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About this set: A date set of O mint Morgan Dollars. The first Morgan Dollar I ever owned was a 1901-O in vf condition. Once I learned the history I decided that someday I would have a date set of O mint Morgan Dollars. I still have that original 1901-O and it is still one of my favorite coins.
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Southcounty Collection
ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
187970901879-O$1XF457610722Old Green Holder
188071141880-O$1AU5812687904Old Green Holder
188171281881-O$1MS6365204333Nice orange and red rim tone around the reverse. The Cert No. indicates th...
188271361882-O$1MS645392990Old Green Holder
188371461883-O$1MS634651446700Old Green Holder, PQ+
188471541884-O$1MS646718316112Old Green Holder
188571621885-O$1MS646770322487Old Green Holder
188771761887-O$1XF402110019Nice gray color.
188871841888-O$1MS62206318115Very Old Green Holder, PQ++
189072001890-O$1AU554910856Old Green Label Holder!
189372241893-O$1VF351662687A great Heritage coin, marked as JH Exceptional, and I would have to agree!...
189472301894-O$1VF301314645Fantastic Original Tone
189572361895-O$1VF303003912Fantastic orginal tone! A joy to look at!!
189772481897-O$1XF454174673Great dark original tone.
189872541898-O$1MS631730143239Very Old Green Holder PQ+
189972601899-O$1MS64225149593Very Old Green Holder
190072661900-O$1MS631174324728Old Green Holder, Neat Reverse Tone
190172741901-O$1MS631023515575Old Green Holder
190272801902-O$1MS64210245337Old Green Holder
190372861903-O$1XF402411557A true rarity in circulated grades!!! Before the Treasury bags were releas...
190472921904-O$1MS634154461881Old Green Holder
1921   $1