The Davis Family Endroll Toned Franklin Half Collection

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About this set: I recently decided that I was going to take on the challenge of completing a set of nothing but end roll toned Franklins. All of the coins are going to have the distinct folds visable. None of the coins are going to just have single side toning. They will have the folds.

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The Davis Family Endroll Toned Franklin Half Collection
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866541949-D50CMS64FL28177213375783The first endroller I ever bought. The coin has nice original brown toning...
86656195050CMS65FL11542711439284Awesome endroll toner that is white on the obverse and has the most spectac...
86661195250CMS64FL2184148635291997This coin has a motly white obverse but there is a slight rainbow along the...
66691954-S50CMS644509484264545891Gorgeous obverse endroll toner. The obverse is covered in mostly green and...
6672195750CMS642209288030564034An awesome reverse toned endroll. The reverse is completely toned in teal,...
6676195950CMS64316896160251975A very tough coin to find toned. The example has a white obverse with slig...
66791960-D50CMS6424094476662962This coin has green, yellow, orange and pink toning on the obverse. The rev...
6682196250CMS657722494032This coin has a blast white obverse and an orange, purple and pink reverse.