5916Joe Poole(CA)EBAY in 2006
34131960 Small/Large Date1CPR67RD5010Don Merz (PA)in 2006
339519611CPR67RD571220AGG-WIL Coins(CT)in 1988 raw
339819621CPR66RD363973AGG-WIL Coins(CT)in 1988 raw
340119631CPR68RD399138Angel Dee's(VA) in 2013
340419641CPR67RD7121673AGG-WIL Coins(CT) in 1988 raw
32901965 SMS1CSP66RD581297Brewster(NY)show in 1989 raw
32931966 SMS1CSP67RD847119Don Merz(PA)in 2006
32961967 SMS1CSP66RD502880Mike''s(MA)NENA Conv. in 1989 raw
34191968-S1CPR67RD148101Danbury(CT)show in 1988 raw
34221969-S1CPR66RD171185Danbury(CT)show in 1988 raw
34301970-S Large Date1CPR69RD434J.Gomez(CA)EBAY in 2004
34261970-S Small Date1CPR66RD221214Bob Dodson(Watersport)(CA) in 2011
34341971-S1CPR66RD173458Danbury(CT)show in 1988 raw
835331971-S DDO1CPR65CA1956Teletrade auction in 2006
934371972-S1CPR68DC34186Danbury(CT)show in 1988 raw
934401973-S1CPR69DC6083Teletrade auction in 2010
934431974-S1CPR69DC6440Teletrade auction in 2010
934461975-S1CPR69DC5300Angel Dee's(VA) in 2007
934491976-S1CPR69DC5740Teletrade auction in 2010
934521977-S1CPR69DC163911Angel Dee's(VA)in2010
934551978-S1CPR69DC178112White Plains(NY)show in 1983 raw
934581979-S Type 11CPR68DC1401183White Plains(NY)show in 1983 raw
934611979-S Type 21CPR68DC7771280White Plains(NY)show in 1983 raw
934641980-S1CPR69DC198917White Plains(NY)show in 1983 raw
934671981-S Type 11CPR69DC287810Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934701981-S Type 21CPR68DC440288White Plains(NY)show in 2004 raw
934731982-S1CPR69DC179814Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934761983-S1CPR69DC208139Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934791984-S1CPR69DC289774Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934821985-S1CPR69DC314194Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934851986-S1CPR69DC374186Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934881987-S1CPR69DC3965126Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934911988-S1CPR69DC3447159Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934941989-S1CPR69DC3277197Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
934971990-S1CPR69DC3835189Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
935061990 No S1CPR68DC8532F.J.Vollmer(IN)in 1994(pf.set)
935001991-S1CPR69DC3337248US Mint proof set in 1991 raw
935031992-S1CPR70DC3890David as Billydc(EBAY)in 1999
935121993-S1CPR69DC5620291US Mint proof set in 1993 raw
935151994-S1CPR69DC5363261Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
935181995-S1CPR69DC4823371Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
935211996-S1CPR69DC4853279Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
935241997-S1CPR69DC4580186Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
935271998-S1CPR69DC5399271Fedi1 Coins(OH)in 2004
935291998-S Close AM1CPR68DC3179Allman C&C(PA)in 2009
935301999-S1CPR69DC6034321US Mint proof set in 1999 raw
382221999-S Close AM1CPR69DC1271Angel Dee's(VA)in 2009
935362000-S1CPR69DC7409478US Mint proof set in 2000 raw
935392001-S1CPR69DC6520347Fedi1 Coins(OH) in 2004
935422002-S1CPR69DC6911240Fedi1 Coins(OH) in 2004
935452003-S1CPR69DC7826266US Mint proof set in 2003 raw
935512004-S1CPR69DC6319417Gradycoins(FL)in 2004
935542005-S1CPR69DC6850360Collectible Coin(CA)in 2005
935592006-S1CPR69DC5585477Gradycoins(FL)in 2006
1495552007-S1CPR69DC4543359SE Quality Coins(SC) in 2007
3949132008-S1CPR69DC3549415S.Woods,CoinFame(CA)in 2008
4072512009-S Early Childhood1CPR69DC5387412B.Childs,BRCCOINS(CA)in 2009
4078892009-S Formative Years1CPR69DC5654357B.Childs,BRCCOINS(CA)in 2009
4078942009-S Professional1CPR69DC5469395B.Childs,BRCCOINS(CA)in 2009
4078992009-S Presidency1CPR69DC5578372B.Childs,BRCCOINS(CA)in 2009
4166822010-S Shield1CPR69DC4018300S.Woods,CoinFame(CA)in 2010
5050632011-S Shield1CPR69DC3207377S.Woods,CoinFame(CA)in 2011
5112522012-S Shield1CPR69DC118192L&C Coins(CA)in 2012
5175252013-S Shield1CPR69DC113386L&C Coins(CA) in 2013
5244192014-S1CPR69DC1026103Sirius Auctions(MD) in 2014
Great set and the only complete set I've seen imaged. Congratualtion sir.
Posted @ 9/3/2013 11:30 AM By MWoodsCollection
Nice to see a complete set. Congrats!
Posted @ 1/10/2011 11:43 PM By rlarick
Very nice. You started collecting the Matte proof coins way before the run up in 2008.
Posted @ 1/11/2009 12:32 PM By Manofcoins
Right down to the 2008-S! I tip my cap. Congratulations, Steve.
Posted @ 8/23/2008 6:48 AM By duane.blake