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Early American Coins and Tokens Basic Design Set (1616-1820): Spunk Period Collection

Spunk Period Collection

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About this set: Just working on a simple type collection to be able to see the evolution of coinage over the colonial times

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Spunk Period Collection
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Massachusetts Silver Oak Tree      
Massachusetts Silver Pine Tree241652ShillingF153731052684
Maryland Coinage  Maryland  
New Jersey St. Patrick Coinage46St Patrick1/2 PF15BN135628226
American Plantation Token52Am Plant1/24RLAU554241260
Rosa Americana Coinage10417221/2 PAU558668150
Woods Hibernia Coinage1831723/21/2 PAU58+ BN136386
Virginia Coinage24317731/2 PVF35BN911515761
Elephant Token Halfpenny 55Elephant1/2 PXF45BN199221115
Higley Copper    Higley 
Voce Populi Coinage26217601/2 PXF40BN4413173195
Pitt Token23617661/2 PVF20BN710511117
Rhode Island Ship Medal579RI ShipTokenAU55BN4182061
Chalmers Coinage  1783  
French Colonies Billon Coinage1586071755-ASou MAU50106134238
French Colonies Sou 17671586371767-ASouXF40BN15252458
Continental Dollar  1776$1 
Nova Constellatio Copper8041783C NovaAU53BN2833138
Immunis Columbia   ImmCol 
Massachusetts Copper3111788CentVF35BN43189121651
Connecticut Copper Bust Left4031788ConnctXF40BN615112245
New York Excelsior  1787N York 
Machins Mills Copper472'1788'1/2 PAU53BN21611
Nova Eborac Copper4751787CopperXF40BN6152367
New Jersey Copper Head Right454231786NJersyXF40BN512137323
Vermont Copper Plow5451786VermontVF30BN1910431128
Vermont Copper Bust Right5631788VermontVF30BN174840104
North American Token 5891781TokenVF20BN2413724137
Bar Copper 599BarCent 
Auctori Plebis Token 6011787Token 
Mott Token 6031789TokenMS6213201725
Kentucky Copper 617KentuckyCentMS62BN5648188
Franklin Press Token   1794Token 
Myddelton Token   1796Token 
Castorland Medal    Medal 
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent6401795CentAU53BN1419322313
Washington Triumpho Token6641783Copper 
Washington Military Bust692Dbld HeadCentAU55BN42218080
Washington Draped Bust6821783 ResCopperPR65BN1095935
Washington 1791-95 'Washington President' Obverse7021791CentAU58BN218089181
Washington Undated Liberty & Security767N.D.(1795)PennyMS62BN13491576
Washington Success Medal 783Wash-SuccessMedalVF301327148
Fugio Cent9161787FugioMS62BN1473173548